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8 Songs You Absolutely Have to Dance With

I personally am a huge karaoke fan (I”m Korean, it”s in my blood), and what”s more fun than dancing along while singing at karaoke? Here is my list of my 8 favorite songs to dance along to. When reading this article, please note that I am not a very good dancer myself (it”s all about having fun right?), but huge props to the choreographers of these tracks:


T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep


Even if you don”t know the full song, just remember the chorus. This dance is so cute, and really easy to dance along to. It”s a fairly simple dance. I just do the following: emulate a cat moving it”s paws, emulate a cat yawning and stretching one arm, two chest pumps, and then turn around and move my butt in a circle.

4minute – I My Me Mine


This song has a special place in my heart because it is a track from the first K-pop CD I ever purchased

Girls’ Generation Yoona and Sooyoung’s Public Relationships Reflect Maturing K-Pop Idols, But There Are Still Difficulties

(Photo : Star Daily)(Photo : YouTube)

Im Yoona and Choi Sooyoung of Girls" Generation recently publicly confirmed that they were in relationships, and now there are rumors that another Girls" Generation member, Jessica Jung, is also currently dating. Members of the group also recently appeared on Radio Star, where they discussed dating and their ideal types.

As one of the most popular K-Pop acts, Girls" Generation has typically kept their romantic life on the down low. Part of the appeal of K-Pop acts is that the performers are ideals, idols. When it had been revealed in the past that an idol was in a relationship, that celebrity typically lost fans and faced criticism.

But as idol groups mature and continue to perform as the members get older, the groups also have to address the fact that the members are at an age when it is permissible in Korean society to date

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and Actor Hong Jung Hyun Take Smiley Selcas Together

Girl group KARA‘s Han Seung Yeon and actor Hong Jung Hyun took a couple of selcas together and looked like a real couple.

The pictures were posted on KARA’s official SNS page and were titled, “Good-looking Couple”

The selcas were taken while shooting the cable mini-drama “Her Lovely Heels” in which the two star in, and where the two are depicted as a couple.

The drama is based on the web cartoon of the same name and tells the story of Ji Hoo, played by Han Seung Yeon, who while holding onto some painful memories from her first love, falls secretly in love for her co-worker Tae Soo, played by Hong Jung Hyun. Tae Soo does not believe in love but after several encounters with Ji Hoo, he becomes more and more enticed by her.

Alleged 2NE1 2014 Contract End Concerns Blackjacks: Will New Album Follow ‘All Or Nothing’ World Tour?

(Photo : Twitter)

As 2NE1 continues to dominate with their new album "Crush" and "All or Nothing" world tour, their alleged 2014 contract end have some fans concerned.

"I heard someone says that this is their last album together," writes Emmanuel on YouTube. "I doubt it! What do you guys think?"

Last July, 2NE1 responded to the infamous "5-year jinx," where a group will disband once they enter their 5th year.

"That"s probably because of the contract period," said CL of 2NE1.

When asked when their contract with YG will end, CL responded, "We can"t reveal that but we still have some time left so I think our team will last long."

However, it is likely that despite 2NE1"s contract possibly ending in 2014, their contracts will be renewed

KARA’s Goo Hara updates longing fans with the BTS photos of her lipstick photo shoot

KARA's Goo Hara gave an update herself for her longing fans.
Because there were no news about Goo Hara's current status for a long time, Goo Hara herself uploaded the behind-the-scene cuts of her photo shoot for Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick on Naver’s Starcast.
The photo shoot's concept was 'Lovely Lips that Spark Jealousy' which was executed with a heavy make-up on eyes and lips. For Spring, she recommended coral colors or pinks.
She also apologized to her fans, and promised that a quite new image of her will be seen on her return which is scheduled soon.

written by: [email protected] SOURCE: Naver

KARA’s Seungyeon takes selfies with actor Hong Jong Hyun

On March 12th, KARA's official twitter shared the behind-the-scene photos of Seungyeon and Hong Jong Hyun in the filmset of "Her lovely shoes".
In the photos, Han Seung Yeon is taking selfies with her partner in the drama, Hong Jong Hyun while shooting a date scene at an amusement park, and they are showing beautiful smiles.
Hong Jong Hyun is also putting his right arm around Han Seung Yeon's shoulder, making them look like an actual couple, and many fans are showing hot reactions for them.
Meanwhile, 'Her lovely Shoes' airs on every Monday and Tuesday at 3:30 PM.

KARA’s Koo Hara reveals behind-the-scene cuts of lipstick photo shoot

KARA’s Koo Hara reveals behind-the-scene cuts of lipstick photo shoot

KARA member, Koo Hara, has updated her fans on Naver’s Starcast on the 13th of March.

She revealed that she had no official schedules as of now, and so she had been practicing a lot of singing and had also been studying the art of acting during this period.

Due to the fact that there had been no updates on her current status for a long time, she decided to update her fans herself and reveal some behind-the-scene cuts of her photo shoot for Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick.

The concept for the photo shoot was revealed to be “Lovely Lips that Spark Jealousy”, in which the make-up was heavy on the eyes and lips.

She also revealed some tips on how to use lipstick well, recommending coral colors or pinks for Spring, as they bring life to the face, even without much make-up

KARA’s Seungyeon And Hong Jong Hyun Poses For A Cute Couple Selca

KARA"s Seungyeon along with Hong Jong Hyun stirred up the fans for their tandem as the two posed for a sweet couple selfie on the set of "Her Lovely Heels".

KARA shared her tweet, "The sparkle sparkle shining and attractive couple in the drama! Seungyeon and Hong Jong Hyun couple"s selca photo has been unveiled~♥ Please watch next week as well~! #HanSeungyeon#HerLovelyHeels."

"Her Lovely Heels" will surely melt the hearts of every viewers as Seungyeon and Hong Jong Hyun make their office romance take to the next level.

Get hook with another episode of "Her Lovely Heels" next Monday! 

KARA’s Seungyeon and Hong Jong Hyun look like a adorable couple on the set of ‘Her Lovely Heels’

KARA”s Seungyeon and Hong Jong Hyun become a cute couple with their couple selcas from the set of “Her Lovely Heels”!


YG Confirms G-Dragon, CL, and Snoop Dogg in Psy’s New MV

After not saying anything for a while, YG Entertainment finally confirmed that 2NE1’s CL, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, and Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion) will be appearing in Psy’s new music video.

On March 13, Newsen spoke with a YG Entertainment rep, who said, “CL, G-Dragon, and Snoop Dogg did participate in the music video recording of Psy’s new song.”

“The song production and the music video filming began last year and is currently completely. We’re not confirmed on the time when Psy will make a comeback. Everything related to the comeback are still under discussion.”

Psy previously posted up pictures of G-Dragon and Snoop Dogg in a billiards club and a karaoke room, leaving proof shots of the music video filming. With the news that CL will also be participating in Psy’s music video, fans are already getting more anticipated