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Hong Jong Hyun Received Drama Love Call from the Writer of "Rooftop Prince"

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Hong Jong Hyun Received Drama Love Call from the Writer of

Actor Hong Jong Hyun, who is currently starring in variety show "We Got Married" has received a love call for "Sense of Men and Women" male lead!

On February 10th, Hong Jong Hyun′s agency rep told Newsen, "His appearance in SBS′ Sense of Men and Women is being discussed internally. Nothing has been confirmed yet."

SBS′ new drama Sense of Men and Woman is being written by Lee Hee Myung, who wrote Rooftop Prince starring Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min, as well as Yawang starring Kwon Sang Woo. The drama′s title was recently changed from The Girl Who Sees Smells.

To be broadcast following the conclusion of Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Sense of Men and Women is about a man who loses his sister through a murder case and a woman who miraculously survived the same incident.

Park Yoo Chun is currently being considered for the lead, as Hong Jong Hyun is looking into rivaling Park Yoo Chun′s offered character.

JYJ’s Yoochun and Kim So Hyun snap a photo together at the finale party of ‘Rooftop Prince’

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JYJ’s Yoochun and Kim So Hyun snap a photo together at the finale party of ‘Rooftop Prince’

The final episode of SBS Rooftop Prince, starring JYJs Yoochun and Han Ji Min, broadcast on May 24. The cast and staff held a party in celebration of the dramas finale.

Kim So Hyun, who played the young Sena, posted on Twitter, Should I upload this or not? But I feel like there are more people who would want to see it. I went to the finale party for Rooftop Prince today. Thank you for your awesome acting Yoochun sunbaenim, and please continue to give me advice. Youve worked hard.

Yoochun is wearing an army-style cap and appears to be tired, while So Hyun looks adorable wearing a white, floral dress.

Kim So Hyun also tweeted, I am so thankful to have been able to star in a lovely drama like Rooftop Prince. Director Shin Yoon Sub, all my sunbaes, and the staff who have worked so hard, I love you all. Lets meet each other again next time. Rooftop Prince fighting!

In addition, according to AGB Nielson Media Research, the final episode of Rooftop Prince amassed a viewer rating of 14.8%, taking the #1 spot for its time slot.

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Does MINX' Yoo Hyun do justice to Urban Zakapa's 'Drinking Coffee'?

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Does MINX' Yoo Hyun do justice to Urban Zakapa's 'Drinking Coffee'?

MINX has been taking a spoil since wrapping up their "Love Shake" promotions, yet that hasn't kept them from honing their craft. 

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Earlier today, the gangprinteda traditionduvetby capacity of Yoo Hyun of Urban Zakapa's  "Drinking Coffee". The song is glossy pop love song and Yoo Hyun does an excellentactivityshooting the temper of the song. Known essentially for their glad and upbeat songs, its a stunning twist to peer her take in this track.

If you've got never heard the customaryyou'll be in a position to watch the MV below. How does her edition stack up to Urban Zakapa's?

'Awl' Ji Hyun Woo Startled Via Paintings Final Down

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Awl Ji Hyun Woo Startled By Work Closing DownIn "Awl" Ji Hyun Woo was once startled at the closing of the corporate and its resolutionto close down.

In the episode of JTBC special drama "Awl" (script Lee Nam Kyu, Kim Soo Jin, director Kim Suk Yoon) broadcast on November 28th, the last episode showed that the participants of the union were no longerin a positionto visit work and were sitting together. The exertions wedlock members saw Lee Soo In and told her the story.

At that time, the mart said, "Today the corporatedetermined to close down. You know that here'sfelony right? You guys can not come in. The visitorsdoes not even must pay you" they explained.

At such surprising news, Lee Soo In became startled. The labor union members were also up in hands and the vibe had worsened.

Meanwhile, "Awl" is the tale of a supermarket worker experiencing a gigantic incident and it isin line with the usual by web-toon artist Choi Gyu-seok.

'Awl' Ji Hyun Woo Ends His Drama

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Awl Ji Hyun Woo Ends His DramaIn "Awl" Ji Hyun Woo remodeled for the rougher. Ji Hyun Woo had shown an aspect of him that did not care about the method of mannerisms in the path of a strike. This used to bea gigantic transformation from the softer and passionate aspect of him. The soleunlucky thing is that as this changed into the ultimate episode, audiencemight now not bein a positionto lookany furtheraspects of his lifestyles acting.

In the episode of JTBC special drama "Awl" (script Lee Nam Kyu, Kim Soo Jin, director Kim Suk Yoon) broadcast on November 28th, Lee Soo In (played via Ji Hyun Woo) went forward with the strike at the workplace. Prior to the strike, the participants of the hard work union, Lee Soo In convinced members of the labor union as an alternative of Koo Ko Shin (played by Ahn Nae Sang). Ambitiously, Lee Soo In and members of the labor union went into a strike yet they were disappointed as there has beenno longer much good fortune otherwise. At this, Lee Soo In ordered that as an alternative of those people, the changestaffwant to exist pressured. With that, he even cursed out the workers who interrupted the strike and showed an excessivelyother side.

'Awl' Ji Hyun Woo Makes A Small Observation About Now not Abiding The Law

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Awl Ji Hyun Woo Makes A Small Statement About Not Abiding The LawIn "Awl" Ji Hyun Woo made an overly small comment.

In the episode of JTBC special drama "Awl" (script Lee Nam Kyu, Kim Soo Jin, director Kim Suk Yoon) broadcast on November 28th, the remaining episode showed that the participants of the union were not in a positionto visitpaintings and were sitting outside.

On these days of "Awl" Lee Soo In (played by capacity of Ji Hyun Woo) did not do as Joo Young Tae asked him too. In the end, Joo Young Tae called out Lee Soo In to the side.

Joo Yong Tae asked, "So are you going to combat or not." Lee Soo In answered, "I'm unlikely to have interaction in a fight that is goingopposed to the law."

At this, Joo Yong Tae said, "Do you're thinking that works. Even whilst abiding by the law, you'll be able to make it as unlawful equallyyou want to haveeach time yous want" and was once frustrated. Lee Soo In said, "If we don't abide by the law, then we can not existself-assured in front of the law. I promised the hard work spousal relationship members. With this fight, he acknowledged that he wouldn't let any person else harmon account of this. Joo Yong Tae said, "Let's see if here is possible."

'Awl' What is the Finish Of Ji Hyun Woo's Cursing

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Awl Whats The End Of Ji Hyun Woos CursingIn "Awl" Ji Hyun Woo was once wrapped in a whirlwind of emotions.

In the 11th episode of JTBC special drama "Awl" (script Lee Nam Kyu, Kim Soo Jin, director Kim Suk Yoon) broadcast on November 28th, JI Hyun Woo (played via Lee Soo In) grew to become out to be the user who had unjustly fired Hyun Woo (played by Joo Kang Min) and had ended making an attempt to negotiate with the exertions spousal relationship repeatedly.

Soo In (played by Ji Hyun Woo) determined to take the firing of Kang Min (played by Hyun Woo) as a get startedand began on a strike with the participants of the labor union. Nonetheless, once the leader of the labor union Yoo Jong Hak (played by Shin Ahn Jin) heard that the negotiations have been reaches, they concept that the labor union members had been abandoned and exploded in anger. Seeing this the ones who are viewing were in despair.

More than this, Koo Ko Shin (played by Ahn Nae Sang) driven off the strike and sought after to hang onto the cashiers. At that moment, he said, "If you cross to a position where the folks are good, then you grow to be a excellent person. Just isn't that what you want to have to believe." With that, he went up opposed tothe hotcorporate and strike and shocked the viewers. Here is the point where he who had been reserved and logical had slowly changed, as it showed how much impact this had exerted.

Park Bo Young and Cha Tae Hyun Would possibly Reunite at the Large Screen

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Park Bo Young and Cha Tae Hyun Might Reunite at theLarge Screennotclaira November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Park Bo Young and Cha Tae Hyun May additionally Reunite on the large Screen Actors Cha Tae Hyun and Park Bo Young were reported to be robustapplicants for casting in the impendingmovie “With God.”

If the rumors are true, this would be their first film in combination in seven years. Their finaltaskused to be “Scandal Makers” in 2008 when they played a father-daughter pair. The 2 actors have remained close and Park Bo Young continues to playfully confer with the older actor as “Dad.”

Ha Jung Woo has already been showed to be forged in the film, which tells the tale of a guy who dies and will have togo througha sequence of trials for 49 days in the afterlife, weaving in quite so much ofcomponents from classic Korean folklore. According to a webtoon of the similar name, the film is to be directed through Kim Yong Hwa.

Park Bo Young is these days starring in the film “You Call It Passion,” whilst Cha Tae Hyun’s Chinese-Korean film “The New Sassy Girl” and “Because I like You” (working title) are waiting for release.

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Actress Park So Hyun finds her never-ending love for MONSTA X

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Actress Park So Hyun finds her never-ending love for MONSTA X

Actress Park So Hyun showed off her never-ending love for MONSTA X!

On JTBC's 'Healing Class', she confessed herself to be the 'original fangirl'. When asked to call the leaders of idol groups, she now nothandiest named them as it will have to beyet also remembered their genuine names and not just their degree names.

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However, when the querybecame to naming all of theindividuals of MONSTA X, she were given flustered - not because she did not know, but because she used to beone of thesegiant fan! She named the complete members of MONSTA X or even described their characteristics, and then when asked the namein theirlatest song, instantly gave the title and began humming it.

When one of the vital MCs cautiously confessed he didn't know the hotteams because they all appearedvery identical to him, Park So Hyun even got annoyed, demanding, "How are you in a position to confuse that more or less visual?"

Check out the lovable interview above!

Kim Soo Hyun Wins The Daesang For 'Producer' At The 2015 APAN Megastar Awards

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Kim Soo Hyun was once the recipient of the Daesang at the 2015 APAN Big name Awards. (Photo : MBC Every1 ) Kim Soo Hyun was therecipient of the best honor at the 2015 APAN Star Awards, which was held at the Wonju Health club in Gangwondo.

On November 28, the Hallyu actor won the Daesang for his portrayal of Baek Sung Chan, an intrepid sortdisplay producer-director, in the preferred KBS weekend drama.

"I wish to thank the producer, director, writer, and all other staff," acknowledged Kim, in his acceptance speech. "All other fantastic actors, you all worked so hard."

An article published on OSEN indexed the honorees. Other notable awardees includedNam Joo Hyuk, who was the recipient of the maximum efficient Male Newcomer Award for his role in the hit teenager series, "Who Are You: College 2015," in conjunction with Byun Yo Han for "Misaeng."

Lim Ji Yeon was recognized amongstthe simplestFeminine Newcomer Award for her breakout role in "High Society" and Chae Soo Bin for "Bluebird's House."

EXO's Xiumin was venerated for his role in "Falling for Challenge," with the SNS Internet Drama Award.

ZE:A's Im Siwan was named the distinction Actor for "Misaeng" and Park Bo Young bought Excellence Actress for her role in tvN's "Oh My Ghost."

"Angry Mom" star Kim Hee Sun was the recipient of the head Excellence Actress in a Mini-Series, whilst Lee Sung Min received the pinnacle Excellence Actor in a Mini-Series, for "Misaeng."

Former MBLAQ member-turned-actor, Lee Joon, for known with the Excellence Actor in a Feature-Length drama award for "Heard It During the Grapevine" and Kim Min Jung received the Excellence Actress in a Feature-Length drama award for KBS2's "The Merchant Gaekju 2015."

The recipients of the recognition Award were Son Ho Jun and Yoo In Young for her portrayal of an icy heiress in the SBS melodrama, "Mask."

Solo vocalist Roy Kim received the suitable OST award for his contribution to the "Pinocchio" soundtrack.

In its fourth year, the APAN Star Awards honors excellence in Korean drama, for series broadcast on MBC, SBS, KBS and cable networks like tvN, which aired from October 1, 2014through October 30, 2015.

The 2015 APAN Star Awards were simultaneously broadcast on MBC Every1 and on Naver's V, for world audiences.