Kang Daniel Gets A Penalty In 'Produce 101' For Foul Play

Kang Daniel Gets A Penalty In 'Produce 101' For Foul Play

Just recently, Kang Daniel of “Produce 101” season 2 has been penalized because he broke the rules of the hit reality show. What happened was that Kang Daniel hinted his fans on which song he would like to sing in the next episode.

What he did was a clear violation of the systematic voting system of the viewers of the show. This is because instead of letting his fans, as well as the viewers, think and choose freely what song he will get to sing in “Produce 101”, he instead gave them a hint on which song he favors most.

According to Koogle, all of this started when a fan posted a message on DC Gallery. The message says that Kang Daniel increase the number of cats to let them know which song number they would want to vote for him to song in the next episode.

Surprisingly, Kang Daniel grabbed the opportunity and posted a cat emoji on his Instagram page. He then increased the number of cat emojis to four, signaling that he prefers to choose the fourth song number.

As soon as this caught the attention of the show’s management, Kang Daniel immediately updates his profile message on his Instagram account saying that he will be more careful with his actions next time. He then apologizes sincerely.

According to Korea Portal, because of this, Mnet will issue a penalty on Kang Daniel, wherein he won’t be able to sing the fourth song in the choices, which is “Never”. With all of these being said, this should serve as a lesson for Kang Daniel to be mindful of his actions because he is in a the K-pop industry, which need a high level of professionalism for one to thrive.