Gary Kang's Agency Denies Sex Tape And Vows Legal Action

Gary Kang's Agency Denies Sex Tape And Vows Legal Action

Gary Kang (Photo : Wikipedia)

Gary Kang"s agency, Leessang Company, issued a strongly worded statement denying that the singer and reality show star appears in a currently circulating sex tape.

Leessang Company not only denies that Gary Kang (Kang Hee Gun) is in the tape being circulated but says they will take decisive legal action against anyone spreading rumors that he is.

The agency told the Korean media outlet Naver TV that when they first heard the rumors, they did not even think they were worth responding to. But as the rumors spread and more people began to discuss them, the agency decided that it was time to release a statement and take action.

On August 31, the agency released an official statement denying that Gary Kang is the person in the sex tape. The agency pointed out that the person in the sex tape has a tattoo on his left arm while Gary Kang"s is on his right arm. The tattoos are similar but not exactly the same.

The agency said that the man who acknowledges being in the sex tape contacted them and expressed his concern about any problems his tape might have caused the popular celebrity.

Leessang Company will request a formal police investigation to discover who first spread the tape and the rumor. They will also pursue charges against anyone who continues to spread it. The agency asked the public to help stop the spread of such rumors because they hurt Kang and the actual people in the video.

The agency"s statement comes only days after an arrest warrant was issued against the man allegedly spreading false rumors about the existence of a sex tape that supposedly featured actress Lee Si Young. Her agency not only denied that she was in such a tape but is planning to sue the person who spread it. If convicted the person could spend years in jail and have to pay a $50,000 fine.

Gary Kang is the rapper and lyricist of the hip-hop duo Leessang. He has had several cameo appearances on dramas, including "Emergency Couple" and "The Girl Who Sees Smells." But he is also well known because of his appearances on variety shows. He has been a regular guest on "Running Man" since 2010. Together with actress Song Ji Hyo, they are known as the Monday Couple because of their affectionate onscreen relationship/


Is Gary Kang Jealous Of Song Ji Hyo's New Ex-Boyfriend

Is Gary Kang Jealous Of Song Ji Hyo's New Ex-Boyfriend

Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang

Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang have long been called the "Monday Couple" because they co-star on the variety show "Running Man." He seems to adore her and they make an appealing onscreen couple.

But Gary, a singer and member of the group Leessang, often has to share her attentions with her co-stars. As an actress Song Ji Hyo has had some attractive leading men, including Choi Jin Hyuk, Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Sung and Lee Dong Wook.

Her latest leading man is the up-and-coming actor Byun Yo Han. Byun will star with her in the upcoming drama "The Ex-Girlfriends Club."

How does Gary feel about this?

Almost every time she appears in a new drama, at least one reporter will ask her how her "Monday boyfriend" feels about her new drama co-star. And her latest drama is no exception.

At the April 30 press conference for the tvN drama "Ex-Girlfriends Club," she was asked how Gary felt about her filming romantic scenes with Byun Yo Han.

"Isn"t Gary jealous," one reporter asked.

The actress said that in some ways Gary was starting to feel like an ex-boyfriend as she was spending more time with Byun Yo Han.

"I meet Yo Han every day besides Monday and Tuesday," said Song Ji Hyo. "If Gary feels like an ex-boyfriend, then Yo Han feels like a new shooting comet."

But she said that Gary did support her and she was grateful for that.

"I recently filmed with oppa and he told me good things about my drama. That he thinks it will be fun. After seeing me with Yo Han, he said we look good together. He supported me. Thank you oppa."

In "Ex Girlfriends Club" Song plays Kim Soo Jin, a woman who decides to direct a film based on a popular webtoon.

The webtoon"s writer Bang Myung Soo writes about and compares his ex-girlfriends. It is only after Kim Soo Jin has committed to directing the film and cannot afford to get out of her commitment that she realizes the webtoon author is none other than her ex-boyfriend. And that makes her a character in the film she is directing. Awkward!

"Ex-Girlfriends Club" also stars Lee Yoon Ji, Jang Ji Eun, and Ryu Hwa Young, who all attended the press conference along with the director Kwon Suk Jang. The drama will air on Fridays and Saturdays, beginning May 8.


[Running Man] Gary expressed her loveliness in front of Kang Nam

[Running Man] Gary expressed her loveliness in front of Kang Nam

running man

On the latest episode of "Running Man" broadcasting on November 9, 2014, audiences laughed at the action that member Gary said cute things to guest of the episode Kang Nam. On this episode, the man in "Running Man" including Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, and Lee Kwang Soo,distinguished themselves as women. They looked so cute with pink colored gym clothes and wigs. Their clothes showed that they had diversified styles and they made viewers laugh at their fascination. While everyone was showing off their feminine beauty, Gary said cute things to his partner Kang Nam, saying, "oppa" in a high pitched voice. However, Kang Nam said to Gary, "You are so ugly," and made Gary surprised. Later on, the members with the guests played games to become the last surviving couple. In related news, the SBS entertainment program "Running Man" is one of the oldest and widely popular weekend shows in Korea, along with "Infinite Challenge" and "1 Night 2 Days." The "Running Man" members, Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo, play missions with guests of the weekend. It airs every Sunday night.


Kang Gary returns to Singapore this October for solo showcase ft. Jung-In

Kang Gary returns to Singapore this October for solo showcase ft. Jung-In

Singapores favourite South Korean rapper-cum-entertainer Kang Gary will be back for his very own solo showcase! And this time round, he will be performing alongside power vocalist Jung-In! The combo had recently put on an impressive show as the headlining act for NTU Festival in Singapore and received tremendous cheers.

Fans can rejoice for this showcase will be a full 100 minutes goodness of Kang Gary featuring Jung-In. Proudly presented by PTO Entertainment and supported by Fast Track Events, the showcase will the first of its kind in Singapore. Though Gary has had several events in Singapore previously, this will be his first ever solo showcase, without his Running Man members and Leessang partner Gil.

Fans can look forward to the duos collaboration songs including their debut track, Your Scent, which topped the major music charts in Korea on the day of its release. The showcase will end with a special segment as Category 1 ticket holders will be entitled to a Hi-Touch session with the artist. Not only that, lucky 100 fans will also get the chance to have a group photo taken together with the artists.

Ticket sales will commence on 2 October 2014, on SISTIC website and SISTIC outlets at 10am. What are you waiting for? Start your countdown and anticipate this showcase party of the year!

Stay tuned to and Fast Track Events page for more news on Gary Showcase Ft. Jung-In in Singapore 2014.


Gary Kang And Song Ji Hyo: The Best Couple Not Meant To Be

Gary Kang And Song Ji Hyo: The Best Couple Not Meant To Be


Rapper Gary Kang and actress Song Ji Hyo make a very appealing couple. They"ve kissed. They even won "Best Kiss" at the DramaFever awards.

He professed his love for her at awards ceremonies. He gets jealous whenever she interacts with anyone else. Recently, he got jealous when she kissed actor Seo Kang Joon during a game on the show "Running Man." He got jealous when she recently got a phone call.

"Who called you at this hour. I"m curious," he said. "Did you get a boyfriend?"

A fortuneteller on "Running Man" once said that the so-called "Monday Couple" were very compatible and their marriage would be a "match made in heaven." Gary even proposed to Song Hye Kyo on television.

But while their onscreen relationship as longstanding guests on "Running Man," is fun to watch, and she calls him oppa, there is no proof that they are more than friends. And she has had a boyfriend for two years.

She may attend his concerts as part of the duo Leessang. He may have done a cameo in her last comedy, "Emergency Couple." But despite four years of shipping she has dated CEO Baek Chang Joo of her agency, CJES Entertainment, since 2011. And despite rumors that they"ve broken up, the couple still sees each other.

When the news of Song Ji Hyo dating CEO Baek Chang Joo was first made public two years ago, fans tweeted to say they felt bad for Gary.

 "Why are people telling me they"re sorry," he responded. "They don"t need to be sorry and I don"t need to hear it."

She obviously likes him as a friend but sometimes it seems as if he likes her more.

He has described his co-star as laid back, sweet and cute. When asked if he would date Song Ji Hyo if she were not dating someone else, he avoided giving a specific answer. He just said he was not very good at relationships. And he would not be good for her.

While she has stated that she has no immediate plans to marry and wants to enjoy her freedom, Gary did feel the need to secure their future together.

"On Monday, you and I are a couple until we die. Even if you marry, come over and sleep at my house on Mondays," he said.

It"s hard to imagine her future husband would agree.

But then at the DramaFever awards Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang also won the "Best Couple Not Meant To Be" award.


Kang Gary Of Leessang Clinches The Number 1 Spot On The Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 With 'Shower Later' Featuring Crush

Kang Gary Of Leessang Clinches The Number 1 Spot On The Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 With 'Shower Later' Featuring Crush

Kang Gary Of Leessang Clinches The Number 1 Spot On The Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 With 'Shower Later' Featuring Crush (Photo : YouTube)

Kang Gary appears to have proven one more time, for the record, that sex sells, as the rapper"s new single "Shower Later" debuts at number one this week on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100, presumably on the strength of a red hot music video that shatters the genre"s international reputation for being tamer than the West.

The video for "Shower Later," which Billboard translates as "Some Occasional Showers," features a collection of hosed down women simulating sex acts in cars and with power tools.

Gary, one half of the popular hip-hop duo Leessang, has two songs in Billboard"s K-pop top 10 as a solo artist this week, with his song "Zotto Mola" coming in at number 10.

"Something" by four-member girl group Girl"s Day appears to have staying power, jumping three spots, from number five to number two, in its third week on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 .

Earlier this month, Billboard"s Jeff Benjamin wrote that "Something" "might prove to be the group"s hottest moment yet."

"As usual, Girl"s Day"s strong, elastic vocals are the centerpiece of the production jumping from a soft head-voice delivery to diva growling," Benjamin added.

After debuting last week at number one, K.Will"s "Like A Star" dropped to number three on Billboard"s K-pop chart.

Written by the successful soundtrack composer Kim Sae Jin, "Like A Star" is yet another chart topping single from the soundtrack for the television drama "You Who Came From The Stars."

Lyn"s "My Destiny" currently holding firm at the chart"s number four spot for the second week in a row, is also from the "You Who Came From The Stars" soundtrack.

And rounding out the top five is singer Ailee"s collaboration with Wheesung, "Singing Got Better," down from the number three position on the chart last week.

The RB vocalist wrote and produced "Singing Got Better" for Ailee. He also appears in the video.

Although the song was recorded three years ago, its release had been delayed while Wheesung served out his mandatory two years in the South Korean army.

Click here to view the full results of this week"s K-Pop Hot 100


Song Ji Hyo now has a good relationship with Kang Gary

Song Ji Hyo now has a good relationship with Kang Gary

Song Ji Hyo now has a good relationship with Kang Gary

Actress Song Ji Hyo appears in SBS’s Strong Heart and proves herself to be “the Ace” of variety shows.

According to the production crew of the show on November 26, Song Ji Hyo will appear in the November 27 episode and talk about some interesting anecdotes from the beginning of shooting SBS’s Running Man up to this day.

In a recent shooting of Strong Heart, Song sent a candid video message for Kang Gary whom appears as “Monday Couple” with her in Running Man.

She said, “Recently, my relationship with Kang has gotten very good, and you can see the ‘Monday Couple’ returning on the show,” and surprised everyone at the studio.

It is also said that Song’s “Blank Ji Hyo” image and unpredictable character appalled the emcees Shin dong Yeob and Lee Dong Wook, living up to her reputation as the ace of variety shows.

In the meantime, the episode also covered the appearances of actor Park Kwang Hyun, So Yi Hyun, Oh Seung Eun, singer Son Dam Bi, and composer Shinsadong-Tiger.

Source: Starnews


Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan rescues Lee El

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan rescues Lee El

On the episode 36 of MBC Monday Tuesday drama, "Monster - 2016", Kang Gi-tan (Kang Ji-hwan) succeeded in rescuing Adequate Chae-ryeong (Lee El).

On this day, Kang Gi-tan asked Moon Tae-gwang (Jeong Woong-in) about K Chae-ryeong, as it turned into clearer that Byeon Il-jae (Jeong Bo-seok) would be released from the accusation of election law violation. Sooner than this, Moon Tae-gwang discussed that there used to beany person on Byeon Il-jae's side, who wereassisting Kang Gi-tan, and Kang Gi-tan learned he was speaking about Ok Chae-ryeong.

Ok Chae-ryeong had been confined in a long-term care medical institutionvia Hwang Jae-man (Lee Deok-hwa) and Byeon Il-jae. Kang Gi-tan set to workat the aspect of Oh Soo-yeon (Seong Yoo-ri) so as to make it conceivable that Ok Chae-ryeong stand as a witness for the approaching trial. Whilst Oh Soo-yeon was earning time the usage of the election crusade crews as the witnesses at the court, Kang Gi-tan went out to rescue Ok Chae-ryeong.

Right after he rescued Ok Chae-ryeong, he headed to the court. Once Oh Soo-yeon was instructed of Ok Chae-ryeong's arrival, she announced to the pass judgement on that she had yet one more witness. Byeon Il-jae was surprisedto peer Ok Chae-ryeong walking into the court.

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Hyeri and Kang Haneul To Be Stranded In Abandoned  Delusion Land In

Hyeri and Kang Haneul To Be Stranded In Abandoned Delusion Land In "Picnic"

Hyeri and Kang Haneul To Be Stranded In Deserted Fantasy Land In Picnic (Photo : Day-to-day Sports)Hyeri and Kang Haneul can be the stars of an upcoming drama..

According to a commentary made viaa published insider on July 25 to Korean media outlet Day after day Sports, "Kang Haneul and Hyeri had beensolid as the leads in the approaching MBC drama 'Picnic.'"

However, according to Hyeri's firm Dream T Entertainment, the verdictisn't final. "We have been in talks about casting Hyeri, yetthe generalresolution has no longer been reached just yet," they said.

AdvertisementAfter converting the name of the drama from "Gaia" to "Picnic," the drama was once scheduled to premiere in September. However, the display has been driven back to 2017.

The drama is a fantasy romantic comedy about the occasions that transpire between the 2most neatly liked A-list celebrities in Korea and China after their aircraft makes an unforeseen emergency touchdown in a position devoid of civilization, where fantasy-like and most unlikely things take place often. The two fall in love in some way that mirrors the expansion and love of other people in their youth.

The drama will air in the primarypart of 2017 and is being produced by SM Culture Contents, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment that has created a massive number of shows, adding "To the gorgeous You," "Miss Korea," Cool Kiz at the Block," and more.

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Ballerina Kang Sue Jin Supports Crusade  For ladies “Perfect Never”

Ballerina Kang Sue Jin Supports Crusade For ladies “Perfect Never”

Ballerina Kang Sue Jin Supports CrusadeFor girlsHighest Neverleonid July 25, 2016 0 Ballerina Kang Sue Jin Supports Campaign For Women Perfect Never Ballerina Kang Sue Jin is fitness dreams in her fresh photo shoot!

Fashion mag Elle released shots from its August issue, where the ballerina radiates with uncooked strength and grace as the ambassador for a campaign for women by potential ofattireemblem Reebok.

With the companybody and shocking fitness she earned from her years of ballet, Kang Sue Jin superbly conveys the campaigns message of breaking loose from the limits set by the theory of perfection, and relentlessly demanding ones self.

Posing naturally on vintagewood panels by a wide window frame, she looks leisurely yetsublime and sensual at the similar time, against this amongst the colourful and colorful womens apparel by Reebok.

The campaign, Perfect Never, targets to inspire women to triumph over the confines of perfection and continuouslypaintings toward changing intogreater versions of themselves. As neatly asfootage and a campaign video, as an ambassador Kang Sue Jin also participates in an match for feminine consumers to suggest for a new strategy to womens health.

The complete pictorial is determined to be released in the August factor of Elle magazine.

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