Kim Byung Man may not return for a new season of ‘Laws of the Jungle’?

Kim Byung Man may not return for a new season of ‘Laws of the Jungle’?

It’s been reported thatKim Byung Manmay not be returning for a new season of ‘Laws of the Jungle’, due to his recent spinal injury.

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Recently, the comedian was involved in an accident during his skydiving practice, which resulted in a spine injury. Thankfully, his surgery was carried out successfully, and he is now taking some time to recover. On July 31, he relayed his gratitude through Instagram for all the support he has gotten since the accident, saying, “I sincerely want to thank everyone who worried for my health and continued to cheer me on. I’ll return healthily after completing my rehabilitation exercises.”

Since the speculations, a representative of ‘Laws of the Jungle’ said, “It has not officially been decided whether or not he will be returning for the next season. Currently, Kim Byung Man has returned to Korea for further examinations and is continuing to discuss the matter. An official decision will be released sometimethis weekend or early next week. Kim Byung Man’s and his doctor’s opinions are very important.” The representative continued, “We are preparing for the possibility in which he cannot rejoin us and are figuring out various directions for the program.”

‘Laws of the Jungle’ has been airing since October of 2011, and is the #1 variety show for Fridays in viewership ratings for its time slot. Since the beginning, Kim Byung Man has been the focal point of the show but due to his injury, he may not be able to participate in a new season.