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Kim Sa-rang displays off exceptional beauty

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Kim Sa-rang displays off exceptional beauty

Actress Kim Sa-rang printed a a phase of her contemporary day-to-day life.

On November 18th, Kim Sa-rang posted on her non-public Instagram saying, "#BreakAfterExcercise~~" in conjunction with a photo of herself.

In the revealed photo, Kim Sa-rang dressed in a hat is having a look immediately into the camera. The hat with the destroyed main points may now not hide her radiant glance at the face.

While Kim Sa-rang is on a break free from performing at the moment, her non-stop efforts looking after herself could also be drawing attention.

Since her drama, "My Love Eun-dong", which ended final July, Kim Sa-rang has been taking a break.

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Kim Sa Rang Embraces Hollywood Drama In Sure

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Kim Sa Rang Embraces Hollywood Drama In Sure

Beloved Eun-Dong actress Kim Sa Rang went to the land of movie magic for the October issue of Sure.

According to the magazine, "We met Kim Sa Rang in Los Angeles, the city of angels, where light and darkness coexist. The photoshoot was filled with elegent and dramatic moments that were complete with her charming, lady-like look."

The star"s wonderful wardrobe included Escada gowns, Sonia Rykiel tweed jackets, Jil Sander fur mufflers and Dior jewelry, to name a few pieces. Meanwhile, all of her purses were by global luxury brand Coach.

The first was the Coach "Swagger" small shoulder bag in colorblock pebble leather. The purse has light gold hardware and a green flap. Despite its small size, it"s extremely function and has multiple pockets and compartments inside. The bag can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

Kim also showcased the "Swagger 20" bag in colorblock leather, which has an oxblood body and pink handle. The brand describes the piece as a "charmingly petite carryall [that] gets its Swagger from statement belting and bold double-turnlock hardware." The purse can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.

In other fashion news, Kim Sa Rang recently modeled glamorous Bulgari jewelry for the September issue of InStyle.

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Kim Sa Rang Boasts Fine Jewelry For InStyle

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Kim Sa Rang Boasts Fine Jewelry For InStyle

Beloved Eun-Dong actress Kim Sa Rang modeled glamorous jewelry for the September issue of InStyle. The beauty presented Bulgari flower pendants, Chanel geometric rings, Piaget chain bracelets, and Dior twist necklaces, to name a few items. She complimented the accessories with black-and-white dresses and bodysuits by La Perla, Carolina Herrera, Prada and Celine.

Among the standout pieces showcased there was the Bulgari "Diva" bracelet, which is made of 18 karat white gold. The piece has onyx and pav diamonds on its surface that are shaped like triangles. The bracelet can be seen below in greater detail.

The Bulgari B.ZERO1 earrings also made an appearance. The hoop earrings are made of 18 karat pink gold and have white diamonds in their center. The name of the brand is also displayed in the outer rims. The pair can be appreciated below.

Finally, Kim boasted two Chanel rings from the 1932 and Baroque collections. The first was the Plum de Chanel ring in 18 karat yellow gold, which is shaped like a leaf and can be yours HERE. The second was the Premiere ring in 18 karat white gold, which is decorated with rectangular crystals and can be yours HERE. Both rings can be appreciated below.

Recently, Kim Sa Rang made an account on Instagram. You can follow the lovely actress at @sugarrbabylove!

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Actress Kim Sa Rang Becomes Unfastened Agent After Leaving courageous Entertainment

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Actress Kim Sa Rang Becomes Free Agent After Leaving Brave Entertainment Actress Kim Sa Rang has transform a free agent after she made up our minds now not to resume her contract with her agency.

One industry insider told day through day Sports on September 14, “Kim Sa Rang’s contract with Brave Entertainment has terminated. She’s these days without an agency.”

Kim Sa Rang joined Brave Brothers‘ firm Brave Entertainment in August of final year. She drew attention with the inside of track as she was once the primary actor to signal with the music agency. Her contract turned into for one year, and she has in the end made a decision not to renew it.

Kim Sa Rang won the identify of leave out Korea in 2000, and made her entertainment industry debut the next year. After performing in “Secret Garden” in 2010, she failed to seem in any projects till joining Brave Entertainment and appearing in JTBC‘s “Beloved Eun Dong.”

'My Love Eun-dong' actress Kim Sa-rang presentations off fantastic shape

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'My Love Eun-dong' actress Kim Sa-rang presentations off fantastic shape

The superstar & type mag InStyle had a pictorial photoshoot with Kim Sa-rang, who made a a hit comeback with JTBC"s drama, "My Love Eun-dong".

Kim Sa-rang, being a sexy matter at the photo shooting set, fascinated the entire personnel members, especially with her noble face, sublime smile, comfortable and calm voice, and long and lean bodyline as though time had stopped passing around her.

Kim Sa-rang mentioned the good fortune of "My Love Eun-dong", "I think it happy women"s delusion to preference natural love. It"s difficult to discover someone, who longs for just one consumer for twenty years those days".

Kim Sa Rang Says She Is A Lot Like Eun Dong

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Kim Sa Rang Says She Is A Lot Like Eun Dong

In "My Love Eun Dong" Kim Sa Rang played a writer who wondered why the story she was working on seemed so familiar. She wondered why she identified with the character of Eun Dong so much. As it turned out, she was Eun Dong and due to an accident had forgotten that part of her life.

Now that the drama is over, Kim Sa Rang has admitted that she is having a hard time letting go of Eun Dong. They have so much in common.

In an interview with the Korean media outlet TV Report, she spoke about the character.

"I wanted to be Eun Dong for a little longer," she said. "But I think it was the best time to end it."

Kim says that Eun Dong is closer to her than any character she has previously played.

"Those around me say I was a lot like my usual self and they prefer it that way too. Even my mother calls me Eun Dong."

Eun Dong was a meaningful role for her in more ways than one. It was a comeback for the former Miss Universe contestant. She has not appeared in a drama since 2010 when she played Yoon Sang Hyun"s ex in "Secret Garden." She has not appeared in a film since 2008.

And Eun Dong was a different kind of character for Kim who has often portrayed more sophisticated sexy characters. It restored her enthusiasm for acting.

"My Love Eun Dong" gave me permission to become an actress. The pubic accepted me as Ji Eun Dong. I wanted to rest after work in the past, but now I don"t. Eun Dong changed me and I could do better. I"ll do better in work to come."

TV Report asked the actress if she had ever been loved like Eun Dong was. In the JTBC drama, actor Ji Eun Ho, played by Joo Jin Mo, dedicates his life to finding his lost love. Fame and money are nothing compared to their reunion. The actress said that she did not currently have a boyfriend, but she does seem to be a romantic.

When asked about her ideal type, she mentioned Nicholas Hoult, the star of the zombie romantic comedy "Warm Bodies." She"s fond of romantic comedies such as "Notting Hill" and "The Notebook," so "My Love Eun Dong" was just the kind of story she liked.

Next she would like to try another film.

"I want to try a movie, something in the fall as it"s approaching soon."

And she would not mind playing a sexy role again as long as there was more to it.

"I"m even more grateful if the role doesn"t end there."

[Interview] Kim Sa-rang, 'My dearest Eun-dong' replaced me'

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[Interview] Kim Sa-rang, 'My dearest Eun-dong' replaced me'

She gave up horny. in information technologys place she showed never- finishingAttainable equallyAnActress. Kim Sa-rang has transform the country"s Sa-rang thru "My dear Eun-dong". She used to exist Ji Eun-dongAnd search engine marketing Jeong-eun for the beyond four months. information technology"s like she never leftAtAll.

Kim Sa-rang used to exist equally crossrgeous equally always. She had onceAcknowledged that dining 3 foods anAfterwardnoon finished in nosotrosightAnd as though she nevertheless assists in keeping to her words, she looked remarkable. Yoon Seul from "Secret garden" used to exist no longer there. She looked blamelessAnd easycrossing.

Q: How make you're feeling straightaway that "My dear Eun-dong" is over

Kim Sa-rang: "It"s disappointing. i wish to exist Eun-dong forA piffling more. only i suspect information technology used to exist the most efficient fourth dimension to finish information technology. i getn"t hadA damage yet equally i had to head east forAnAdAfterward the drama".

You nosotrosre a success in changing intoAn blameless wo guy. How make the others about y'all're taking information technology?

"Now horny isAwkward. i love information technology fantasticer straightaway thru. those about me tell i used to exist so much like same old selfAnd they like information technology that mode equally nosotrosll. Even my mom calls me Eun-dong".

Do you gear uptle y'all nosotrosre popular more alongside the iii0sAnd four0s?

"There"sA rub makewn parlor i cross to. i love information technology sturdy only one day the masseur used to exist crossing mild on meAnd then i equallyked for more force, then sheAcknowledged, "I maken"t mean Eun-dong will need to harmAnymore". That used to exist when Eun-dong used to exist crossing thru a troublesome fourth dimension. So i learned what number of other individuals sentinel information technology".

Do you're takingA lookAt for online reportsAnd comments?

"Of route. i didn"t when i used to exist filmin,g only i getA mentality like glassAnd then i commenceAffected alongsideout problems by means of just right or bad words. i will existAble to"t listen dayAfterward today if i run into anything bad the day sooner than. So iAlone acceptA lookAt information technology later".

Was there the leisure y'all consider reading online?

"Kim Tae-hoon used to exist bullying me in the drama.Any individual wrote online, "I"m crossing to slit y'allr throat". information technology used to exist surprising only funnyAt the similar fourth dimension".

How used to exist operating alongside Joo Jin-moAnd Kim Tae-hoon?

"Joo Jin-mo is precisely like his persona Ji Eun-ho. He"s playful. He looks sturdyAnd forceful only he"s no longer like that. i used to exist worriedAbout our team paintings existcause nosotros nosotrosre regularly aside. only he"sA pleasing guy. He makes jokes on gear upAnd makes alwaysybody feel comfy. Kim Tae-hoon is the other. He"s playful only honest. He bullies me in the drama only he in reality helped me out so much".

How used to exist information technologyActing likeA mom to Park minute-soo?

"I worried so much from the start. i learned there used to exist a large departure in existingA mom once you're oneAnd existingA mom once y'all"re no longer. information technology isn"t anything y'all'll pret finish to make. minute-sooApplyed my lead neatlyAnd he used to exist just right. His mom instructed me so much equally neatly. i equallyked her how she felt when her male child lay unneatly in existdAnd sheAcknowledged information technology used to exist "indescribable"".

Do y'all sentineled y'all did y'allr most sensible possible alongsideout remorsefulAbout?

"Some other individualsAre crossing to love information technology andA few other individuals won"t. i told myself no longer to remorsefulAbout the leisureAnd then no, i won"t remorsefulAbout. i lost iii. five kilograms existcause i presumedAnd then difficultAbout paintings. i had a troublesome fourth dimension looking to realize Eun-dong. i re-read the situation from episode 1 to sevenAnd attempted no longer to pass over the leisure. i suspect the difficult paintings paid offAnd then i wish to exist Eun-dong forA piffling more straightaway".

You nosotrosreAbsent for four years.

"I get atAll fourth dimensions existenA town wo guy alongside fancy toys. i soughtAfterwardA damage from thatAnd information technology grew to turn into out longer than same old. i wondered if i will need toAct backAnd that"s when "My dear Eun-dong" discovered me. i didn"t mean i may just make information technology. information technology used to existA burden. i'mA mom alongside a kid in the dramaAnd is bullied by means of other individuals about me. however, the director told me to existAt relaxationAnd make my most sensible possible".

it kind of feels that "My dear Eun-dong" isA meaningful one to y'all.

""My dear Eun-dong" gave me perpass overion to transformAnActress. The populaceAccredited me equally Ji Eun-dong. i soughtAfterward to leisureAfterward paintings ago only straightaway i maken"t. Eun-dong replaced meAnd i may just make fantasticer, only i"ll make fantasticer in the paintings to come".

Have y'all existen enjoyed like Eun-dong sooner than?

"maybe decadesAcross. i maken"t getA male childfri finish straightawayAnd then i maken"t know. My Love CellsAre death".

we will"t overlook to invite y'all who y'allr ideal sort is.

"My ideal sort isAnd thenmebody blameless yet smart. if he's equally nosotrosll ignorantAbout theArena, then i might need to deal alongside him,And then he has to exist smart. i maken"t equallyk for looks. i really like Nicholas stop from "Warm Bodies". i felt my center thump forA zombie [like him]".

So y'all favor ro guytic films

"i really like films like "Notting loma", "The pocket book", "LoveAffair"And material like that. i really like ones thatApply the feelings".

"i need to acceptA lookAt a film. Something for the spill equally information technology"s coming nearAnd thenon".

If y'all"re equallyked to exist horny back, are y'allAble to make information technology?

" i suspect existing horny is excellent forAnActress. i used to exist uninteleisureed in information technology existcause i used to exist atAll fourth dimensions " horny". i will existAble to relate to information technologyAnd i"m evening more thankful if the part makeesn"t finish there. if i will existAble to make information technology, then i"m fine alongside information technology".

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Bae Yong Joon and Park Soo Jin rang the marriage bells and tied the knot!

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Bae Yong Joon and Park Soo Jin rang 
the marriage bells and tied the knot!

Actors Bae Yong JoonAnd Park Soo Jin rang the marriage existllsAnd walked down theAisle to officially necktie their marital knot this beyond July 27 in Korea!

the 2"s wedlock indicates the glad starting in their new existence equallyA married couple subsequently five calendar months of dating. Their low-key, non-publicized marriage existcame once held in hole-and-corner this beyond July 27At the lavish Sheraton Walkerhill Aston house marriage corridor alongsideoutAny press provide. Unlike maximum other famous person couples, the twoAdvanced their marriage sansAny populace statements or press meetings. the sole folks that were provide for the joyous instance were nigh to two hundred folks adding the two"s nigh palsAnd circle of relatives. The marriage existcame onceAcknowledged to take proceeded alongsideout disturbances from the outdoor alongsideAny unauthorized access strictly prohibited.

some of the marriage"s officiators, there were many esteemed visitors, addingA nephew ofA quondam president, Donga One team"s CEO Lee Hwi Sang,AndActor Ryu Seung Soo. The nuptial song existcame once sung by fashion of J.Y. Park, the maximum effective, Shin Yong Jae of 4men,And Yangpa. further, consistent alongside Star News"s investigation, maximum of the couple"s yousng man firm stars were reported to takeAttended the marriage, adding Kim Soo Hyun, Lim Soo Jung, Park search engine marketing Joon, Lee Hyun Woo,And more. Around two hundred fanatics, adding the ones from Japan, sought out the marriage equally neatly. regardless that they couldn"t individually sign up for the visitors in the marriage corridor, they wereAcknowledged to take delivered warm messages of congratulations by fashion of fashion of the journalists that were stationed outdoor.

appropriate sooner than the marriage, Bae Yong Joon uploadedA mail service on his onenstagram exposeing how he feels nigh to tying the know alongside his existau. He wrote, "I"m on my fashion to the marriage corridor. one"m fearful however glad," alongside an image of him alongside soon-to-be wife Park Soo Jin. To the fanatics who couldn"t witness firsthand his marriage, he wrote, "The congratulationsAnd worry from individuals of the circle of relativesAre atAll times an ideal force to me. one"m distressing that yous couldn"t exist here alongside me. but i volition existAble to existar in mind theAffection one learned from yousAllAnd from forthwith on, do my easiest equally the pinnacle ofA circle of relatives. i volition existAble to update yous on my glad moments ceaselessly. Thank yous! Please feel free together with, each person!"

Bae Yong JoonAnd Park Soo Jin wereAcknowledged to take taken their marriage images in hole-and-cornerAt Bae Yong Joon"s house closing calendar monthAnd didn"t expose the images to the populace. The newlywed plans to honeymoon somewhere existneath the equator at the side of more than one yousng man company from their label Key East.

Let"s wish the couple all of the maximum productiveAnd happiness int their married existence!

A photo mail serviceed by fashion of YongJoon Bae (@yongjoon_bae) on Jul 26, 2015At viii:54pm PDT

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[Spoiler] "My Love Eun-dong" Kim Sa-rang is going to look Kim Tae-hoon in clinic

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"My Love Eun-dong" Kim Sa-rang went to peer Kim Tae-hoon, who had attempted to devote suicide.

on the 15th episode of JTBC"s "My Love Eun-dong", Park Hyeon-ah (Kim Yoon-search engine marketing) instructed Seo Jeong-eun (Ji Eun-dong/Kim Sa-rang) that Choi Jae-ho (Kim Tae-hoon) had attempted to devote suicide.

At this surprising news, Ji Eun-ho (Joo Jin-mo) took Seo Jeong-eun to the sanatorium. Ji Eun-ho told Seo Jeong-eun that he also would pass and spot Choi Jae-ho. however Seo Jeong-eun insisted she would pass on my own and Ji Eun-ho let her do as she sought after.

As she saw Choi Jae-ho in coma, she felt combined feelings. Ji Eun-ho, who later still got here in to peer Seo Jeong-eun, fell in deep mind at the scene.