Kangta of H.O.T says he wants to get married

Kangta of H.O.T says he wants to get married

Kangta of H.O.Tfame revealed he’d like to get married, but doesn’t know where to start.

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On the September 16th installment of Channel A’s ‘Man Who Gives Dog Food 2’, Kangta and met up with his fellow H.O.T member Lee Jae Won. With fall coming, Kangta expressed, “As the weather gets cooler, I’m getting lonely for no reason,” while he visited the park with his dogs. Eventually, he invited Lee Jae Won over, and they discussed relationships and marriage.

Kangta expressed, “I want to get married, but I’m stuck. I can’t imagine becoming a family with someone. I think I need to prepare my heart.” When Lee JaeWon asked when he’d liketo get married, Kangta responded, “I’ll do it before I turn45 years old.”

In other news, H.O.T’sMoon Hee Juntied the knot with former Crayon Popmember Soyulearlier this year.Which H.O.T member do you think will marry next?