Kim Chung Ha talks about her solo debut with ‘CeCi’

Kim Chung Ha talks about her solo debut with ‘CeCi’

Former IOI member Kim Chung Ha opened up about her solo debut with magazine ‘CeCi.’

Kim Chung Ha illustrated her expressive charm and posed like a ballerina in her latest ‘CeCi’ shoot.

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In the interview, KimChung Ha commented, “I usually enjoy a wide range of music genres. The lyrics of the song aren’t only for trainees but for everyone. People breathe a sigh of relief once hitting the bed after a long day. It is a song about that sigh of relief.”

When asked about her overall feelings towards her solo debut, the singer replied, “I think it is a starting point for me to demonstrate who I am. That Kim Chung Ha is this kind of person and has that kind of attribute and so on. I think I’ll be satisfied once I discover my next step.”

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