Kim Sae Ron Cant Handle Seeing Gong Myung And Jung Hye Sung Being Affectionate

Kim Sae Ron Cant Handle Seeing Gong Myung And Jung Hye Sung Being Affectionate

Actress Kim Sae Ron has made a special appearance on We Got Married to meet Gong Myung and Jung Hye Sung!

On the May 6 broadcast of We Got Married, Gong Myung and Jung Hye Sung, who recently held their wedding in Jeju Island, arranged a time to give thank-you gifts to those that were in the couples marriage congratulatory video.

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The first person to meet was actress Kim Sae Ron. Gong Myung and Jung Hye Sung were already pretty close with the actress, so they greeted each other in a friendly way. Jung Hye Sung even called her by her nickname Ron Sae.

Actor Gong Myung became close with Kim Sae Ron when she was in middle school through the film Do Hee. Gong Myung said, Shes younger than my actual sibling, and she really felt like my little sister. I carried her around back then.

Right after greeting each other, Kim Sae Ron had to sit and watch the couple be lovey-dovey towards each other. Unable to endure the atmosphere, the actress said, Im going home, and made the panel laugh.

Without blinking an eye, the couple joked, Would you? Goodbye!

Later, the couple gave Kim Sae Ron a box full of bread to thank her for her appearance in the congratulatory video. The presents were originally supposed to be beer but since she is still underage, they decided to change up the gift.

You can watch Kim Sae Rons appearance on the latest episode of We Got Married below!