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Actress Kim Ha Neul Shines Even Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot

Photos of actress Kim Ha Neul preparing for a skincare photoshoot have attracted a lot of interest.

The pictures were shared by her agency SM C&C through its official Facebook account. As the actress has recently been taking a break from acting, her fans have shown excited reactions to the update on her whereabouts.

In the first one, she can be seen focusing on the photoshoot, not knowing that she is being photographed from an another angle at the same time. Her gentle smile and glowing skin light up her whole complexion with the help of some extra lighting. In the second photo, she is getting her makeup fixed while smiling brightly for camera, looking gorgeous in her simple white dress.

The beautiful actress is carefully considering her next project.

Student-Teacher Love in K-Dramas

“In “Secret Love Affair,” Yoo Ah In”s character falls for his much older piano teacher, played by Kim Hee Ae. And the steamy romance is not the only k-drama in which a student falls for his or her teacher.

Sometimes the lovers only temporarily have a student-teacher relationship.

In “You Who Came For The Stars” Kim Soo Hyun is the professor in Jun Ji Hyun”s class and he gives her a zero for plagiarizing her work. While he never manages to make her pay attention in class, she does manage to teach him a a few lessons about love.

A similar student-teacher relationship happened in “The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry.” Park Jin Hee was the substitute professor in a class taken by the older returning student played by Kim Bum. That did not stop him from asking for her phone number but then they already met when she cut the chord on his guitar

Kim Ha Neul shows her perfect body for “Carrera Jeans”


Actress Kim Ha Neul recently took part a photoshoot for ”Carrera Jeans,” which opened its first store in Korea last September.

The actress is currently the endorsement model for the brand.

During the shoot, Kim Ha Neul showed off her perfect body figure in denim jeans matched with a short top.



Why Are Music Entertainment Companies Embracing Actors?

(Photo : Ilgan)(Photo : Ilgan)

Giant music entertainment companies are expanding by signing actors and actresses. Not only are the "Big 3" of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment loading up with actors, but the small up-and-comers such as C-JeS Entertainment and FNC Entertainment are also aggressively expanding by signing actors to their company. These companies are expanding their profitability by reaching into the closest market to theirs. While K-Pop remains a hot export item, dramas such as "The Heirs" also are becoming widely popularized and profitable. These major entertainment companies now have the ability to produce their own variety shows or drama series as well. It is widely believed by industry professionals that the more actors and actresses they can recruit, these companies will be able to independently produce their own content without being slowed down or barred by TV executives

7 Females Who Aren’t Conventionally Pretty

Not everyone in the K-Pop industry can look like Lee Hyori, YoonA, or Suzy Bae. To be frank, I tend to like women who aren"t strikingly beautiful. Why? Because I can relate to them more! The following 11 females may not be drop dead gorgeous, but they"ve got the charm, talent, and charisma to round their whole look together! Take a look below!

Minzy isn"t the most beautiful member in 2NE1 but she"s definitely the most talented. She"s got the singing and dancing skills to completely blow most K-Pop stars out the water.

Hyoyeon; she"s not the prettiest member in Girls" Generation but her dancing moves are insane enough to shoot her up to my top 3 list of favorite members in the group!

Actress Bae Donna is strange looking-but in the most unique way possible! She"s different and her beauty is so out of the box that it"s intriguing to look at her! Plus, she"s a killer actress!

Brown Eyed Girls"s Ga-In is an unusual beauty

SNSD′s Yoona, the Queen of Natural Beauty

Despite the trend among many female celebrities in Korea, who choose to have plastic surgery on their face, Girl’s Generation (SNSD)’s Yoona has always been named one of the rare natural beauties in the country.

As the star of the week, we thought a look into Yoona’s beauty from the time she was a child to now was worth our attention.

Yoona from Childhood to High School

Netizens began spreading Yoona’s childhood photos in online communities when SNSD made a head-turning debut.

Whoever spread the photos, and whatever their intentions were, they revealed that the SNSD member was indeed a natural beauty.

Even as a baby, Yoona still has the ′deer-like′ eyes that make us adore her.

Yoona′s face becomes more recognizable as she enters her teenage years

Kim Woo Bin: "I Would Like to Act with Jang Dong Gun Again"

Actor Kim Woo Bin has expressed his desire to work together with top star Jang Dong Gun once more.

On December 24, Kim Woo Bin met up with SBS to discuss his MC position at the upcoming 2013 SBS Drama Awards. During the interview, he also revealed his feelings towards industry senior Jang Dong Gun. 

“Having had the chance to act together with Jang Dong Gun, even just once, is an honor. He gave me a lot of advice when we were filming, and I am very thankful for that. Even my parents are fans of Jang Dong Gun,” expressing how highly he thinks of the actor. Both of them acted in last year’s hit drama “Gentleman’s Dignity,” in which Kim Woo Bin played a stubborn high school student that is in love with Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul), and Jang Dong Gun had the role of Seo Yi Soo’s love interest Kim Do Jin

Kpopstarz Weekly Fashion Hot List: Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Ha Neul, Uhm Jung Hwa

The Kpopstarz Weekly Fashion Hot List features Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Ha Neul, Uhm Jung Hwa, and much more!  This week was full of stars showing off their best winter fashions on the red carpets of various film premieres. 

On December 11, Kim Yoo Jung made an appearance at the VIP premiere of "The Attorney" in an age-appropriate and cute outfit.  The "Golden Rainbow" actress wore a black structured jacket over a peter-pan collared white blouse and flouncy skirt.  The structured jacket smartened up the look and kept it from being overly sweet.    

On December 11, Kim Ha Neul walked the red carpet at the VIP premiere of "The Attorney" in a look that was both sexy and elegant

Dohee Is Fierce and Fabulous for New Style Show "Fashion Killa"

Reply 1994′s” and Tiny G‘s Dohee went for a different look than her familiar 90s style and put on a sexy charismatic image for the new show “Fashion Killa.”

In the pictures Dohee wears a low-cut hot red dress with eye-catching large accessories. With her hair up and those fierce sunglasses on, she looks much different than her character Jo Yoon Jin on “Reply 1994.”


“Fashion Killa” is an upcoming style show on the channel OnStyle. Five stylists who dream of becoming a “Super Stylist” will team up with five celebrities who want to become the next fashionista to compete in five teams on several rounds of style competition. The stylists are Kim Ji Hye, Seo Soo Kyung, Jeon Jin Oh, Gu Dong Hyun, and Kim Ha Neul, and between these five they have had fashion clients such as 4Minute, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and FT Island

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” Kim Ha Neul Re-Signs with SM C&C

On December 3, a representative from SM C&C stated, “Kim Ha Neul has re-signed with SM C&C. She regrets that she wasn’t able to promote a lot this year. She plans to greet fans with a good project next year.”

She’s currently being labeled as being loyal for re-signing with her current agency after her contract ended. It was reported that there were few agencies who were sending her offers, but she turned them down.

Kim Ha Neul became labelmates with Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Shin Min Ah, and more when she signed her contract with AM Entertainment in 2011. However, the agency merged with SM C&C the following year.

Soompiers, what do you think about her career choice?