Kim Heechul Speaks Up About Involuntarily Becoming A Part Of Other Celebrities Dating Rumors

Kim Heechul Speaks Up About Involuntarily Becoming A Part Of Other Celebrities Dating Rumors

Kim Heechul is done with being dragged into other celebrities dating rumors!

Earlier today, AOAs Choa was reported to be dating Lee Suk Jin, the young CEO of Najin Industry; however, FNC has since denied said reports.

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While the reports were about AOAs Choa, Kim Heechul somehow found himself mixed up in the rumors as well, as he was reported to be the one who introduced the two.

Kim Heechul has since spoken up about the incident on his personal Instagram and expressed his annoyance about his involuntary role in the rumored relationship.

Kim Heechul talked about how he is aware that he is known as a celebrity with many connections and that he does not dislike the nickname king of celebrity connections because it also implies that he has a good personality.

However, because of his reputation, he revealed that he has many people ask him to connect them with certain celebrities for various reasons, essentially using him for his wide array of connections. Kim Heechul stated that, whenever he receives those kinds of requests, he deletes their number and blocks the person.

One of the downfalls of having so many celebrity friends is that, when dating reports surface, at least one of the two celebrities involved is a known friend of Kim Heechul. This makes him the perfect point of connection for reporters, regardless of whether he actually played a role.

Kim Heechul stated that this is not the first time he has become mixed up in someone elses dating rumors. In the past, his agency, SM Entertainment, said, Lets release a statement refuting [your involvement]. Why should you have to be brought down when you havent done anything?

The artist, however, let many of these incidents slide because he did not want to inadvertently do more harm unto the other celebrities involved by releasing a statement. I continued to be cool about it but it has been years since this first started and its starting to get really annoying.

He clarified, Its true that I am good friends with Lee Suk Jin; however, on the other hand, I am not close to AOAs Choa at all and have only seen her a few times because of broadcasts. This is a fact.

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