Kim Dong Bin From Produce 101 Season 2 Opens Up About Getting Mental Health Treatment

Kim Dong Bin From Produce 101 Season 2 Opens Up About Getting Mental Health Treatment

On August 6, Produce 101 Season 2 participant Kim Dong Bin revealed on his personal Instagram that he has been diagnosed with trauma-induced depression.

Kim Dong Bin fully confessed his feelings and appreciation toward his fans for supporting him through his difficult times. The post began with, Today is a kind of night that makes me wonder if I deserve to receive this much love! Everyone must be sleeping during this time, right? I want to say another word of appreciation to those who supported me through the subway advertisement, letters, presents, etc.

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He continued, I still cannot forget the months spent on the show, and every night, I look at the Wanna One members and think about the memories I made. I regret and think that I should have tried a little harder, and wonder if I can debut. I left my first company, and it has been really hard. Produce 101 Season 2 has became a turning point in my life, and it has motivated me to try harder.

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Kim Dong Bin went on to confess, However, there was a sense of emptiness that would not disappear, so I went to go see a doctor. I was diagnosed with trauma-induced depression. Reflecting back, I had a lot of trauma which spiraled into more serious trauma. It affected not just my work, but also personal relationships as well.

He said, I tried to be happy and tried to go out, but this feeling of emptiness didnt go away. I was able to survive because of those who love and encourage me. I know I still have a long ways to go, but I will try my best to show my best self and debut. Again, thank you and love you!

The trainee concluded with a sweet message of love for his fans as he said, The weather forecast said it was going to rain, but I plan on going to Yeouido Han River Park to get some fresh air. If there is anyone who wants to meet and take pictures, I will smile brightly for you! Thank you to all of those who are concerned about me. I will make sure that you will not have to worry about me anymore. Good night!

We wish Kim Dong Bin the best in his future endeavors!