Kim Chung Ha says BoA and Lee Hyori are her role models

Kim Chung Ha says BoA and Lee Hyori are her role models

Former IOI member Kim Chung Ha recently sat down for an interview with TV Report where she discussed her solo debut and how she was influenced to become a singer.

Officially launching her solo career in May with new song “WEEK,” Kim Chung Ha has officially released her first mini album ‘Hands On Me’ containing title track ‘Why Don’t You Know (feat. Nucksal)’.

In an interview with TV Report, the singer commented in regards to her mini album, “The title track is a dance song.  I also came up with a portion of the choreography.  Apart from IOI which allowed me to demonstrate my strong side, I would like to show a more refreshing side of myself this time.”

Previously, Kim Chung Ha had illustrated her powerful dancing skills as an IOI member via Mnet’s ‘Produce 101.’ 

She continued, “I can say that I am confident in dancing.  I began dancing well before I started preparing to become a singer.  However, I don’t want to necessarily create a stage just for pure attraction.”

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She then went on to state her role models.  “I’ve been a huge fan of Lee Hyori sunbaenim ever since I was little.  As soon as I saw her I was amazed by how cool she looked, not to mention her beautiful appearance, I respect her performances.  She is full of charisma.  I also look up to BoA sunbaenim for music inspiration.  I listened to BoA’s CDs so many times.  I would like to learn how to sing and dance like her.”

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