Kikwang admits he has a sweet side?

Kikwang admits he has a sweet side?

On September 15, Highlight’sKikwangmade a guest appearance onSBS Power FM ‘Park So Hyun’s Love Game’!

DJ Park So Hyun reacted after listening to “One”, one of the tracks from Kikwang new solo mini album. She said, “It is just so sweet. Are there any moments like this with your fellow group members?”

Kikwang answered, “I feel a bit embarrassed saying this myself, but I do have a sweet side. I get along very well with the fellow Highlight members.”

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Park So Hyun, who mentioned that she’d seen Kikwang’s comeback stage and performance of “One”, stated, “You were quite aggressive with the female dancers on stage.”Kikwang then responded with laughter, “It’s just a performance. I hope you won’t get the wrong idea.”

What did you think of Kikwang’s “One” performance?