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KBS Programming Dominates TV Ratings After Ferry Disaster

This past week, the fourth week of April, was a complicated one for TV programming in terms of broadcast. As most prime time variety shows and dramas were suspended while the nation waited anxiously for good news from the site of the Sewol ferry disaster, news programming and more serious broadcast like documentaries filled in the empty air time.

KBS programming swept the weekly rankings for ratings in both news, drama, and documentary program. First place went to KBS 1TV’s daily drama, “Melody of Love” (aka “Love Rides the Song“) which raked in 28.3%, according to Nielsen Korea’s April 21 release of the “Weekly Ratings Top 50 Programs.” Ratings were collected between from April 14 – April 20.

MBC and SBS made an entrance in the top 10 with Monday-Thursday drama “Empress Ki” and morning drama “Only My Love,” respectively

Actress Nam Sang Mi confirmed to act alongside Lee Junki for KBS ‘Joseon Gunman’

Actress Nam sang Mi has confirmed a role in the upcoming KBS action/romance drama 'Joseon Gunman' alongside Lee Jun Ki.

Set in 19th century,Joseon, she will play the role of a young woman who has a strong and tough character. She will play the female lead in the drama and act alongside Lee Jun Ki, who wll take on a revenge for his father sister.

For reference, Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi have worked together in 2007′s thriller Time of Dog and Wolf, so it's not the first time they are going to act together. Meanwhile, 'Joseon Gunman' is going to air every Wednesday & Thursday after 'Golden Cross'. It will premiere on June 18.

“Running Man” Cancels This Week’s Recording

As expected, the recording for future episodes of the SBS Sunday variety show “Running Man” was canceled this week. Recording for the show normally takes place on Monday and Tuesday, but filming for the entertainment oriented program was deemed inappropriate and difficult in the current situation.

Filming for next week is also uncertain as the ferry disaster continues to grip the nation, according to SBS reps. The April 20 broadcast of “Running Man” was canceled, with the coming Sunday’s broadcast still up in the air. It is likely that all variety programs will continue to be suspended for the coming weeks. So far, only KBS has confirmed the suspension of variety show programming for this week.

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Confirmed as Recurring Member of Variety Show “The Human Condition 2″

Hip-hop star and Dynamic Duo member Gaeko is venturing into the Korean variety programming with KBS’ second season of “The Human Condition.”

Gaeko joins season one members Kim Joon Ho, Kim Joon Hyun, and Jung Tae Ho, and new members Kim Giri and Jo Woo Jong as the second season cast line-up for the male edition. According to KBS reps, Gaeko joined the April 19 filming of the variety show near Hongdae Station. Despite the ferry disaster on April 16 that has brought the nation to a halt, recording for the show continued because the recording for the new episodes had been started before April 16 and couldn’t be stopped in the middle. “The Human Condition” recording takes place over a week with several episodes produced out of it

Rain Receives Casting Offer from Romance Drama ‘Indian Summer’

Rain has received a casting offer from upcoming drama Indian Summer.

Cube DC, Rain’s agency, spoke with Newsen on April 21 announcing, “Rain has recently been offered to act in Lee Hyung Min PD’s new drama Indian Summer. The offer was made due to the PD’s connection to Rain but his appearance in the drama has not been confirmed yet.”

Rain first gained recognition for his acting by starring in KBS 2TV’s Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School! directed by Lee Hyung Min PD in 2003. If he confirms to act in Indian Summer, he will be returning to the small screen after four years since he starred in KBS 2TV’s The Fugitive: Plan B.

Indian Summer is a romance drama that is scheduled to air in the latter half of this year

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko becomes the last member to join ‘The Human Condition 2′

Dynamic Duo"s Gaeko has joined "The Human Condition 2" as its last member!
According to "The Human Condition", Gaeko joined the rest of the cast during filming on the 19th near the Hongdae station and worked with Kim Jun Ho. With Gaeko being revealed to join the cast, the full cast of the second season of the show has been completed. 

New members Kim Ki Ri, Cho Woo Jung, and Gaeko will be joining the old members Kim Jun Ho, Kim Jun Hyun, and Jung Tae Ho.
It"s Gaeko"s first time as a permanent member of a variety show. However, it is no longer clear when his first episode will be aired, as KBS is currently cancelling all of its variety airings.

“Very Good Times” Kim Hee-seon confesses her love

Kim Hee-seon confessed her love for Lee Seo-jin in tears.

The eighteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Very Good Times" showed Cha Hae-won (Kim Hee-seon) telling Kang Dong-seok (Lee Seo-jin) how she felt about him.

Cha Hae-won was going to kill herself along with her enemy Oh Chi-soo (Ko In-beom) but Kang Dong-seok and Kang Dong-hee (Taecyeon) stopped her. Kang Dong-hee tried to stop her but Kang Dong-seok sneered at her and left.

Kang Dong-hee took her to the police station and when she calmed down, she called Kang Dong-seok and said, "I was fine when you were not there. I wasn't embarrassed, sad, or hasty. It was something I had to do and I never regretted it".

"Now I wonder if this is the right path because of you. If I should be doing this

‘Wonderful Days’ Falls in Numbers Despite Regular Broadcast

Unlike the other programs, KBS’ Wonderful Days was the only broadcast to air regularly on Saturday and Sunday.

Despite that fact, Wonderful Days did not see a rise in ratings. Instead, it experienced a decrease. The reason is not certain, but it could be that viewers were not aware that the drama was airing in the midst of all the broadcast cancellations, or they were more focused on waiting for updates in the ongoing SEWOL tragedy.

As of April 21, Monday night variety shows are canceled, with dramas, such as SBS’ God’s Gift – 14 Days and MBC’s Empress Ki on standby, depending on how the situation continues.

Saturday, April 20, 2014


8:00 PM

KBS Wonderful Days 19

Nam Sang Mi Confirmed to Act Opposite Lee Joon Gi in ‘Joseon Shooter’

Nam Sang Mi and Lee Joon Gi will be reuniting in a romantic drama after four years.

Nam Sang Mi has been cast as the lead actress for KBS2’s upcoming drama Joseon Shooter, acting opposite Lee Joon Gi. It has been four years since they starred in the same drama, after Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Joseon Shooter is KBS’s highly anticipated seasonal drama that was planned for over two years.

After going through a long period of discussions, the production team of Joseon Shooter, decided to cast Nam Sang Mi to take the role of ‘Jung Soo In,’ and Nam Sang Mi also confirmed her appearance after much contemplation.

The actress said, “Jung Soo In is a courageous character who is very curious and is not afraid to take on an adventure

“Very Good Times” percentage declines

The only regular program this weekend was the KBS 2TV "Very Good Times".

According to Nielsen Korea, the seventeenth and eighteenth episodes of the KBS 2TV drama "Very Good Times" on the 21st rated 19.4% and 23.4%. This is about 0.7% lower than the record percentage from last week.

Most dramas were put on hold due to the sunken Sewol ferry incident.

MBC "Hotel King", "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!", SBS "Angel Eyes", KBS 1TV "Jeong Do-jeon" and other dramas were cancelled.

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