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Stephanie confesses her jealousy over Shin Seung Hoon's scandal with Kang Min Kyung

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Stephanie confesses her jealousy over Shin Seung Hoon's scandal with Kang Min Kyung

On the October 28th episode of MBC"s "Radio Star", singer Stephanie unveiled her fan woman aspect as she guested on the display with her long-time idol, singer Shin Seung Hoon.

All through the airing, the 4 MCs asked Stephanie, "You would like to ask Shin Seung Hoon who his closest feminine junior is?" She took the opportunity to inform Shin Seung Hoon, "Yeah, you were enthusiastic about a scandal," appearing jealousy over the girl. Shin Seung Hoon then replied, "It was once Stephanie"s friend, Kang Min Kyung."

Stephanie then confessed, "I were given truly jealous. At the time Shin Seung Hoon did so smartly in keeping a fairy tale for his fan girls. yet all of a sudden, he become concerned in a scandal with a girl," expressing her sadness as a fan.

Earlier during the episode, Stephanie published that she had attended Shin Seung Hoon"s concert back in 2003 with the singers" legitimate supper products and would practice his choreography.

She also carried out her newest solo release, "Up Up". take a glance at the pictures from "Radio Star" above! 

Kang Min Kyung to cross back as an actress for the primary time in 3 years for MBC's 'Best Lovers'

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Kang Min Kyung to cross back as an actress for the primary time in 3 years for MBC's 'Best Lovers'

Kang Min Kyung will be returning to the small screen!

It"s her first time acting in 3 years, and she might be gambling the lead of MBC"s day-to-day drama "Best Lovers". In its place of her same old calm, natural image, she will be able to be going for a bright, mischievous girl. She"s a design assistant at a boutique who"s without a care in the arena and lively.

The drama will get started airing in December!

Kang Min Kyung Will Play the Leading personality in an Upcoming Drama, “Best Lovers”

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Kang Min Kyung Will Play the Leading Character in an Upcoming Drama, “Best Lovers” Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung is making her go back as an actress, for the primary time in 3 years. She might be gambling the maximum important character of the hot drama “Best Lovers” produced through MBC.

In the drama, she can be playing the role of an assistant in an upscale boutique dressmaker store. Her character is a tomboy and a klutz, yet at the similar time, she is naive, and has an impulsive aspect that doesn't permit injustice to move by. Consequently, she is warm and sympathetic to others. But she may be ready to pay attention on the things that she loves to do.

“Best Lovers” is a tale about love and relationships, from the viewpoint from a mom and two daughters. the tale is told via their flings, love and relationships, and marriage, and the drama will attempt to tell its audience about the rigors and strife of the single, divorced, and re-married ladies in our era. Oh Hyun Kyung will be playing the role of the mother. The actresses get started practicing today, and they begin filming in November.

“Best Lovers” will air in December, after “The Fantastic Wives” end.

Joo Sang Wook And Choi Kang Hee Or Yoo Ah In And Shin Se Kyung?

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Shin Se Kyung (Photo : Six Flying Dragons) Two 50-episode dramas started on October 5 and both have a lot to offer in terms of star power. Which one will you choose? That choice could depend on the type of drama you prefer to see and the actors that star in the drama.

"Glamorous Temptation" is a melodrama starring Joo Sang Wook, Choi Kang Hee and Cha Ye Ryeon. "Six Flying Dragons" is a historical drama starring Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung and Kim Myung Min.

"Glamorous Temptation" is the first 50-episode k-drama ever made in a modern setting.

In an interview with the Korean media outlet Star, the drama"s producer Kim Sang Hyeob explained why the story would take so long to unfold.

"This is the first time a modern day drama has been made which consists of 50 episodes," said Kim Sang Hyeob. "The drama focuses on every character"s internal sadness and happiness."

Despite the fact that it will continue for 50 episodes, not much of the plot has been revealed. The drama"s synopsis says that Choi Kang Hee will play an ambitious woman, who finds it difficult to deal with the world of the wealthy that she finds herself in. Joo Sang Wook plays a powerful man in politics. Chae Ye Ryeon plays the woman who is jealous of Choi Kang Hee. It"s the first time in Choi Kang Hee"s career that she will play a mom.

(Photo : Glamorous Temptation)

The drama also stars Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk.

On the other hand, "Six Flying Dragons" promises a more complicated plot and a focus on action rather than introspection. The drama focuses on the story of the real-life crown prince Lee Bang Won, who helped his father found the Joseon Dynasty only to find that he was not considered to succeed him. Yoo Ah In plays the crown prince. Kim Myung Min plays his sworn enemy, the prime minister Jeong Do Jeon and Shin Se Kyung plays his love Boon Yi.

Yoo Ah In is the actor of the moment, also appearing in the hit films "Veteran" and "The Throne." The drama also stars Yoon Gyoon Sang and Byun Yo Han. And it"s a prequel to the successful saeguk "Deep Rooted Tree," re-uniting Shin Se Kyung and writers Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon.

Which one will you watch? Fifty episodes is a commitment.

Davichi's Kang Min Kyung used to be humiliated through Hyosung, Taeyeon, & Nam Bo Ra?

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Davichi's Kang Min Kyung used to be humiliated through Hyosung, Taeyeon, & Nam Bo Ra?

Kang Min Kyung jokingly "complained" about Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon, SECRET"s Hyosung, and actress Nam Bo Ra!

She was a guest on "Gag Concert" at the 27th, where she advised that the above 3 celebrities sign up for the segment she was on. When asked why, she said, "These unnis are 89s, yet they make me glance old because they"re so infant faced despite the reality that I"m a year more youthful than they are. They"ve humiliated me, so they will have to join."

The segment then pointed out that she"d in truth been selected as the fame who had an old face, making her burst into laughter.

Check out the segment above! Do you suspect Kang Min Kyung looks old?

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Kang Kyung Joon and Jang Shin Young Still Going Strong

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Kang Kyung Joon and Jang Shin Young Still Going Strong Actors Kang Kyung Joon and Jang Shin Young were witnessed having a good looking time on a date. They were lately seen at a Chinese eating place close to Jang Shin Young’s house in Seongsu-dong in Seoul, which she moved into recently.

This “Blackbean Noodle Date” turned into once captured through Celebrity News, who reports that Kang Kyung Joon turned into once very attentive to Jang Shin Young, and smiles never left her face.

Previously, Kang Kyung Joon spent over a year operating in China. He gushed over his female friend Jang Shin Young remaining may just at a press convention for MBC day through day drama “A Daughter Just like You,” saying, “I feel bad being away for so long. With this drama, I get started recording very early in the morning. Even if she lives reasonably a distance clear of me, she brings me fruit each morning.”

Kang Kyung Joon lately posted an image of himself riding a bicycle in Jang Shin Young’s neighborhood, letting all and sundry know they get in combination often.

The couple met via starring at the JTBC drama “Thorn Flower” and feature been dating ever since.

Verbal Jint reveals making of "My Type 2" feat. Kang Min Kyung and Sanchez

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Verbal Jint reveals making of

Verbal Jint has revealed a making-of clip for "My Type 2" featuring Davichi"s Kang Min Kyung and Sanchez of Phantom.

Verbal Jint made another version of the hit song originally by M.I.B"s Kangnam, Cheetah, and Jessi for "Unpretty Rapstar", and it"s new sound is sure to be popular with listeners again. In the behind-the-scenes-clip, you can see Verbal Jint and Kang Min Kyung"s awkward meeting as well as the producer working on everything from props to the music video.

Verbal Jint releases "My Type 2" featuring Davichi"s Kang Min Kyung and Phantom"s Sanchez

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Verbal Jint releases

Verbal Jint"s "My Type 2" featuring Davichi"s Kang Min Kyung and Phantom"s Sanchez has been released!

As previously reported, the track is Verbal Jint"s version of the "Unpretty Rapstar" song "My Type", which was a huge hit.

Brand New Music commented, "With the trumpet, trombone, and percussion, the track is seasoned with many instruments, and it is an R&B and hip-hop track with a Spanish feel about a guy describing his ideal type."

Take a listen to the track above! How do you like "My Type 2" in comparison with "My Type"?

Verbal Jint and Kang Min Kyung have partnerd up in the production of "My Type 2″

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Verbal Jint and Kang Min Kyung Collaborate for My Type 2 Rapper Verbal Jint and Davichis Kang Min Kyung will be dropping a sequel to the Unpretty Rapstar hit My Type next week!

While the original track featuring Jessi, Cheetah, and M.I.Bs Kangnam described the female rappers ideal men, My Type 2 will be all about Verbal Jints thoughts on the ideal lady with Kang Min Kyung as the featuring vocalist. Verbal Jint has also put a new spin on the composition of the track, and the sequel is described as an RB hip-hop track with Spanish influences.

Brand New Music stated, First of all, we would like to thank everyone for showing so much love for My Type produced by Verbal Jint. In return, we have come up with My Type 2, a completely new male version of the song.

The song will be released online on May 4.

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Verbal Jint recruits the help of Davichi"s Kang Min Kyung and Phantom"s Sanchez for his new track "My Type 2"

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Verbal Jint recruits the help of Davichi

"Unpretty Rapstar"s "My Type" featured three artists, Cheetah, Jessi and Kangnam, so it"s only fair that "My Type 2" features three artists too, right?

It"s been revealed that both Davichi"s Kang Min Kyung and Phantom"s Sanchez will be featuring in Verbal Jint"s upcoming track "My Type 2"!

Brand New Music posted the "proof shot" of the three posing together on the company"s official SNS. The company also said, "We want to thank Kang Min Kyung for featuring in Verbal Jint"s new track after his 8 month hiatus. Please look forward to Verbal Jint X Kang Min Kyung X Sanchez"s new version of "My Type 2" which shows off their fantasy-like synergy."

The track will be released online on May 4. With names like this collaborating, you know this song will be worth checking out!