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Juniel Releases New Song “Next Day” on April 16 in Collaboration with Brave Brothers

Juniel"s new track "Next Day" will be released on April 16.

"Next Day" is made in celebration of the 10th year debut anniversary of Brave Brothers, and is about the "next day" after calling an ex-lover while intoxicated. The relatable lyrics was expressed in Juniel"s reserved but emotion-filled voice.

Juniel is the fifth artist to collaborate with Brave Brothers for their 10th year debut project after Lim Chang Jung, 4Minute, After School, and Electroboys.

Meanwhile, Juniel is currently the panel in tvN"s "Need More Romance", SBS radid "K.WIll"s Youngstreet", KBS "Super Junior Kiss the Radio", MBC radio "Yoonha"s The Starry Night".

Actor Jung Suk Won Joins JYJ at C-JeS Entertainment

Actor Jung Suk Won has joined a new home at C-JeS Entertainment.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on April 16, “Actor Jung Suk Won has become one of our family members. As much as he has devoted endlessly and worked hard since his debut, we will do our best to support Jung Suk Won to continue expanding his acting spectrum in the future. Please show him your support.”

Jung Suk Won made his debut through KBS’ “Belle.” He rose to fame in the 2009 SBS drama “Brilliant Legacy.” Since then he has appeared in various dramas including SBS’ “Midas,” KBS 2TV’s “Ojakgyo Brothers,” SBS’ “Rooftop Prince,” and KBS 2TV’s “Iris II: New Generation.”

Meanwhile, Jung Suk Won joins many famous names in the Korean entertainment industry at C-JeS Entertainment including JYJ, Choi Min Sik, Seol Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Bum Soo, Kang Hye Jung, Song Ji Hyo, and Gummy

Ratings for Mon-Tues dramas revealed!

The viewer ratings for Monday-Tuesday dramas were recently revealed in which “Empress Ki” once again dominated its time slot.

According to information from AGB Nielsen Korea, the April 15th broadcast of MBC‘s “Empress Ki” received a 26.1% viewer rating, which was 0.8% higher than its previous episode with 25.3% viewer rating.

In the same time slot, SBS‘ “God’s Gift – 14 Days” saw an increase of 0.2% from a 8.5% to 8.7% viewer rating.

KBS 2TV‘s “Their Perfect Day” replaced the delayed premiere of “Big Man” with 2.7% viewer rating, which was 0.4% less than its previous episode with 3.1%.

Meanwhile, “Big Man” will air its first episode on April 28th!

KBS Bans Akdong Musician’s Song ‘Galaxy’

After looking into the popular album, KBS concluded Akdong Musician’s Galaxy unfit to be played on broadcast.

On April 16, KBS revealed the newly banned songs, which included Akdong Musician’s Galaxy from its first album Play.

The reasoning was due to the word ‘galaxy’ being repeated a total of nine times. KBS said that the song could be misunderstood as a commercial song for Samsung’s smartphone Galaxy series.

The other songs on the album were deemed fine.

Meanwhile, KBS passed 228 songs out of 235, banning seven songs for the third week of April.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment.

Channel M Presents Emergency Couple Fanmeet Singapore

All avid drama-lovers would probably be familiar with the recent hit drama Emergency Couple starring Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk. Lo and behold, the main leading couple will be making their way to Singapore on May 16 for a fanmeet! Channel M is proud to present ‘Emergency Couple Fan Meet Singapore’.

Emergency Couple is a romantic comedy drama about the love and hatred of a divorced couple that reunited as they met again in the same hospital as interns. Unlike typical Korean romantic comedies that portrays love as cute and fluttery, this drama demonstrates a more realistic side of romantic relationships, the misunderstandings and arguments, something which viewers can better relate to. The popular drama is premiering on 21 April 2014, every Monday and Tuesday 10pm on channel M, SingTel mio TV Channel 518

EXO ‘Overdoses’ Fans With Its Charms at Comeback Show

EXO made its comeback this year with upgraded performance.

EXO held a showcase titled EXO Comeback Show on April 15 in Jamsil Arena, presenting its new title song Overdose along with its music video.

Opening the stage by performing Wolf and History, the EXO members took turns introducing themselves and greeting the fans before the group performed its hit Growl.

During talk time, EXO was asked about the process of preparing the new album and Baek Hyun answered, “We practiced a lot in order to show new sides of us. There is this one part where D.O has to lie down and the other members have to go on top of him to make a formation. I remember struggling to get the formation right.”

Chan Yeol added, “When we filmed the music video, it was shot in a one-take technique

Na-Eun chooses Hayoung as the prettiest member within A Pink

The latest episode of KBS 2TV‘s “1 Vs. 100” aired on April 15. On this show, Na-Eun picked Hayoung as the prettiest member within her group A Pink.

The host Han Suk Joon asked her, “Each A Pink member has her own charm. What do you think is yours?

Na-Eun answered, “As my age is in the middle, they call me the center of A Pink. However, whenever I”m asked a question like this, I”m put in a sticky situation. All the members have remarkable beauty.”

She added, “I think maknae Hayoung ranks first in beauty. She”s young now, but her looks will blossom more as she grows.

Korean actors and actresses to attend FIFA World Cup in Brazil in June


While the entertainment industry is preparing to go to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer, KDramastars looked into a few entertainment programs and actors and actresses who are going to attend the World Cup.

Currently, MBC entertainment programs “Infinite Challenge,” “Where are you going dad?” and KBS 2 TV entertainment program “My Neighborhood Playground” are preparing to film in Brazil this summer and capture the heat of the World Cup.

From the MBC entertainment program “Where are you going dad,” Ahn Jung Hwan, Kim Sung Joo and Song Jong Gook are going to Brazil to see the World Cup. For MBC entertainment program “Infinite Challenge,” they are going to recruit the team of cheerleaders composed of actors and actresses to go to the World Cup with them.

Currently, B1A4 Baro, actor Jung Il Woo, and actress Park Shin Hye have attended the Infinite Challenge cheerleading audition

Top 5 Korean Actresses in Their 20s!


While the Korean media industry lacks actresses in their 20s, five actresses, Park Shin Hye, Baek Jin Hee, Ko Ah Ra, YoonA, and Jin Sae Yeon, seem to be the top actresses in their 20s.

All five of them have starred as the main character in a drama. Park Shin Hye especially has been filming TV mini series dramas for over ten years, having debuted at an early age. Ko Ah Ra, who starred in the popular drama “Reply 1994″ last year, is starring in the new SBS Monday Tuesday drama called “You”re All Surrounded,” which is going to premiere soon. Actress Jin Sae Young, right after filming the KBS 2 TV drama “Inspiring Generation,” is going to star in the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama called “Dr. Stranger.” Actress and singer YoonA, who is a member of the girl group Girls Generation, has starred in the popular “Prime Minister And I

Park Ki Woong Cries Angry Tears on ‘My Heart Beats’

Another emergency incident caused Park Ki Woong to cry frustrated tears on SBS’ My Heart Beats.

On Tuesday’s broadcast, Park Ki Woong visited a couple, who shared an incident that happened to their first child. The mother experienced pregnancy-induced hypertension, putting both her and her 28-week-old baby in danger. The couple called for an ambulance so that they could deliver the baby.

However, during their ride to the hospital, an elderly man on a motorcycle was riding on a pedestrian crossing when the ambulance accidentally hit the motorcycle.

The elderly man demanded money for his motorcycle repairs upfront, while the paramedics and the husband begged him to settle this later, willing to exchange contact information. However, the elderly man remained stubborn, demanding money, refusing to let the ambulance pass and stealing precious time from the mother and baby