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Lee Seo Jin Is Embarrassed of His Own Emotional Acting in Past Dramas

He may be known as the quirky and sassy baggage boy on tvN‘s “Grandpa over Flower,” but before being known as Korea’s national tour guide, Lee Seo Jin has acted in numerous popular dramas in which his range of emotional acting has established his name as an actor. Yet, the actor may not agree with his serious roles as Lee Seo Jin expressed his embarrassment towards his acting in his past melodramas.

On the April 13 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” the actor talked about his acting as well as his personality. In regards to fellow castmate Kim Hee Sun‘s funny comments on how Lee Seo Jin was like a talkative old lady, the actor commented, “I think it’s true that as you grow older, everything starts coming out of your mouth

Park Hae Jin earns high praise for his good deeds

Recent charity efforts by Park Hae Jin show that the actor has a big heart.

The actor, who was last seen in “You Who Came From The Stars,” is a star whose charitable efforts have been praised in both Korea and China. Last month, he was the first Hallyu star to be honored with a Chinese Civil Award for his donations to help victims of a recent earthquake in China. The actor contributed almost $10,000 to help those victims.

Because of his generosity, he had a Lotte theater in China named after him. The Park Hae Jin Theater officially opened on Feb. 1. But the actor decided that the proceeds from that theater also ought to be donated to charity.

“Park Hae Jin told the Chinese Lotte Cinema with his name Park Hae Jin Theater, that he would like to donate all of the proceeds to charity, said a representative from his agency WM Company

Review of “Wonderful Days” Ep 16: Kim Hee Sun tells Lee Seo Jin to get out of her life

In Wonderful Days, episode 16, Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun) shouted at Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin) to get out of her life.

Previously, Dong Suk found out that Hae Won was using Oh Seung Hoon(played by Park Joo Hyun) to revenge on Oh Chi Soo(played by Go In Bum), and asked her to stop. Hae Won said, “You asshole. I thought you would change at least a bit but you’re still the same. Still an ass, cold-blooded, and have nothing but self-esteem. You’re so childish. You’re the worst, evilest man I’ve ever met in my life.”

As Dong Suk suggested for a drink, Hae Won continued, “I’m talking right now. Don’t look down on me. I’m not the idiot who did not know what to do even from hearing your name. Get out of my life. Let me breathe.”

Review of “Wonderful Days” Ep 15: Lee Seo Jin asks Kim Hee Sun to date officially

In Wonderful Days, episode 15, Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin) wanted to officially date Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun).

Previously, Hae Won said to Dong Suk, “We were just acting each other’s roles in the first place. Now I’m with Seung Hoon(played by Park Joo Hyung), we don’t need to do this anymore.” Dong Suk replied, “I’m done with the role play. Let’s stop acting and start a real relationship.”

Hae Won was surprised but said, “I’m sorry to confuse you, innocent prosecutor.” However, Dong Suk answered, “I’m going to be honest from now on. I don’t care if you like Seung Hoon.”

Review of “Wonderful Days” Ep 15: Jang Joon Yoo shows her jealousy to Kim Hee Sun

In Wonderful Days, episode 15, Han Jae Kyung(played by Jang Joon Yoo) was jealous of Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun).

Previously, Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin) told his fiance, Jae Kyung, that he had someone in mind. Jae Kyung found out it was Hae Won he liked, and went to the cafe she was working at. She ordered a bunch of drinks and cookies and asked for a delivery at a park.

When Hae Won arrived with the drinks and cookies, Jang Kyung said, “Throw them away please.” Hae Won asked, “If you’re going to throw them away, can I have them instead?” As Jae Kyung said yes, she started to give them to people in the park.

Review of “Wonderful Days” Ep 15: Lee Seo Jin discovers Kim Hee Sun’s plan of revenge

In Wonderful Days, episode 15, Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin) found out about Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun)’s plan of revenge.

Dong Suk was taking care of Chief Han at the hospital. While he was washing towels in a bathroom, Hae Won came into the room and said to unconscious Cheif Han, “It’s me, Hae Won, Chief Han. I’m so sorry. From now on, I’ll never let anyone get hurt because of me. I’ll take my father’s revenge on my own. I’m going to capture Oh Chi Soo(played by Go In Bum) myself.”

Dong Suk, who overheard what Hae Won said, was shocked that she had something to do with Chief Han and Chi Soo.

“Wonderful Days”: Lee Suh Jin shows his true feelings to Kim Hee Sun

(Photo : KBS)

On the KBS 2TV weekend drama “Wonderful Days” broadcast on April 6th, Dong Suk (played by Lee Suh Jin) went to Hae Won (played by Kim Hee Sun).

On this day, Dong Suk and Hae Won were having a conversation when Dong Suk”s fiancee came saying his name and ran into his arms. Hae Won was shocked looking at this.

Because of work, Dong Suk had left the scene and came back to Hae Won saying, “I was going to marry that person. Her family opposed it so we”re broken up”. At this, Hae Won said, “Why are you telling me this” and acted like she didn”t care.

Then, Dong Suk said to Hae Won, “What are those gestures and looks you gave me then. Why didn”t you come to the station? What were your true intentions?” he asked.

At this, Hae Won said, “Where are true intentions? Weren”t we both acting? I feel bad

Review of “Wonderful Days” Ep13: Kim Hee Sun’s beauty makes Lee Seo Jins frozen

In Wonderful Days, episode 13, Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin) was surprised as he saw Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun) dressed up.

Hae Won prepared for a date with Dong Suk. She put make up on and wore a nice pink coat. When Dong Suk saw her, he froze.

As he took her to a fancy restaurant, Hae Won said, “We can eat cheaper food.” Dong Suk replied, “I won’t take your food so enjoy.”

Review of “Wonderful Days” Ep 13: Lee Seo Jin kisses Kim Hee Sun on her forehead

In Wonderful Days, episode 13, Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin) gave Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun) a forehead kiss.

Dong Suk and Hae Won had a date. Hae Won said, “I’m not going home today. Will you go to the beach with me and watch the sunrise together?”

Dong Suk drove her home. He kissed her forehead and said, “Don’t be scared. Seems like you’re more scared than I am. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Lee Jong Suk – a passionate actor!

Lee Jong Suk is the latest k-drama actor to study medicine for long enough to play a convincing doctor. The actor will not just play any doctor in the upcoming drama “Doctor Stranger” but a genius doctor who is also a North Korean defector.

And that means he will have to memorize some complicated medical jargon and make it sound as if he understands every word.

In studying medical jargon and techniques he follows in the footpath of Joo Won and Moon Chae Won in “Good Doctor,” Kim Hee Sun in “Faith: The Great Doctor” and Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo in “Emergency Couple.”

Those actors all did a good job of looking the part and saying their lines, even if the jargon spoken in medical k-dramas often seems uninformed. Some medical k-dramas are so casual about their medical terminology that it seems as if the scriptwriters did not consult an actual doctor