Kang Daniel Was Considered An Ugly Duckling?

Kang Daniel Was Considered An Ugly Duckling?

Kang Daniel, a member of Wanna One which is the most popular K-Pop group at the moment, revealed that in his past he was actually considered an ugly duckling and was bullied for his looks growing up.

On the September 4th episode of ‘Hello Counselor,’ one guest admitted she worries about her sister due to insults and malicious comments she hears about her. With Korea’s bullying situation getting worse, she asked for advice to which Kang Daniel revealed he was bullied as a kid, too.

With empathy, Kang Daniel stated, “I also used to get bullied when I was younger because of my looks… I used to get bullied badly in elementary school.”

He continued and left on a positive note saying, “But ultimately, the self-esteem derives from you. I thought to myself, ‘I might be uglier than the others but I’m a better singer and dancer than them. I just need to do well on stage’. I increased my self-esteem like that.” Fans were impressed by his honest but thought provoking words!Do you think Kang Daniel was an ugly duckling growing up?