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Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Provides to Proportion Photo of the little one in Court

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Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend deals to Share Photo of the Little one in Court Continuing in the convoluted saga this is the warfare between singer Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi, the fourth pre-trial hearing in the 1.6 billion won (approximately $14 million) lawsuit opposed to the singer was once hung on October 30.

The hearing turned into held earlier than the Seoul Central District Court. Before the lawsuits began, Ms. Choi reportedly asked Kim Hyun Joong’s legal professional if he’d observed the baby yet. “You’ve now not yet visible the baby, yet I have a photo. The baby looks similar to Kim Hyun Joong. Shall I send you the photo?” Kim Hyun Joong’s father reportedly declined the offer, pronouncing that they’ll verify the paternity first thru a DNA verify and then speak about seeing the child.

However, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers did verify that the photo Ms. Choi presented was real, and printed the child’s gender as male. However, Ms. Choi didn't disclose the baby’s blood type, claiming that she didn’t know what blood sort he has.

The hearing is yet some other bankruptcy in the ongoing conflict, which has been in huge part made up of a giant number of “he said, she said” from either sides. previous this year, Kim Hyun Joong was fined five million won (approximately $4,300) for domestic assault, and then Ms. Choi revealed she was pregnant and sued Kim Hyun Joong for 1.6 billion won in damages (today’s hearing was a phase of this lawsuit). Kim Hyun Joong because of this filed a countersuit for 1.2 billion won (approximately $10.5 million) for slander following Ms. Choi revealing a prior pregnancy and miscarriage to the media, mentioning a loss of evidence to fortify her claims. The latest revelation is the clash is Kim Hyun Joong writing a letter to the media to explain his side, claiming that Ms. Choi continues to lie to him about the child.

Representatives For Kim Hyun Joong And HIs Ex-Girlfriend Returned To Court

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Kim Hyun Joong (Photo : KDramaStars) Legal representatives for Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend returned to court for a fourth hearing on October 30.

During the session, which was closed to the public, the legal team for his ex-lover presented further evidence to support their claims.

The ex-lover of the "Boys Over Flowers" starreportedly delivered a healthy baby in September 2015. While the sex and paternity of the child have yet to be revealed, lawyers for his ex-girlfriend commented on the wellbeing of the baby. According to her lawyer, both his former lover and alleged child are doing well.

An article published by Star News highlighted several points from the latest session of the contentious legal battle and provided statements from representatives for his ex-girlfriend.

"We brought in new evidence, this time," said the legal representative for his ex-lover. "It appears we will be ready for the final argument, today."

Further developments in the case include terms which could force both the idol-turned-actor and his ex-girlfriend to attend future hearings.

"If required, Miss A is willing to attend as a witness, as well," said a representative from her legal team.

Her lawyer went on to state that the former couple continues to disagree on several issues, including the details surrounding the paternity of their alleged child.

"Soon, the paternity results will be revealed in Seoul Family Court," said the lawyer for Kim"s ex-lover.

The on-going legal battle involving the former SS501 member and his ex-girlfriend began on August 21, 2014, when she allegedly filed domestic violence charges against the star.

Meanwhile, Kim continues his mandatory military service. He reportedly filed for a leave period for the first time since enlisting.

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Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend and infant reported to be doing well

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Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend and infant reported to be doing well

Though Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi are still in the midst of a lawsuit, it"s been reported that Ms. Choi and their baby are doing well.

The couple had their fourth hearing, which was once made unavailable to the public, on October 30. Ms. Choi"s representation stated, "We brought in new evidence this time. it roughly feels we"ll be in a position for the overall argument today. Ms. Choi is doing neatly after giving birth. the kid may be creating well."

As prior to now mentioned, Kim Hyun Joong"s ex-girlfriend has filed a suit opposed to him for denying paternity, contributing to a former miscarriage, and causing distress. He"s recently polishing off his necessary army service.

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend May Pursue A Paternity Suit

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Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend May Pursue A Paternity Suit

Kim Hyun Joong"s ex-girlfriend spoke out through her lawyer, about the alleged dispute over the paternity of her newborn baby and her past claims against the pop star.

On September 23, representatives for both sides convened at Seoul Central District Court for the third plea hearing regarding alleged damage suit of his ex-lover, a woman who is referred to by Korean media as Choi or Ms. A, Kim Hyun Joong. Lee Jae Man, the lawyer for Kim, present at the meeting along with Sun Jong Moon, who represents his ex-girlfriend.

An article published by Donga provided summarized the closed preceedings, which concluded after 30 minutes. During the hearing, Sun provided evidence for the alleged pregnancy and alleged miscarriage. Lee provided counter arguments to defend his client.

Sun spoke with the media, after the session concluded. "Kim Hyun Joong"s side refers to acknowledge anything, even though evidence was presented," said Sun.

Legal representatives for his ex-girlfriend continued to support her claims that the SS501 star knew that she had previously suffered from a miscarriage and that he had knowledge of his involvement in the paternity of her newborn baby. Her lawyer went to discuss a potential paternity suit against Kim.

"We plan to bring a paternity suit against Kim," said Sun. "It has taken some time because we need to register the birth of the baby and address other matters."

Her lawyer went on to discuss the desire of her side to receive secure and independent DNA testing.

In a report published by Asiae, representatives for the "Boys Over Flowers" star expressed the displeasure of his side, particularly the impact that the on-going legal preceedings have had on his family.

Asiae included a statement from attorney Lee Jae Man, who illustrated the medical consequences the legal battle has had on the Kim family.

"A family member with a panic disorder even suffered from shingles," said Lee.

He went on to describe the aftermath of on-going media coverage and its effect on the career of the singer-turned-actor.

"Her [his ex-girlfriend] use of the press has caused damage to Kim Hyun Joong," said legal representatives for the pop star. "Kim Hyun Joong and his family don"t want to meet with her, anymore."

He followed with an optimistic perspective towards the course of the preceedings. "The family and I hope that at this difficult time, there is good news on the other side," said the spokesperson for Kim"s legal team.

Kim recently addressed his legal woes through a handwritten letter that was presented by his lawyer during an emergency press conference. In his letter, he confirmed that he completed the DNA test to determine paternity and expressed his desire to stay away from his ex-girlfriend.

Kim Hyun-joong and his ex-girlfriend: The set of rules between 'paternal test' and 'child expenses'

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Kim Hyun-joong and his ex-girlfriend: The set of rules between 'paternal test' and 'child expenses'

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong are in battle about the blood of the child. The toddler was once born early September and paternal problems are at hand. It'll take place either way yet with form. Kim Hyun-joong claimed he"s done DNA checking out but the ex-girlfriend, referred to as Choi, said, "We haven't any reason why to comply".

Kim and Choi are in prison dispute over pregnancy, miscarriage, abuse and such. They are beside the point to the birth of the child. Choi sued Kim for abuse and infliction of injuries in August ultimate year and back in April this year for reimbursement of 1.6 billion won.

"Test" VS "Discussion first"

Kim Hyun-joong"s legal attorney held a press convention and mentioned at the 17th that Kim has finished his DNA test and all that"s left turned into the child"s. He claimed all prices would be supported with. Kim"s test was taken through trips as he's recently in Provider to his country.

After the clicking conference, Seon Jong-moon, Choi"s legal professional showed his discomfort. He said, "This is solely media play. We attempted to continue with the DNA take a glance at after discussion with Kim Hyun-joong. We can"t conform to one-way notices like this".

Fight for kid rearing costs?

They are in clash with the style this test must be conducted, but each side agree that the test should be done. Kim"s spokesperson claims that he is in a position to take obligation for his baby if it does belong to him. Bearing in mind the favorable points for her, even Choi wishes to do that test. Kim Hyun-joong has been pressuring her with this topic but they either have to do it in the end.

Lee Jae-man said, "Choi seems like she"s just stalling time. The longer this takes, the more damage it has on Kim and she knows this. In the end, it"s all about the cash and they're just taking a look out for themselves".

It all comes down to "Time". Kim Hyun-joong is attempting to quicken the procedure and Choi is taking things more seriously. They've the similar goal, but just other strategies of coming near it. By way of child supporting costs, they may face a larger conflict. It looks like Choi is making ready for some other case without reference to the paternal test.

The trouble is distrust and enemity. There is currently no communique between Choi and Kim. Kim acknowledged on the 17th in a handwritten letter that he didn"t even know of the child"s birth. Even Choi"s lawyer said that Kim Hyun-joong didn"t appear to would like to keep up a correspondence with them.

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Kim Hyun Joong Claims Ex-Girlfriend Is mendacity to Him, Explains His Side

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Kim Hyun Joong Claims Ex-Girlfriend Is Lying to Him, Explains His Side At midday September 17, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney Lee Jae Man held a press convention at his company CheongPa, where he printed a letter sent from the singer, who is recently in the direction of his needed army service.

In the letter, the singer sparsely apologizes, and explains that the new rumor of him refusing the paternity check isn't true.

He says, “I sought after to make an apology for not being ready to relay excellent news of late, with the entire reviews going around online. I, myself, am exhausted and tired, so I can’t even consider how it should be for you. so as to keep away from misunderstandings, i presumed it’d be best possible if I individually stated something.”

Kim Hyun Joong mentions his existing service, expressing be apologetic about that he wasn’t capable of well say good-bye to everyone, and that whilst he enlisted “like a sinner,” he recently changed into a private. “I spent the final year below the pointy gaze of the public, yet with the wisdom and encouragement of my instructors, I’m changing into more mature and as healthy as i used to be in the past. I would like to say thank you, and I’m sorry.”

The singer says that he needed to open up once the entirety had quieted down, but as a result of doable misunderstandings, he made up our minds to write the letter, and states that, against this to the rumors, he's now not averting the paternity test.

“I just knew that the due date for the infant used to be September 12; I had no concept the youngster were born at first of September. I saw in the process the news that the baby had been born, and I saw reports pointing out that I was avoiding the paternity test,” says Kim Hyun Joong, insisting that he had already ready all important documents for the test before his enlistment, and that he was just looking ahead to his ex-girlfriend’s side to touch his folks or his lawyer to proceed.

“It’s no longer because I doubted the lifestyles of the baby,” Kim Hyun Joong continues. “The explanation why I’m insisting at the test is that just once the paternity test has been done am i able to take felony duty for the kid in whatever form. I need to lift the child, but I know that things can’t at all times take place the manner you want, and it’s frustrating for me to just be able to mention that I’ll perform my legal duties.”

He says, “While it form of feels hypocritical coming from any individual who failed to abide through the law himself, I’ll continue for the sake of my child.”

Kim Hyun Joong is going on to specific how he feels, only having the ability to assume who his child takes after and not being able to be with the baby.

“Currently, I’ve only been told the gender of the child, and not anything else. They’re lying to me in order that I’m unable to method the child. While I’m still lacking, i'm going to do everything i may be able to for the baby. They’re telling me that they don’t know the baby’s blood kind yet and can’t tell me, but from my point of view, it just doesn’t make sense. Not even telling the father of the kid anything like the baby’s blood type, and proceeding with lawsuits, it’s true that I can’t lend a hand but to think the purpose is solely money.”

He closes, announcing that for the sake of the baby, he hopes that no data about the child is leaked anywhere. “I hope you understand. I’ll see you back as a more mature and healthy person.”

Kim Hyun Joong's Legal Representative Reaffirmed His Position On Paternity Test, Ex-Girlfriend

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Kim Hyun Joong's Legal Representative Reaffirmed His Position On Paternity Test, Ex-Girlfriend

(Photo : ) The latest development in the on-going legal battle between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend resulted in a September 17 press conference. While insiders speculated that the results of the paternity test involving the K-pop star and his ex-lover would be revealed, the press conference did not provide an opportunity for media outlets to hear paternity results.

A report published by the Korean outlet, OSEN, highlighted the key points of the event.

Kim was not present for the 12 p.m. press conference, which was led by his lawyer. He opened the event by providing the position of Kim, in regards to the paternity test. While his ex-girlfriend claimed that he was unwilling to take a DNA test, his legal team stated that the pop star had already done his part in providing evidence for the exam.

The most substantial portion of the media event focused on a handwritten letter, which firmly presented the position of the Hallyu star, in regards to his ex-girlfriend and the baby. In his letter, he expressed his sadness at recent reports regarding the delivery of the baby and his lack of knowledge about the paternity.

Key points of his letter were published by the Korean outlet, Newsen. This letter included his apology to audiences for the situation and provided insight into his sentiments about the on-going legal preceedings.

"I completed all of the documentation and preparation for the DNA test, while in the army," said Kim, in his handwritten letter.

He went on to discuss his alleged difficulty in obtaining information from the other side.

"Right now, the other side has only told me the gender of the child, but not the child or its blood type," said Kim. "They are telling lies so that I cannot get close to the baby."

He expressed his desire to take full responsibility for the child, through his letter. However, he provided clarification about the role he would take in the future of the baby, if it was his child. Kim expressed that he would be willing to remain within the life of the childif he was the father, but would not pursue marriage with his former lover.

"Although there may be a child, there will be no getting back together with Miss Choi," said his lawyer, after receiving instructions from Kim to pass the message on to those present at the press conference.

He concluded his letter with a plea for understanding from fans and expressed his wish to keep the identity of the child out of the press.

"I will be patient and do all that I can as a father," said Kim, regarding the possibility that he could be the parent of the baby. "I sincerely ask this; I do not want any information about the baby to be exposed, anywhere."

During the press conference, his lawyer presented a photo, which depicted Kim in his military uniform during the medical procedure, as evidence that the necessary DNA material was provided. However, his legal team stated that his ex-girlfriend continues to withhold DNA for the baby, which prevents Kim from having an independent test conducted.

On September 16, the actor and singer announced the emergency press conference through statements issued by his legal team. This development followed previous reports regarding the birth of the baby that his ex-lover alleged was his child.

Legal woes involving the 31-year-old woman who is referred to by Korean media as Ms. Choi or A began on August 21, 2014, when it was revealed that she had filed domestic violence charges against the "Boys Over Flowers" star.

The claims were initially investigated by the police, but charges were dropped. His ex-lover claimed that she dropped the charges due to her love for the SS501 member, however, it was later revealed that she received a settlement for approximately $512,000 USD or 600 million KRW.

The on-going legal battle included claims by the woman that the pop star had sent text messages about the alleged assault and her subsequent alleged pregnancy.

In July 2015, Kim began the process of countersuing his former lover for several reasons including defamation of character.

An article published by EDaily writer Lee Jung explored the reasons for the press conference and the impact that the on-going litigation has had on his career. "There are already reports that Kim Hyun Joong has received a big blow to his image as an actor," said Lee, in the EDaily report.

Meanwhile, the K-pop idol continues his active duty service in the Korean military.

Kim Hyun Joong to hang pressing press convention day after today relating to ex-girlfriend and paternity test

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Kim Hyun Joong to hang pressing press convention day after today relating to ex-girlfriend and paternity test

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will be maintaining a surprising press conference on September 17 concerning his ex-girlfriend, Miss Choi

His legal professional stated, "We"ll be revealing our function on Pass over Choi"s birth in addition the paternity test." The result of the DNA examine are the best real thing left to be confirmed, and if the kid is indeed his, Kim Hyun Joong will upload the child"s call to his circle of relatives registry as neatly as pay kid support. 

Miss Choi"s facet has mentioned that she is lately getting better after childbirth, and he won"t be revealing to any extent further information. He then added that his consumer could be suing Kim Hyun Joong for denying his prestige as father of the newborn later this month. 

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Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Printed to Have Given Birth

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Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Revealed to Have Given Birth Kim Hyung Joong‘s ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi, is related to have given birth.

According to Ms. Choi’s attorney on September 10, “Ms. Choi gave birth ultimate week at a sanatorium in Seoul. Currently, the toddler and the mum are healthy and they're receiving postnatal care.” They relayed that a paternity suit is in the works, saying, “For a paternity check to be done, the father’s aspect will have to give permission. However, since Kim Hyun Joong is refusing that, we can be filing a paternity suit.”

When asked whether Kim Hyun Joong knows about the birth, they replied, “I don’t trust the 2 of them have communicated since last May. So I'm actually not certain whether he received news of the birth.”

During a telephone call with a KeyEast representative on September 10, they revealed, “We heard about the birth throughout the lawyer. Since Kim Hyun Joong is currently serving in the military, we have not any way of knowing whether he's acutely mindful of this.”

The representative continued, “As it's been established before, after the paternity test is complete, Kim Hyung Joong will take duty if the kid is his. The stance hasn’t changed.” The representative then added, “The lawsuit between Ms. Choi and Kim Hyun Joong will continue as planned irrespective of the birth.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is currently serving in the army and it was once recently revealed that he canceled his first army leave because of private reasons.

Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi published to have already given birth

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Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi published to have already given birth

Well it turns out Ms. Choi, Kim Hyun Joong"s ex-girlfriend, has already given birth! Her lawyers kept quiet when asked about her expected start date earlier, yet it more or less feels that used to be because she already had her little one previous this month.

Her attorney Sun Jong Moon told Dispatch over the phone, "Ms. Choi already gave birth at clinic "B" early this month."

It"s acknowledged either the mummy and the baby are in excellent fitness and Ms. Choi has already been discharged from the health facility is recuperating. 

When asked why this became belatedly revealed, her lawyer responded, "Due to the public interest, we couldn"t say anything else whilst she was in the hospital. we are hoping for your understanding."

Choi"s acquaintance also told SBS Amusing E, "She gave birth closing week. With newshounds even coming to the hospital soliciting for interviews and because of the over the top public interest, we couldn"t disclose the within track of the birth before."

Ms. Choi is recently said to be making ready a paternity suit opposed to Kim Hyun Joong. "After the mom and the baby have recuperated, we can distinguish the fact of the matter," her lawyer added.

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