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Hwang Jung Eum addresses plastic surgery rumors about her chin

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Hwang Jung Eum addresses plastic surgery rumors about her chin

Actress Hwang Jung Eum addressed cosmetic surgical procedure rumors about her chin at the November 14th episode of "Entertainment Relay".

Hwang Jung Eum has been starring in the hit MBC drama "She used to be Pretty", and audience were discussing more than the plot and her acting. The actress become asked about her chin, and she responded, "I didn"t get cosmetic surgical treatment on my chin, yet they preserve pronouncing I did. I bet it"s because I"m pretty."

As for who she"d love to paintings with, she shared, "I would like to work with Ha Jung Woo oppa." She also shared that she"d like to be a mom in addition an actress twenty years from now.

Kim Min Jung Says She Is Not Interested in Getting Plastic Surgery

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Kim Min Jung Says She Is Not Interested in Getting Plastic Surgery

Actress Kim Min Jung defiantly said that she has no interest in getting plastic surgery.

For the upcoming episode of food-travel show Have You Eaten, Kim Min Jung travelled to Geochang, Gyeongsangnam-do with the shows MCs Lee Young Ja, Lim Ji Ho and others.

When Lee Young Ja asked Kim Min Jung if she would like to get plastic surgery anywhere, Kim Min Jung answered, saying never.

Kim Min Jung debuted in the entertainment industry at the young age of eight, modeling for kids clothing lines. On her long career, she also humbly added that she wanted changes in her life as she has been an actor for over 25 years.

The next episode of Have You Eaten featuring Kim Min Jung will air on July 27.

IU, Virtual Plastic Surgery? Jo Jung Suk 'Anger'

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iu, kbs2, lee soon shin is the best

IU, Virtual Plastic Surgery? Jo Jung Suk 'Anger' iu virtual plastic surgeryIU's result of virtual plastic surgery was shown, catching much attention.

In KBS2 drama "Lee Soon Shin Is the Best" aired today, Soon Shin (IU) signing a contract with Joon Ho (Jo Jung Suk)'s agency was shown.

Jun Ho's agency employees pointed out the flaws of Soon Shin's face and body, suggesting that she gets plastic surgery. One worker said, "Make her eyes bigger, nose taller, and chin thinner, which is going to take about one year," showing the virtual result of plastic surgery.

The picture looked rather unnatural. Even though her nose got higher and her chin skinnier, her face did not seem any prettier. Seeing this, Jun Ho scolded the workers, saying "Are you trying to make a monster out of her? There are plenty of plastic surgery monsters out there."

Internet users who saw this commented, "I hope IU would never get plastic surgery," "She looks pretty but something looks off," and "IU doesn't need plastic surgery."

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung refutes plastic surgery rumors by providing past photos

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Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung refutes plastic surgery rumors by providing past photos

Davichis Kang Min Kyung spoke up about the rumors claiming she received plastic surgery.

She came out as a guest on Mnets Wide Entertainment News, and addressed the issue herself. She revealed, On some show, they took a really badly taken photo of me from middle school, compared to how I am now, and said that I shaved down my chin. I was so mad that Ive prepared my own pictures. Isnt my chin really narrow?

She had brought out photos from when she was young that showed her naturally narrow chin. MC Moon Hee Jun sympathized with her and said, She must have been felt really wronged to prepare these pictures when shes busy with album promotions. If she really got her chin done, she would have hidden it all, but if she brought out her graduation album, it means she really didnt.

Kang Min Kyung let out more pent up frustration, saying, Plastic surgery rumors have been following me around for 6 years. It bothers me every year. I just hope people realize its not true.

Jung Eunji, "I Just Lost Baby Fat, I Didn't Get Plastic Surgery"

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Jung Eunji,

jung eun ji baby fatA Pink's Jung Eunji clarified the rumors of plastic surgery with laughter.

Today, Jung Eunji was interviewed at the practice room for the musical "Legally Blonde." She said, "A lot of people tell me I lost a lot of cheek fat."

She continued, "Before, I used to have a lot of baby fat on my face so I looked a bit chubbier but I lost it when I turned 20. A lot of people actually told me it looks like I got plastic surgery. But I really didn't get anything. You can even close up on my face with the camera."

She also added, "People also said I look older. I read all the comments online. My cheek fat will come back soon."

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji explains, “Did I undergo a plastic surgery? No, it will come back…”

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A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji explains, “Did I undergo a plastic surgery? No, it will come back…”

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji explained about the suspicion of her having done a plastic surgery.

At the public practice of the musical, Legally Blonde that was held on the afternoon of November 5, Jung started off, “I heard that my fatty cheeks are gone.”

Jung explained, “I looked chubby due to my baby fat in my cheeks, but they all disappeared as I turned twenty years old. People say, ‘Jung Eun Ji underwent a plastic surgery.’ But I did not do anything at all.”

She gave a good laugh by saying, “I read the comments and it said I look older because I no longer have chubby cheeks. Don’t worry, it will come back.”

The musical, Legally Blonde that she stars in is about a girl getting to know herself as she enters a law school. It premiered back in 2009 as well.

Park Jung Ah's New Self-Camera Arouses Speculations of Plastic Surgery

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Park Jung Ah's New Self-Camera Arouses Speculations of Plastic Surgery

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Park Jung Ah's New Self-Camera Arouses Speculations of Plastic SurgeryActress/singer Park Jung Ah released a new photo of herself.

On the 3rd of July, Park Jung Ah updated her personal Twitter page stating, "We recorded 'Wonderful Day' today. It will be aired tonight at 11pm, you'll still watch it right?" along with a photo.

In the photo, Park Jung Ah is flaunting her youthful face while wearing a headband with bunny ears. The photo became an issue because of the significant difference in her appearance compared to what she looked like in the past. Her cheeks appear to be more full and her overall face seems to have changed as well. Some internet users are suggesting the possibility of cosmetic procedures.

People in the online community who saw the photo commented, "Her face changed alot... Maybe?", "Still pretty" and "You'd believe she's in her early 20s.

Meanwhile, Park Jung Ah is currently a host on MBC's "Wonderful Day" with co-hosts Horan and So Yoo Jin.

Photo Credit: Park Jung Ah's Twitter

Jung So Min responds to plastic surgery rumors

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Jung So Min responds to plastic surgery rumors

Actress Jung So Min recently replied to the plastic surgery rumors that have been circulating on the net.

On April 13th, the actress expressed her feelings on her Twitter, I see that my plastic surgery rumors have been floating around the internet. Is it a crime to get plastic surgery? It’s natural for a girl to want to become prettier. Leave the people that get plastic surgery alone. It’s not like they committed a crime. Only those who think ‘I don’t want to become prettier’ should diss artificial beauties. I didnt have time to get plastic surgery. I was busy studying in school, keke.

Jung So Mins remarkable weight loss seems to have been where the plastic surgery rumors stemmed from. The actress revealed on MBC FM4Us Jung Yups Blue Night that she had lost 10kg over the past year and a half.

Upon reading her post, netizens commented, I agree. Wanting to become prettier is a girls instinct and Theyre probably just jealous because youve become much prettier.

Jung So Min is currently starring in the new MBC sitcom, Standby, as ZE:ASiwans partner.

Source: Jung So Mins Twitter

Jung So Min Asks If It’s a Sin to Have Plastic Surgery

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Jung So Min Asks If It’s a Sin to Have Plastic Surgery

Actress Jung So Min reacted strongly to the recent rumors that alleged her of undergoing plastic surgery. The up-and-coming actress has recently been accused of receiving plastic surgery due to her improved looks and loss in weight.

On April 13, Jung So Min expressed her true feelings by tweeting, “My plastic surgery rumors are up now. Is it a sin to have plastic surgery? It’s natural for any woman to want to get prettier. Please leave alone people who want to get plastic surgery. It’s not even committing a sin. Only the ones who think ‘I don’t want to get prettier’ should diss plastic surgery beauties.”

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “I guess she was really mad,” “You need to take a chill pill, no need to react like that,” “I agree with her, who doesn’t want to get prettier?”

Jung So Min appears as Im Si Wan's partner on MBC's sitcom "Standby." 

Netizens claim that this popular actress is in pressing want of plastic surgery?

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Netizens claim that this popular actress is in pressing  want of plastic surgery?

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On a well-liked online Korean network called Instiz, a post discussing the visuals of a currentlyemerging actress went viral.The long-established poster claimed that this actress even ifgorgeous would have the ease of double eyelid surgery.

Park So Dam..her facial shape and proportions are fantasticyet her eyesfor men the nose is vital and for ladies the eyes are. I believe like her eyes are seriously downplaying her charms. I feel she would be a lot morelovely with double eyelid surgeryI hope she comes to a decision well.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at the original article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

Thats her fascinating pointI heard that if you can not existbest possible like Kim Tae Hee its larger to have a totally unique face. I'm hoping she remains like this.Please are we ready tono longerpass judgement on people? So superficial??? I actually likethe truth that her eyes are other make her more charming. If she were given double eyelids she would seem like just every person elseShes already so beautiful.. Source: Instiz

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