Kangnam talks about Eli’s sudden marriage announcement

Kangnam talks about Eli’s sudden marriage announcement

Kangnam talked about what went through his mind when he first heard Eli’s sudden marriage announcement in late 2015.

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On the May 17th episode of ‘Mr. House Husband’, Kangnam visited his friend Eli, and they reminisced about the past. Eli said, “During the time I made the sudden announcement on social media, there was a drama we were working on. We were both taking acting classes together.”

Kangnam told Eli, “You suddenly made the announcement in the early morning. I was shocked. We were working together, and then suddenly the next night, you told social media without telling me. I was wondering, ‘What is this?'” He added jokingly, “That drama failed. Because of him.”

In an interview with producers, Eli commented, “I guess my issue probably added to the situation. That’s why I feel apologetic towards him.”

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