Kahi describes her husband’s embarrassing proposal

Kahi describes her husband’s embarrassing proposal

During this past May 23 broadcast of MBC’s ‘Video Star’, singer Kahishared how she received a rather embarrassing proposal from her husband.

The MC began, “Kahi’s husband is a true romanticist. He proposed to her three times before getting married. One of them was while wearing red underwear.”

Hearing this, Kahi explained, “My husband is very impatient. If he has something to say, he has to say it right away. He’s not the type who hides things. So when the ring arrived, he wanted to give it to meas soon as possible.”

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She added, “He then said he had to wash up and went into the bathroom. A moment later, he said, ‘Hey honey,’ and called me over. I saw him kneeling with only his red underwear on, and he presented me the ring [like that],” explaining the humiliating situation.

That being the second time he had proposed to the singer, Kahi then brought up the 1st incident, saying, “The first time was when he just blurted out ‘Live with me,’ immediately after we opened our eyes in the morning.”

With that, the MCs all agreed, “That is the most romantic way to do it.”

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