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Kang Dong Won Was once a Highly Sought-After Type Ahead of Acting in Movies

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Kang Dong Won Changed into a Highly Sought-After version Before Acting in Movies It has been published that actor Kang Dong Won was a brand ago before he have become the star actor he's today.

On the November 22 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” the newshounds had a communication about the pinnacle actor with now not most effective stellar acting talents yet an unbelievably good-looking face, Kang Dong Won.

It was revealed that Kang Dong Won had risen prime in prestige as a mannequin as well. He was the foremost model for a world- famend fashion display and was a most sensible model that all of the sumptuous brands wanted.

However, once Kang Dong Won stepped into the arena of movies and acting, he was in a position to obtain the similar reputation thru his acting expertise and wonderful films.

You can track into “Section TV” for the newest entertainment news when it airs each and every Sunday at 3:45 p.m. KST.

Hyun Bin and Kang Dong Won Reportedly Making an allowance for Signing on With Chinese Agency

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Hyun Bin and Kang Dong Won Reportedly Serious about Signing on With Chinese Agency It turns out that Hyun Bin might most likely be pondering signing directly to a Chinese entertainment agency.

On November 21, a representative from Hyun Bin’s existing label, O& Entertainment, stated, “There’s a rumor going around that Hyun Bin used to be introduced a wide amount of cash to signal on with a undeniable agency in China. There has been no touch or discussion of any type with this agency.”

The representative continued, “Hyun Bin’s present contract expires next month, yet he’s lately in talks to resume it.”

Hyun Bin isn’t the best real one, either; actor Kang Dong Won‘s contract with O& may be set to run out at the finish of next month. One industry insider said, “It’s been discussed that one Chinese entertainment corporate bought Kang Dong Won upwards of 10 billion won to recruit him. It’s been explained as the so-called ‘blank cheque contract,’ intended to bring those stars to the Chinese market.”

What do you bring to mind the situation?

Kang Dong-won sought after to take a break, yet why?

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Kang Dong-won sought after to take a break, yet why?

Kang Dong-won sought after to "take a break" yet he got here out with a new movie.

Despite being busy with the hot film "The Priests", Kang Dong-won lately is filming some other motion picture called, "Hidden Time". If things pass consistent with plan, Kang Dong-won may be engaged with the movie till early overdue this year or early next year. Like this, Kang Dong-won has been popping out with five videos immediately ranging from "KUNDO : Age of the Rampant" closing year, "My bright Life", "A Violent Prosecutor", and the fresh "The Priests". He has been the maximum active since his debut. He needed a smash because of the exhaustion but there used to be a reason he chose to move on with "Hidden Time".

"Hidden Time" is manufacturer Eom Tae-hwa"s debuting movie. His abilities had been stated with "Ingtoogi" sooner than and for this present one, he considered Kang Dong-won first. However, Kang Dong-won become so busy that he asked for the time limit to be driven back. However, the solution was negative.

Being a rookie manner no longer having sufficient verification as a producer and the casts were all rookies. In those "weak conditions" the production wanted Kang Dong-won"s assist desperately. In keeping with his decision, the direction of the movie may smartly be deterred. Kang Dong-won said, "I felt drive in the reality that the movie may now not do well if I didn"t agree to do it".

Another reason is that Kang Dong-won idea he could display the boy in him thru this movie. The movie is ready 4 kids who disappear in the mountains but reappear as grown men. Kang Dong-won is one of them. He chooses a boyish trait as one of his representing images. He plans to bring it all out in "Hidden Time".

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Kim Heechul Joins Kang Ho Dong in New kind Show

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Kim Heechul Joins Kang Ho Dong in New Range Show Super Junior’s Kim Heechul can be joining Kang Ho Dong in JTBC’s new show as the youngest member.

On November 10, an reputable from JTBC said that Kim Heechul was once added as the final member for the new variety show. Tentatively titled “Oppa’s House,” this show marks the reunion of Kang Ho Dong with manufacturer Yeo Woon Hyuk. They had worked in combination ago for the diversity show, “Golden Fishery.”

Besides Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, Kim Young Chul, search engine optimization Jang Hoon, Hwang Chi Yeol, and Kim Se Hwang are set to be in the show. Now, with the addition of Kim Heechul, the flower boy with a 4-dimensional personality, the lineup for the show is complete.

Since his debut as a member of Great Junior 10 years ago, Kim Heechul has continuously showed audience and enthusiasts his bright, uniquely hilarious personality. He isn't just unique, yet witty as well. It isn't an overstatement to mention that he has a picture that stands proud among the opposite participants of the hot show. Born in 1983, a year more youthful than Hwang Chi Yeol, Kim Heechul would be the maknae of the show.

The official stated, “The recording for the show will start on November thirteen and the show will air sometime around December. Currently, Kang Ho Dong is assembly with the manufacturers and writers of the show. Please stay up for it.”

In-depth Kang Dong-won's efforts won't betray him

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In-depth Kang Dong-won's efforts won't betray him

It"s Kang Dong-won indeed.

The film "The Priests" succeeded in breaking via 1.79 million audiences in only five days of its release. In keeping with the Korean Film Council, "The Priests" has a an accumulated collection of 1,792,429. It"s 1st in the Box Place of job without festival and in the midst of it all are Kim Yoon-seok and the mysterious Kang Dong-won.

Putting a cope on Kang Dong-won is already sufficient to be praised as an ideal advertisement movie. When he determined to superstar in "The Priests" and whilst Kim Yoon-seok was once already in the making, Kim said, "Kang Dong-won is attempting on other copes" and feminine lovers couldn"t look forward to the motion picture to be out. After a long wait, the outcome wasn"t disappointing at all. There's no betrayal in Kang Dong-won"s efforts on most sensible of the cope.

The reason why his just right looks obtain attention is because he's this sort of excellent actor as it is. It"s simple for an target market to scowl at anything they don"t like. However, as touchy as they are the actor of thirteen years has installed such a lot effort into the movie that they can"t deny him.

For this movie, Kang Dong-won studied Christian history. He spent 5 days with a clergyman and heard the total thing he may just about prestige and identity. He is the sort to dig one roughly hollow and it"s just what an actor needs. The rookie producer, Kang Dong-won and Kim Yoon-seok aimed handiest for "The Priests" and they're now being rewarded for their efforts.

Kang Dong-won had an interview lately and he described each and every unmarried procedure of the making of "The Priests". there has been neither lie nor exaggeration. He spoke only of what he saw and felt to some extent where he looked holy even without the cope. He had a wide wisdom of the unfamiliar subjects of faith and ceremonies.

Kang Dong-won said, "I"m certain the manufacturer did more studies than me, yet as the actor I felt that I had to turn out to be conversant in those subjects, so I started studying. i suspect an actor must be in a position to convince the audience or serial occasions and that brings out a more herbal act".

One thing that many are all in favour of is the exorcism. To the question, "To what extent is exorcism a reality?", Kang Dong-won answered, "I get that question a lot. to inform you the result, the Vatican licensed of three hundred exorcisms held in over 70 countries final year. So it"s true. taking a look at the global trend, the united states is maximum interested by it and a few other people even pass to Rome to be educated. I don"t know if they would approve of Korea despite the reality that (laughs)".

"Some say that the exorcism in our movie is too very equivalent to the ones in foreign movies. the topic limits us. However, we did take into accounts that and so we attempted to specific it differently. The formality may smartly be identical but "The Priests" simplified it the most. Thankfully, nobody has in reality acknowledged our movie changed into tough to understand".

"I spent 5 days with a priest. I sought after to stick longer but that could were an interference to him. For the 5 days we spent all evening speaking and went to bed, then were given up back and talked some more. Those pictures of priests I saw via media looked reasonably set-up, but as I spoke to him, I felt increasingly purified. It was as though i used to be chatting with an ascetic. I learned so much in quite much of ways. I tried to bring in that symbol of the priest to the movie up to I could".

His efforts stood out indeed. In the movie, Kang Dong-won manages to talk Korean, Latin, Italian, German and Chinese. The scene where he seems from the mist making a song the gospel in his attractive voice, may also be highlighted as the most heart-stopping scene ever. Many said they nearly have become Catholics on account of him.

Kang Dong-won said, "Apparently priests be informed 7 languages at the seminary. Language is mastered all over the early stages which is the most complicated degree of all. I never concept the priest would be a bookworm. i presumed he only had deep religion for God. However, you can"t do that without reading hard. You won"t even get in the seminary. It takes 10 years to finish a course. It takes longer than clinical faculty so I don"t dare take a glance at it".

"You want a super quantity of sacrifice. I wondered if it was even conceivable for a human to do this. Something truly got to me once and I was very curious about the reason individuals visit priests to confess. They can"t at all times discuss the great things. There are worries and issues and in all probability even secrets. However, the priests can never leak this knowledge to anyone. Even to the police or even to of us who threaten them with their lives. I asked the priest how he does it and he said, "I"m just someone who lends an ear"". Everything was transparent after that".

Kang Dong-won succeeded in making the pig come onto his side. Don Don"s scene ended with him crying in Kang Dong-won"s arms. It had just been multiple months old when they first met, but in any case it had gotten two times as big. "He was heavy, pungent and disobedient". However, the pig cherished Kang Dong-won the most.

Kang Dong-won said, "The pig really didn"t concentrate to anything. He did everything the other to what I asked him. He would give in now and again but only if we attracted him with snacks. He is a haughty pig. The pig I held onto was just a copy type of the genuine pig. Probably the most team of workers would keep an eye on it with a far off out of doors of the camera but we grew to become it off for many of the time. I'd circulate the version pig"s neck by force and yell at it to "keep still". I wear a one-man-show".

The result of his efforts comes from the reactions of those who have watched the movie. I wish it succeeds in Korea. I can"t assist it but be expecting there to be a huge number of audiences as this is a commercial movie. I also wonder what Europe would place self assurance in this movie".

"The Priests" is the tale of 2 priests who fight opposed to mysterious parties to save a woman in danger.

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Kang Dong Won's Mystery Thriller Wins At The Box Office

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Kang Dong Won's Mystery Thriller Wins At The Box Office

Kang Dong Won"s film "The Priests" came in first place in the Korean box office this past weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film recorded the biggest debut score of the month in South Korea, during the weekend of November 6 to 9. The film earned a total of $11.3 million, said the Korean Film Council.

The first week of November is traditionally a difficult week for films in South Korea, so the film managed to succeed against some odds.

More than a million people attended in the first three days, according to the Korean media outlet Korea Times. Previously Joo Won"s film "Fatal Intuition" was in first place, but it fell behind "The Priests" within three days.

"Fatal Intuition," which also star Yoo Hae Jin, is a thriller about a man looking for his sister"s killer. That film earned $6.5 million over the weekend.Yoo Hae-jin, the thriller is about a young man"s struggles to discover the truth about his sister"s death. The film"s cumulative gross comes down to $6.5 million.

"The Priests" stars Kang Dong Won as Deacon Choi and Kim Yun Seok as Father Kim. A young girl in Father Kim"s parish falls into a coma after being hit by a car. The priest and the young deacon decide that she is possessed and perform an exorcism to release the demon"s hold on her. That"s where things begin to go very wrong.

Jang Jae Hyun wrote and directed the film. He based the story on his award-winning short film "12th Assistant Deacon."

It may have been more than the stars or the story that brought in the audiences. The film was released for ScreenX theaters, which use a three-screen cinema technology, developed by CJ. It is the first time a mainstream film has been released in this 13-screen format. There are 44 ScreenX theaters in Korea.

The film also stars Park So Dam. Kim Eui Sung, Son Jong Hak and Lee Ho Jae.

Kang Dong Won Is a latest Gentleman in Italy For “High Cut”

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Kang Dong Won Is a fashionable Gentleman in Italy For “High Cut” Actor Kang Dong Won is serious and horny for his new pictorial with superstar mag High Cut.

In the published photos, Kang Dong Won proves his good looks and attention-grabbing sense of style. With the beautiful Bergamo Cathedral in the background, Kang Dong Won looks classy and mature in all-black style in one photo, in addition totally adorable in any other as he looks down at the camera with a classy blue hat. In others, Kang Dong Won woos with his perfectly chiseled face and version figure.

Kang Dong Won stars in the recent film “Black Priests” which used to be released on November 5. “Black Priests” is ready two Catholic priests getting concerned with a mysterious match so as to save a tender woman who falls into grave danger.

Photos Kang Dong-won's Italian pictures

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Photos Kang Dong-won's Italian pictures

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Kang Dong Won Shyly Delivers the elements Forecast on National News

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Kang Dong Won Shyly Delivers the Weather Forecast on National News Actor Kang Dong Won has made a wonder appearance at the news as a weather forecaster!

On the November four airing of JTBC‘s “News Room,” Kang Dong Won shocked the target market by capability of acting on the display and speaking about his upcoming movie “The Priests.”

This was once the actor’s first time appearing on a prove after 11 years. When he changed into done with his interview, he stayed in his seat and anchor Son Seok Hwi announced, “Kang Dong Won did no longer leave yet. He'll tell the weather forecast for us soon.”

Kang Dong Won covered his face with his hands and looked embarrassed for a minute, yet he soon grew to become pro and said, “South Jeolla Province and Jeju Island will obtain some rain early in the morning till noon.”

After he was all done, he turned shy back and commenced clawing at his hair, but his enthusiasts were without a doubt pleased.

Netizens Think They are in a position to Read Code, Forcing Jung Yumi to Refute Dating Rumor Kang Dong Won

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Netizens Think they are able to Read Code, Forcing Jung Yumi to Refute Dating Rumor Kang Dong Won Lovestagram is a classy be aware those days, with many celebrities in reality or believed to be sending sercret messages to their significant other throughout the Instagram app. So whilst some are now secret love messages, some are not, yet many netizens, with perhaps too much time on their hands, love to read too much into nothing, causing anything like this to happen.

Nine weeks ago, actress Jung Yumi uploaded an image unto her Instagram account, which she captioned, “Things I like.” the picture is composed of symbols, and one can read that Jung Yumi likes movies, singing, taking note of music, fashion, and rice, for example. The final 3 symbols, however, gave the influence to glance more meaningful as it was once added after the word “and” and the ellipsis.

The three symbols are the dog, a circular smiling face, and a monkey. In Korean, they can also be read as a kang-ah-ji, dong-geu-ra-mi, and won-soong-i. Do you notice it? The Kang-Dong-Won, pulled from the primary syllable of the three words? It spells out the call of Kang Dong Won, the actor, according to a couple netizens. The “code reading” via netizens gained such a lot traction that Jung Yumi’s rep had to respond to the local news source TV Report when asked about this rumor that “The rumor that she is dating Kang Dong Won is ridiculous.” The rep added, “We truly need to plead with her to date.”

What are we able to be told from this? That Jung Yumi loves her dog very much.

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