Kim Chung Ha says she is cheering for her former IOI members

Kim Chung Ha says she is cheering for her former IOI members

On June 9, fashion magazine ‘International bnt’ unveiled new photos of Kim Chung Ha who recently made her solo debut with ‘Hands On Me.’

The photos featured the singer showing off a rough yet feminine appeal wearing a light pink casual jacket to posing in a flower printed dress holding onto a green clutch.

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When asked if she was competing with her former IOI members, Kim Chung Ha explained, “I believe the correct term would be cheering for instead of competing against one another.”

In regards to her solo debut, the former IOI member responded, “I do have ambitions to create a fancy stage however, I don’t feel any pressure about how I perform.  The only thing I fear the most is of people starting to lose interest in me.”

Onto ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 when she received so much screen time for attending the position evaluations, she said, “I didn’t think I would take up most of the screening time.  I felt bad for the trainees.”

Kim Chung Ha also mentioned how she still keeps in touch with the IOI girls.  “I wake up each morning to the sound of incoming text messages from IOI members” and pointed out Jung Chae Yeon as the closest member.

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