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'Twenty' Actor Kang Ha Neul Shows His Endless Charm During Singapore Showcase

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'Twenty' Actor Kang Ha Neul Shows His Endless Charm During Singapore Showcase

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Korean actor Kang Ha Neul was in Singapore last month to attend a series of events including a public showcase, meet-greet session and a private fan meeting. In conjunction with the Korean Film Festival, the actor also attended the film screening of his coming-of-age comedy Twenty, in which he stars alongside Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jun Ho.

Despite having flown in at midnight, the actor showed no signs of jetlag or tiredness at all. Quite the opposite, in fact, he was seen interacting closely with his fans right upon his arrival and trying to fulfill their requests and wishes as much as possible.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) For his first ever Singapore fan event, Kang Ha Neul was pleasantly surprised and happy to see a large turnout at his Plaza Singapura public showcase. Decked in a formal midnight blue suit and slicked back hairstyle, the 25-year-old was nothing short of suave and charming. His tall stature of 1.82m might seem intimidating but his bright toothy smile and approachable personality was what had fans squealing in delight.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The down-to-earth actor showed off versatility by singing "The Three Things I Have Left", a song from his TV drama, Angel Eyes. The actor let on that singing is a hobby of his and admited to practicing his singing at home. However, when asked about the possibility of releasing an album in the future, Kang Ha Neul sheepishly laughed it off saying, "No no no no. I am just (an) actor."

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The actor"s first impression of Singapore was that "Singapore is ... uh very, very hot. (laughs) But ... beautiful view and beautiful hotel. Beautiful food and beautiful drink." His efforts at conversing in English to his best ability were certainly impressive, never mind his lack of vocabulary! The audience certainly had a laugh listening to the actor speak to them directly.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The highlight of the showcase was when lucky fans were picked by the star himself and had the opportunity to play a game on stage. Upon reaching the stage, fans were warmly welcomed into his arms with a handshake and a hug, initiated by Kang Ha Neul. Throughout the event, he was seen dispensing limitless amounts of fan-service such as giving heart signs, posing his signature "v" sign, linking arms and replying to shouts of love confessions from fans.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The first game, "Song Charades" required the fans on stage to listen to a song via a headset and try to hum or sing the song. Kang Ha Neul then had to guess the title and singer of the song. As the fans were rather shy and unable to do a proper humming, Kang Ha Neul resorted to seeking help from the audience and had a scrunched-up expression most of the time as he was deciphering what the answer was. He made many adorable mistakes such as identifying H.O.T"s hit song "Candy" as a Sechs Kies song, to which he profusely apologized and corrected the error. He also appeared to be a YG Entertainment fan as he tended to guess 2NE1 or Big Bang as the artist whenever he is unable to identify the song. The game ended with the winner walking away with a polaroid selfie with the star. However, being the angel that he is, Kang Ha Neul requested for a group polaroid shot with all the participants and a special solo shot with the winner. He dispensed another round of hugs and smiles before waving the fans off stage.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) He went on to answer some questions from the media and ensured eye-contact with each media personnel who asked a question. KpopStarz asked why his signature pose is a "V" sign and if there was a significant meaning behind it, to which he replied that he feels awkward without the pose and wouldn"t know what to do with himself. When the rising actor was asked which type of commercial he would be interested in doing, the coffee-lover shyly responded that a coffee advertisement would be wonderful but thinks he might be too ambitious about it. He also expressed his wish to work together with his Twentyco-stars, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jun Ho again in future.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Kang Ha Neul showed his gratitude by singing yet another song, "I Choose to Love You." Despite his shyness, he decided to sing live without any background music and asked for fans to sing along. His sincere heart certainly touched the audience. His final gift for those present was a group selfie together. He even acceded to the request of the second-level fans and took a selfie with them as well. He then made a closing speech to thank his fans for turning up and supporting him, and expressed that he hopes to return to Singapore many more times in future. The showcase came to a closure with a group of lucky fans getting a group photo with the star on stage.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Get to experience the action with this recap reel of the event:

Special thanks to KMTV ASIA for inviting to cover Kang Ha Neul"s 1st Showcase in Singapore.

Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Photo Credits: Ong Melin and Syafiqah Shah | Video Credits: Ong Melin

Hong Jong Hyun in Talks to check in for Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ha Neul, and EXO’s Baekhyun in “Moon Lovers”

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Hong Jong Hyun in Talks to sign up for Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ha Neul, and EXO’s Baekhyun in “Moon Lovers” Actor Hong Jong Hyun has gained a casting be offering for the drama “Moon Lovers.” On November 18, his firm WIDMAY Entertainment said, “He is still thinking over the offer. The role has no longer been determined yet.”

“Moon Lovers” is a remake of the Chinese drama “Scarlet Heart.” The usual tale is ready a lady from the prevailing day who is going back in time to the Qing dynasty. If Hong Jong Hyun accepts the offer, he'll be joining actors Lee Joon Gi and Kang Ha Neul, who have also acquired casting offers, in addition EXO’s Baekhyun in his drama debut.

The drama could be directed via Kim Gyu Tae (his outdated projects come with “That Winter, the Wind Blows” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” and may air someday next year.

Honey Lee unearths a stunning reason why she was once presented plastic surgery

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Honey Lee unearths a stunning reason why she was once presented plastic surgery

Honey Lee printed she had won an be offering for plastic surgical treatment ago all the style through her appearance on "Cultwo Show" on November 17.

Kim Tae Kyun first acknowledged to her, "I heard that Honey Lee were given an offer for plastic surgical treatment as a result of her dimples when she first debuted," and she replied, "That"s correct. I got an offer for plastic surgical treatment thanks to my "Indian dimples."" 

She continued, "The plastic surgery medical institution said that it was no longer great to appear at, so they"d fix them. Also, the camera administrators said that they appeared like scars and asked me to fill them. However, I"ve already debuted anyway, and if they abruptly disappeared, it may neatly be awkward, so I did now not cast off them. As time passed, other people saw my dimples as charming."

The same thing took place with Hani and her nose! Just be self-assured with your authentic functions and those will see the charm in them in no time!

Gong Seung Yeon Tries Preppy Combinations For Plastic Island Lookbook

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Gong Seung Yeon Tries Preppy Combinations For Plastic Island Lookbook

Korean brand Plastic Island has been teasing fans by slowly revealing new lookbook photos via Instagram. The winter shots feature actress Gong Seung Yeon in sporty-yet-preppy looks that include oversized coats, wool scarves, camel-toned ponchos, funky cardigans and even classy fedoras. Every day, more of the looks are available in the brand"s online store for purchase.

One of the best pieces modeled by Gong was the "Fur Collar Flare" jacket. The piece is a light pink coat with a white muffler collar. The item has fake vertical pockets and a very flattering a-line silhouette, that makes it look like you"re wearing a dress. It can be yours HEREand can be seen below in greater detail.

Gong also coupled wide-leg pants and sneaker hybrid slip-ons with the "Box Down" jumper in dark khaki. The padded jacket has a patchwork pattern on the sleeves and back. It can be yours HEREand can be appreciated below.

Another modern article is the "Long Turtleneck" pullover in gray. The layered knit has no sleeves and rectangular cutouts on the sides. The brand suggests to wear it with a puffy sleeves blouse underneath for a more dramatic look. It can be yours HEREand can be seen below.

To shop for the rest of the collection, click here!

Check out the short campaign video below!

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

Hwang Jung Eum Clarifies Plastic Surgical procedure Rumors on “Entertainment Weekly”

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Hwang Jung Eum Clarifies Plastic Surgery Rumors on “Entertainment Weekly” Actress Hwang Jung Eum spoke up about her plastic surgery rumors in a contemporary interview.

On the November 14 airing of “Entertainment Weekly,” the body of workers stuck up with the adored Hwang Jung Eum who starred in the preferred drama “She used to be Pretty.”

During the interview, the interviewer asks Hwang Jung Eum to rate her own appearance. The actress then says, “When i used to be 26 years old, my looks were grade A. Back then I assumed I changed into the prettiest user in the world. yet now, it’s grade C.”

When the interviewer disagrees, Hwang Jung Eum adjustments it to B+ and says, “I think you grow to be prettier once you drink a huge number of water, get various sleep, and stay having pretty thoughts.”

She also addresses some of her plastic surgery rumors, clarifying, “I didn’t get my chin done, but folks maintain pronouncing I did. I believe it’s because i'm too pretty.”

Hwang Jung Eum addresses plastic surgery rumors about her chin

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Hwang Jung Eum addresses plastic surgery rumors about her chin

Actress Hwang Jung Eum addressed cosmetic surgical procedure rumors about her chin at the November 14th episode of "Entertainment Relay".

Hwang Jung Eum has been starring in the hit MBC drama "She used to be Pretty", and audience were discussing more than the plot and her acting. The actress become asked about her chin, and she responded, "I didn"t get cosmetic surgical treatment on my chin, yet they preserve pronouncing I did. I bet it"s because I"m pretty."

As for who she"d love to paintings with, she shared, "I would like to work with Ha Jung Woo oppa." She also shared that she"d like to be a mom in addition an actress twenty years from now.

Hwang Jeong-min, Lee Min-ho, Kang Ha-neul showed to wait the 52nd Grand Bell Awards (Daejong movie Awards)

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Hwang Jeong-min, Lee Min-ho, Kang Ha-neul showed to wait the 52nd Grand Bell Awards (Daejong movie Awards)

Hwang Jeong-min, Lee Min-ho, Kang Ha-neul have showed they would attend the 52nd Grand Bell Awards (Daejong movie Awards).

Grand Bell Awards has announced throughout the press unlock on November 13th ""Veteran" actor Hwang Jeong-min, "Gangnam Blues" actor Lee Min-ho, and "Twenty" and "C"est Si Bon" actor Kang Ha-neul will attend the 52nd Blue Bell Awards, that may take position in Yeouido KBS Hall, Seoul on November 20th".

They also added, "Popular Chinese stars Gao Yuanyuan and Sun Honglei will also attend the rite to settle for Easiest Actress and most sensible Actor awards in the world film section.

However, not more main points were supplied about whether or now not they"ve cancelled the policy ruling out proxy acceptance of award, rather then the list of actors whose attendance has been confirmed.

Prior to this, Grand Bell Awards stated throughout the ambassador appointment ceremony and press convention at the 14th of closing month, "Proxy acceptance isn't appropriate for a national film awards. If the recipient would no longer be present, the award can be voided" and "will make a choice two recipients for each and every section", which brought about controversy.

The organization later announced, "Will distribute press release adding the primary points on the no proxy acceptance policy on November 13th or 14th".

The 52nd Grand Bell Awards will be held in KBS corridor on November 20th and the ceremony will be broadcast are living beginning at 7:40 PM.

Song Hye Kyo Rumored to Have Had Plastic Surgery?

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Song Hye Kyo Rumored to Have Had Plastic Surgery? Actress Song Hye Kyo, who is lately gearing up to superstar in the 2016 drama “Descendants of the Sun,” used to be subjected to gossip at the November nine episode of communicate display “Heard It Throughout the Grapevine.” despite the truth that the actress is noted for being a herbal beauty, the prove advised that she had, in fact, long gone thru plastic surgery.

A panel member noted that “while she become filming for ‘Soon Poong Clinic,’ she had some orthodontic remedy done.”

The panel participants also mentioned the dating rumor between Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In. the 2 had posted a photo on Instagram, leading many fanatics to wager that they were dating.

In the end, the panel concluded that the two weren’t dating. The two are controlled via the similar small agency. because of the small selection of customers represented by the agency, the two were ready to develop into close and proportion a familial relationship.

What do you think? Do orthodontics count as plastic surgery?

Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Kang Ha Neul selected As Actors Who Succeeded on skill Alone

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Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Kang Ha Neul Chosen As Actors Who Succeeded on Proficiency Alone On the November 1 episode of MBC‘s “Section TV,” a segment titled “Section newshounds team Talk” discusses which stars had come the furthest.

In the discussion, the reporters named Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, and Kang Ha Neul as 3 stars who have grow to be a hit on their sheer acting talent alone. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum have worked in combination in two wildly-successful dramas, “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “Secret Love,” whilst Kang Ha Neul started his profession as a musical actor and then catapulted to fame in the 2014 drama “Incomplete Life.”

Other notable names discussed were Lee Joon and Im Siwan. D.O. of EXO was once also commended as being a skilled actor in spite of his idol status.

Kang Ha Neul To Hold Special Selfie Event With Singaporean Fans This Sunday

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Kang Ha Neul To Hold Special Selfie Event With Singaporean Fans This Sunday

(Photo : KMTV Asia) Korean actor Kang Ha Neul is set to spend some one-on-one time with his Singaporean fans on November 1, 2015, at Plaza Singapura at Shaw Lido.

As fans ages 16 and younger weren"t able to get tickets, with overwhelming support and feedback, KMTV decided to add another event just for 50 lucky fans to meet Kang Ha Neul in a cozier setting. Fans that purchase the tickets will have a chance to get even more up-close and personal with Kang Ha Neul, as they will be able to have one (1) selfie and one (1) on-site personalized autographed poster from Kang Ha Neul himself.

Just for You: Selfie with Kang Ha Neul

DateTime: 1 November 2015, 3PM

Venue: Clove Room, Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay (Level 5)

Ticket Price: Standard - $110 nett One (1) Selfie + One (1) On-site Personalized Autographed Poster Limited to 50 fans only.

For updates and information follow KMTV Asia"s official Facebook page (, and Twitter.