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K-Pop Retro-Throwback: Kim Chu Ja’s 1971 Track ‘Spring Rain’ Proves She Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

Kim Chu Ja is often referred to as Korean pop"s first sex symbol.

Emerging in the early "70s, she shimmied where other female singers stood stock still. Her flirtatious album covers brought an eroticism to Korean pop that still resonates today.

As one blogger once put it: "If you got into K-pop because of KARA"s butt dance, you have Kim Chu Ja to thank."

As female artists from Madonna to Beyoncé have discovered, if you are a sex symbol you are usually written about in extramusical terms. Kim is no exception; her body of work was often upstaged by her actual body.

But on songs like "Spring Rain," Kim demonstrates an artistry that goes far beyond image.

In fact, the song"s slinky, hypnotic groove reveals a sound that has very little to do with shaking hips; it"s positively apocalyptic

Understanding K-Drama: What Are They Drinking?

Social events that involve drinking are often featured in k-dramas. Whether it"s a celebration after work or a first meeting with a prospective father-in-law, you can expect k-drama characters to share a few glasses of some alcoholic beverage.

Are the dramas accurate in portraying how much people drink?

Yes, says a recent Euromonitor survey. South Koreans drink on average more than people of any other nationality. And while soju is the most popular drink in k-dramas, other varieties of alcohol are consumed.

Someone drinks soju in almost every k-drama and we"ve written about soju scenes before. This clear colorless drink serves as a vehicle for the kind of confessions a character might not make when sober or as an excuse for a piggyback ride. You may remember the scene in "Personal Taste" when a very drunk Son Ye Jin announces very loudly to everyone in the restaurant that Lee Min Ho"s character is gay

Tall, Fair And Handsome: The Model-Actor Generation

(Photo : Trugen, The Star, Asianwiki, Pinterest)

The Korean entertainment industry has no lack of good-looking idols, be it from K-Pop or K-Drama. This article explores 5 of such talented and dashing gentlemen who have made their mark in both fashion modeling and acting – both highly desirable skills in the industry.

Kim Woo Bin, 24

(Credit: Vogue girl, 1st Look, Harper"s Bazaar)

Debuted in 2009 was fresh-faced Kim Hyeonjung (birth name) who had then pursued a career in the modeling industry. Gradually, as he ventured in the acting industry in 2011, he adopted stage name Kim “Woo Bin” and have had experienced a great deal of success as of late.

Most notably, Woo Bin’s breakout role was in School 2013 where he starred alongside good friend and model-actor Lee Jong Suk

Stars Send Their Prayers to Victims of Sunken Ferry

With so many still trapped underwater with rescue missions continuing, starts sent their condolences and prayers for those who were affected by the sinking of the ferry on April 16.

There were more than 400 onboard, the majority of them high school students who were on a class field trip. As of April 17, there have been six casualties with an estimate of 290 people still missing.

Unable to do anything about the situations, stars expressed their sorrow through SNS, praying that everyone be rescued on the ship.

Song Seung Hun – I’m watching with a praying heart but this is just heartbreaking. I want to send my deepest sympathy to the sunken Jindo passenger ship and pray that all missing people be safe.

Super Junior Ryeowook – As soon as I came back to Korea, I heard the bad news

KARA to Hold First Fan Meeting as Three-Member Group

Girl group KARA (Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara) will be holding fan meetings for the first time as a trio.

On May 24, KARA will be meeting with fans at the Seoul Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, and on June 1, the group will be hosting the fan meeting at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. The meeting will be held in celebration of the third anniversary of “Kamilia Day.”

This will be KARA first official activity since former members, Nicole and Kang Jiyoung, left the group. The group members plan to talk honestly about their story to fans. They will be giving fans an update on what they have been doing and will connect more closely with fans through various programs and events at the fan meeting. They plan to spend meaningful time with their fans to express their gratitude for sticking with them through their difficult transition

KARA To Hold First Official Schedule As 3 Members With Korea-Japan Fan Meetings

Girl group KARA will be holding a fan meeting as their first official schedule as 3 members.

They will first hold their fan meeting in Seoul on May 24 and in Japan in Budokan on June 1. Their Japan fan meeting will also be to celebrate their Japan fan club"s 3rd anniversary.

This is their first official schedule in 5 months as a new 3 member group.

News of their fan meeting as a 3 member group has gained much attention amongst fans.

KARA has stated that they plan to have a deep talk with their fans at the fan meeting about the recent happenings.

They also made this fan meeting in both Korea and Japan in order to also see and thank their overseas fans for their continuous support.

They have planned many different events and programs for their fan meetings and hopes to have a great time with their fans

Kara to Hold its First Fanmeeting After Member Departures

With three members remaining, Kara’s Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon, and Goo Hara will hold an official fanmeeting.

After about five months, Kara will have its first official activity with the third anniversary fanmeeting, Kamilia Day, with Kara’s fanclub. The fanmeeting will take place on May 25 at the Bluesquare Samsung Card Hall in Seoul, and on June 1 at the Budokan in Japan.

As this is the first official activity after Nicole and Kang Ji Young’s departure from the group, the remaining Kara members plan on having an honest talk with their fans first at the fanmeeting. Especially since Kara is a group loved in Japan as well, the fanmeeting was organized for both countries.

Through this fanmeeting, Kara will have several programs and events planned out. The members will also express their gratitude towards the fans, who have stuck by Kara during this difficult period

KARA to return with fan meetings in Korea and Japan in May and June

With only three members left including Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara, girl group KARA will be holding their official fan meetings in Korea in May and Japan in June!

On April 15th, a reps from DSP Media announced that KARA will hold their 3rd “Kamilia Day” with fans at Samsung Card Hall in Blue Square, Seoul on May 24 and Budokan, Japan on June 1.

These fan meetings will mark KARA’s first official group activity after the departures of Jiyoung and Nicole.

The reps said, “This will be KARA”s first official activity following the change in the member line up. The members will hold a fan meeting and plan to share their sincere stories with fans first.”.


KARA to hold ‘Kamilia Day’ fanmeeting in Japan and Korea with 3 members

KARA is holding a fanmeeting in Japan and Korea with its remaining three members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara.

KARA is going to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their fanclub 'Kamilia' through their fanmeeting 'Kamilia Day' on May 24 at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul and will continue in Japan on June 1. This marks the start of their official activity with three members after over 5 months of break.

Through this event, KARA are going to passionately interact with fans who have been supporting them and convey their honest feelings and gratitude.

Are you ready for KARA?

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Jiyoung updates fans with a photo from London

Former KARA member Jiyoung let fans know that she”s arrived safely in London, England.

On April 15, she shared the photo above on Instagram as well as the short message, “HELLO~? I”M HERE ;).” Jiyoung left for London on the 5th after she announced that she would not renew her contract with DSP Media, and it looks like she”s getting to know the city.

She previously wrote in a handwritten letter to fans, “I”m going to have all kinds of experiences that I never had before, such as reading a lot, learning English, and traveling. I don”t know when it will be, but I”ll come back as a more mature adult. Please wait for me until that day comes without forgetting me!”

Fans responded, “I want to go to London too,” “It makes me happy that she seems to be doing well,” and “Please update us often