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I Summon You Gold Episode 29 Review: Choi Myung Gil Warns Yeon Jung Hoon "Don't Ever Approach Han Ji Hye"

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I Summon You Gold Episode 29 Review: Choi Myung Gil Warns Yeon Jung Hoon "Don't Ever Approach Han Ji Hye"

In I Summon You Gold, episode 29, Yoon Shim Duk(played by Choi Myung Gil) warned Park Hyun Soo(played by Yeon Jung Hoon) not to meet with Jung Mong Hee(played by Han Ji Hye) again.

Sung Eun(played by Lee Soo Kyung), who tried hard to kick Mong Hee out of the company, told Shim Duk that Hyun Soo and Mong Hee seemed to have something going on in their relationship.

Shim Duk called Hyun Soo out separately at work and said, From now on, stop caring about my daughter. Hyun Soo answered, Her talent is too good to be wasted. Shim Duk said, So youre worrying about the future of designer Mong Hee? Can you guarantee that? She continued, Are you trying to play my daughter? Ive been working under your father my whole life, but I can never accept those who look down on my kids. Not even a 10 billion won would make me choose to change my daughters life. Dont ever approach her again. Or else Im going to tell your family about her disguising as your wife.

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Kim Ji-hoon cast in comeback drama with Choi Jung-won

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Good news: Kim Ji-hoon is out of the army and has a new drama! Bad news: Its not a Joseon X-Files sequel. Sigh. Oh well, you cant have everything. (Still: The hope lives on)The project is a KBS weekend drama titled My Daughter So-young, and the production company has confirmed that Kim Ji-hoon will be reuniting with his Wish Upon a Star co-star Choi Jung-won. Good news: They were totally adorable together in that. Bad news: Theyre playing twins Kim Ji-hoon cast in comeback drama with Choi Jung-won Kim Ji-hoon cast in comeback drama with Choi Jung-won

Hwang Jung Eum Says Large Junior′s Choi Siwon is in point of fact Lovable

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Hwang Jung Eum Says Large Junior′s Choi Siwon is in point of fact Lovable

--> Hwang Jung Eum said, "Choi Siwon is a in point of fact lovely actor."

Hwang Jung Eum attended a newshounds roundtable for the belief of MBC′s She Was once Pretty at the Shilla Hotel Youngbinkwan Emerald Room in Seoul on November 12, where she spread out about running with Great Junior′s Choi Siwon.

Hwang Jung Eum said, "I think the audience utterly felt that it was amusing when we Choi Siwon and I were acting together. I realized, once again, that the ambience on set and chemistry is truly vital when you′re acting. I also learned back that acting with a glad feeling is right. There were a huge number of those who sought after things to figure out between Choi Siwon and me in the drama, and i used to be really pleased between those two wonderful men. regardless of whom i stopped up with, it was great."

She also said, "It was really fun acting with Choi Siwon. He and I are roughly similar, and I spotted that once he acts, he works not easy without thinking too much. I felt like I was seeing myself throughout my High Kick days. Seeing him operating hard so as to do neatly was beautiful to see, and I watched him act. I don′t most often reduce to rubble my lines, yet if I ruin into laughter whilst acting with Choi Siwon, I can′t forestall laughing, so I made 30 NGs. Like the pickled radish scene, he′s funny in genuine life. It was really fun on set. Choi Siwon is really lovable. Even though I were given angry because I wasn′t proud of something, I′d just laugh because he′s so funny."

Meanwhile, She Changed into Pretty concluded its run on November 11. Hwang Jung Eum proved over again that she′s an actress you just agree with and watch via her role as Kim Hye Jin, an ′ugly′ woman-turned-beauty, who rekindles a romance with her first love Ji Sung Jun (Park search engine optimization Joon).

Choi Siwon and Hwang Jung Eum Experience a curler Coaster Date in Preview Stills For “She Was once Pretty”

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Choi Siwon and Hwang Jung Eum Enjoy a Roller Coaster Date in Preview Stills For “She Became Pretty” Preview stills for episode 14 of “She Was Pretty” were released, appearing Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and Shin Hyuk (Choi Siwon) spending time in combination at an amusement park.

One still capabilities the 2 of them on a roller coaster, with Shin Hyuk having a look as excited as a kid and Hye Jin searching afraid. audience are enthusiastic about what this date method after Sung Joon’s (Park search engine optimization Joon) tentative proposal to Hye Jin from the ultimate episode.

“Since there are simplest 3 episodes left till the ending, all of the secrets could be published one through one,” the team of workers said. “While the fate of the ‘onion couple,’ Sung Joon and Hye Jin, will of route be decided, we can also in finding out the fact about Shin Hyuk, who said, ‘It isn’t over unless it’s over.’ Please enjoy the broadcast up until the end.”

Episode 14 will air on November four at 10 p.m KST.

Watch the preview video below:

Catch up at the lastest episode below:

Choi Siwon Finds He would truly like to Act With Hwang Jung Eum Again

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Choi Siwon Exhibits He would prefer to Act With Hwang Jung Eum Again Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Hwang Jung Eum have fantastic chemistry in “She Was once Pretty,” that would possibly be why he would love to paintings with her again in the future.

On November 3, Large Junior’s Kangin took Kim Chang Ryul’s position as a day-to-day DJ for SBS energy FM’s “Old School.”

During the show, Kangin calls Choi Siwon, who is lately filming for the MBC drama “She turned into Pretty.”

Kangin asks, “Who is a lady actress you need to act with for your next work?”

“I actually don’t have the luxurious to consider that. I have to cross into the military appropriate after this drama is over,” he answered. “But still, if I have the opportunity, i want to act with Hwang Jung Eum again.”

Choi Siwon plays the role of the sleek yet reasonably out-of-control Kim Shin Hyuk in “She Was Pretty.”

Choi Si Won Wants To Work With Hwang Jung Eum Again

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Choi Si Won Wants To Work With Hwang Jung Eum Again

Choi Si Hwan wants to work with Hwang Jung Eum again. That"s not surprising. The two have so much onscreen chemistry that they have given "She Was Pretty" viewers a serious case of Second Lead Syndrome.

The actor called in on the November 3 episode of the SBS show Kim Chang Ryul"s Old School. Fellow Super Junior member Kangin was serving as a guest DJ.

Kangin asked him if there was an actress that he wanted to work with.

At first Choi Siwon seemed to be focused on his upcoming enlistment, which takes place in November, shortly after the final episode of "She Was Pretty."

"I can"t afford to think about that now," he said. "I need to prepare for my enlistment."

But then he could not resist putting in a good word for his co-star.

"If the opportunity presents itself I want to work with Jung Eum again. Jung Eum and I have a great synergy. Entertaining scenes become even more entertaining and emotional scenes go even deeper. Shes an actress who doesnt stand out but keeps a good balance."

Perhaps when he finishes his two-year mandatory military duty, they could appear in a drama as the leads. That"s what happened to Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon. They played stepbrother and sister in "Kill Me Heal Me" and had such good chemistry that producers for "She Was Pretty" saw them in leading roles together.

"I really like working with Park Seo Joon," Hwang said at the press conference for "She Was Pretty." "When I was working with him in "Kill Me Heal Me, I got the sense that he is a fun and talented actor, I think he has stepped up his game now."

She and Park are openly affectionate and friendly on set.

Choi Si Won is not the first actor to want a second chance to act with Hwang Jung Eum. She starred in two dramas with Ji Sung, "Kill Me, Heal Me" and the melodrama "Secret Love." She has praised him for being a considerate co-star and a fine actor.

He described her as a "good friend" and a "meaningful and precious partner."

She must be fun and supportive to work with.

K-drama producers take note. Viewers would like to see a drama with Choi Si Won and Hwang Jung Eum in the lead when his tour of duty is done. Anyone else agree?

Who Should Hwang Jung Eum Choose In 'She Was Pretty' - Choi Siwon Or Park Seo Joon? [Poll]

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Will Hwang Jung Eum end up with Park Seo Joon or Siwon? (Photo : MBC ) "She Was Pretty" is one of the breakout hits of 2015, with audiences tuning in for its non-stop humor.

With only three episodes remaining, the MBC romantic comedy clearly established its love lines with Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) reciprocating the loving sentiments of Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) in the twelfth episode, while shooting down the confession of Kim Shin Hyuk (Super Junior"s Choi Siwon).

Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon initially won over audiences as siblings in the psychological powerhouse series, "Kill Me, Heal Me," but the pair have demonstrated their ability to channel innocent chemistry in "She Was Pretty."

Episode 12 served up beefy, shirtless shots of the acting idol, who capitalizedon the scenes to lighten the tone of the series, as he jokingly interacted with Sung Joon. The scene solidified the warm, likability of Shin Hyuk, a character that could have been one-dimensional but whose depth was brilliantly crafted.

The lighthearted note of the series was punctuated by a somber ending in the 13th episode, which concluded with the hint of the impending breakup of Hye Jin and Sung Joon.

While it is customary for the heroine to choose the first male protagonist over the second lead, audiences continue to show their support for Shin Hyuk, thanks to the charismatic performance of the popular Super Junior member.

Viewers who support the budding relationship of Hye Jin and her childhood friend, Sung Joon, are rooting to see the pair become a solid couple in adulthood.

Who should Hwang Jung Eum choose in "She Was Pretty" - Park Seo Joon or Super Junior"s Choi Siwon?

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Super Junior′s Choi SIwon Says He needs to paintings with Hwang Jung Eum Again

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Super Junior′s Choi SIwon Says He needs to paintings with Hwang Jung Eum Again

--> Super Junior′s Choi Siwon printed that he needs to paintings with Hwang Jung Eum back on any other project.

Choi Siwon made a marvel call into the November 3 broadcast of SBS energy FM′s Kim Chang Ryul′s Old School, where Kangin is serving as a distinct DJ.

When Kangin asked, "Is there an actress you need to have to work with?" Choi Siwon said, "I can′t manage to pay for to take into consideration that now. I want to get ready for my enlistment," ahead of adding "If the opportunity gifts itself, I wish to work with (Hwang) Jung Eum again."

Choi Siwon continued, "Jung Eum and i've a super synergy. Entertaining scenes transform even more entertaining and emotional scenes cross even deeper. She′s an actress who doesn′t stand out yet assists in keeping a excellent balance."

Meanwhile, Choi Siwon is these days starring along Hwang Jung Eum in MBC drama She Was once Pretty.

Child Actress Choi Yu Ri Is Kim Yoo Jung’s Adorable Mini-Me

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Child Actress Choi Yu Ri Is Kim Yoo Jung’s Adorable Mini-Me A choice of footage of actress Kim Yoo Jung and child actress Choi Yu Ri posted on Facebook had been drawing a massive number of attention!

Kim Yoo Jung and Choi Yu Ri these days co-starred in the movie “Circle of Atonement.” The photographs were shared on CGV‘s legit Facebook page, and display just how much Choi Yu Ri resembles Kim Yoo Jung.

Even Kim Yoo Jung expressed her marvel at the resemblance, pronouncing at an event, “I was once surprised having a look at her and seeing how she looks similar to me. Quite a few other folks have asked me if Choi Yu Ri became a more youthful edition of me. Even my own father saw the film and told me that she looks precisely like I did as a child.”

“Circle of Atonement,” which was released on October 15, is ready a guy performing 10 years after a vicious homicide and involving a detective and his daughter in the secrets of the case. You'll watch a trailer for the film below.

Choi Siwon Has not anything yet compliment for “She used to be Pretty” Co-Star Hwang Jung Eum

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Choi Siwon Has Nothing But Praise for “She turned into Pretty” Co-Star Hwang Jung Eum Choi Siwon has only good things to mention about his fellow “She Was Pretty” solid member Hwang Jung Eum.

The Super Junior member appeared on the October 18 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV” and sat down with the reporter for a brief interview.

During the interview, the host praises Choi Siwon and Hwang Jung Eum’s chemistry in the preferred drama. Hearing this, Choi Siwon says, “I’m going to be fair with you. Out of all actresses whom I have worked with so far, Hwang Jung Eum is the maximum flexible,” and compliments his colleague for her adaptability.

He then brings up a hilarious scene from the drama where Hwang Jung Eum acts as though she loses her front enamel and then crawls around trying to find it, and comments “Wasn’t that scene so cute?”

When asked about his dating style, Choi Siwon reveals that he has a tendency to battle with balancing paintings and relationships. “I think I’m moderately bad in terms of dating. As a a component of my job, I must deal with and improve myself, but not many girls notice that.”

Watch the primary episode of “She Was Pretty” featuring the aforementioned scene below!