"Lee Tae-baek" set record... thanks to "The Horse Healer"

KBS 2TV drama "Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek" started a fresh start towards the end.

According to Nielson Korea, "Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek" rated 6.3% which is 2.7% higher than the previous episode. It's not up to par with the other dramas but it's still the best yet.

This looks like a reflective effect due to the end of MBC drama "The Horse Healer". Jin Goo and Park Ha-seon met a happy ending.

SBS "Yawang" rated 22.9% and ranked the top.



[Spoiler] "The Horse Healer" Jo Seung-woo marries Lee Yo-won

Jo Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won ended the drama happily by getting married.

On the fiftieth episode of the MBC drama "The Horse Healer", Baek Gwang-hyeon and Kang Ji-nyeong got married while Baek became a court physician.

Baek put a jade ring around Ji-nyeong's finger and said, "I might never be able to give you anything better than this but I will never let go of this hand. Later, they were married under the blessings of thousands of people.

After a long time, Saam (Joo Jin-mo) and So Ga-yeong (Eom Hyeon-kyeong) returned to Chosun with the technique of medication learnt in the Qing Dynasty. Jang In-joo (Yoo Seon) and the wits also reunited.

Baek Gwang-hyeon personally visited the people who worked in the fields and performed medication on them, making it happy ending for everyone.



[Spoiler] "The Horse Healer" Jo Seung-woo gives up nobility and gets married

Jo Seung-woo gave up his nobility.

On the MBC drama "The Horse Healer" on the 18th, everything changed after Baek Gwang-hyeon (Jo Seung-woo) got his identity back.

His advisors claimed to the King (Han Sang-jin) that Baek was to be recommended to the civil services and the King was about to accept it.

However Baek Gwang-hyeon had no means necessary to move on and he had no intentions of using his identity to be at large and convenience.

His advisors insisted he carry on the family name and that it would be impossible to get married with Kang Ji-nyeong (Lee Yo-won).

Kang also hesitated marriage because if they had a baby it would meet the same fate as her but Koo In-ok (Choi Soo-rin) told her not to be stupid.

Baek Gwang-hyeon told her that he never changed his mind and she said, "I thought leaving you was helping you but not anymore. I have come to my sense and I want you to share your burden with me".

Baek found the King and told him he had no intentions to move up and to accept Kang Ji-nyeong as his wife. He also redid his home and turned it into a drug house.


"The Horse Healer" remains at the top

MBC drama "The Horse Healer" remained in the throne.

According to Nielson Korea, "The Horse Healer" on the 18th rated 0.6% less than the previous episode resulting in 18.8%.

"Yawang" rated 17.8%. This is 0.5% lower than the previous episode.

"The Horse Healer" and "Yawang" are competing for the throne with about 1% of a gap or so.

"Yawang" is a threat to "The Horse Healer" but Joo Da-hae's (Soo-ae) extreme actions and slower progress of the drama is causing people to talk.

KBS 2TV "Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek" rated 4.1% but still was the only one that increased.



[Spoiler] "The Horse Healer" Son Chang-min takes his life in front of Jeon Noh-min

Myeong-hwan (Son Chang-min) killed himself at the grave of his long time friend, Do-joon (Jeon No-min) after confessing all of his wrong deeds.

While being taken to the place of exile, Myeong-hwan attempted to escape. He got to where Do-joon lay. He said, "I have no regrets. I had no choice".

"However, if I made a different choice, something would've changed. I guess those who are precious to me would still be around. I am only telling you this but I am hurting".

Myeong-hwan thought of the happy times he had with In-joo (Yoo Seon) and took out the needles from Gwang-hyeon's (Jo Seung-woo) case. He stabbed himself in the chest and ended his own life in front of the grave.

His son, Seong-ha (Lee Sang-woo, In-joo and Ji-nyeong (Lee Yo-won) found him dead and cried in sadness.


"The Horse Healer" ranks top

While the competition is heated up, the gap between MBC "The Horse Healer" and SBS "Yawang" has widened.

According to Nielsen Korea, "The Horse Healer" on the 12th rated 19.4%. This is 0.6% higher than the previous episode.

"Yawang" fell 0.2% and gave away the first place.

KBS 2TV drama "Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek" still showed no improvement with 3.5%.



[Spoiler] "The Horse Healer" Jo Seung-woo saves Kim Hye-seon

Jo Seung-woo saved Kim Hye-seon who was nearly dying.

On the forty-sixth episode of the MBC drama "The Horse Healer", Baek Gwang-hyeon (Jo Seung-woo) operated on Queen In-seon, (Kim Hye-seon) who became even sicker than before, thanks to Lee Myeong-hwan's (Son Chang-min) trick.

As her life was at risk, Gwang-hyeon dug out the infected area right away. However, the Queen was near exhaustion due to Myeong-hwan's treatment of opium and drugs.

Despite the successful surgery she stopped breathing. Everyone thought she was dead and started crying. However, Gwang-hyeon told the court lady for a hairpin and hit hard on the Queen's wound. Everyone was in terror but the Queen started breathing again and opened her eyes.

Meanwhile, the King (Han Sang-jin) was furious with Myeong-hwan and ordered him to be found saying, "He will never be forgiven if his crime is true".



[Spoiler] "The Horse Healer" Jo Seung-woo's love for Lee Yo-won

Jo Seung-woo abandoned his noble family name and chose Lee Yo-won.

On the forty-fifth episode of the MBC drama "The Horse Healer", Gwang-hyeon (Jo Seung-woo) tried to comfort Ji-nyeong, (Lee Yo-won) as he was worried about her identity.

Ji-nyeong felt guilty when she realized that Gwang-hyeon had to live like a slave when Gwang-hyeon was originally from a noble family.

She said, "I became the greatest maiden where I was and I did what I wanted to do. It was all yours. Take your identity back".

However, Gwang-hyeon said, "My real name and my blood doesn't matter to me. I have something more than just living as a slave. If I didn't live like this, then I wouldn't have met Ko Joo-man, my master and yourself".

Meanwhile, Ji-nyeong re-lived her childhood memories in front of Baek Seok-goo (Park Hyeok-kwon) grave and cried in sorrow.


"The Horse Healer" beats by "Yawang"

"The Horse Healer" was exceeded by "Yawang".

According to Nielson Korea on the 6th, the forty fifth episode of the MBC drama "The Horse Healer" rated 18.5% but ended up in second place.

SBS "Yawang" rated 18.6% and came in first. This is the first time "The Horse Healer" was beaten by "Yawang". However it was beat by just 0.1%.

KBS "Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek" rated 4.2% and fell away from the other two.

Meanwhile, Ji-nyeong (Lee Yo-won) revealed Gwang-hyeon's (Jo Seung-woo) real identity on this day.



[Spoiler] "The Horse Healer" Lee Sang-woo begs Jo Seung-woo for time

Lee Sang-woo begged Jo Seung-woo for the chance to save Son Chang-min.

Seong-ha (Lee Sang-woo) followed Gwang-hyeon's (Jo Seung-woo) orders and asked Ji-nyeong (Lee Yo-won) to leave first.

Seong-ha felt guilty knowing his father's crimes had helped Gwang-hyeon.

However, he couldn't lead his father to death. He asked Gwang-hyeon to leave his father up to him. He said, "It's not the best to let him cover up his crimes but I have to choose my father over everything else".

Seong-ha said, "I will leave my position and leave with my father when everything is cleared. Let me some time to convince him".

Meanwhile, Myeong-hwan was nervous about he challenge he heard from Gwang-hyeon.