'K-Pop Star 6' Finale Season Gets Massively High Earnings

'K-Pop Star 6' Finale Season Gets Massively High Earnings

Reports have just came in saying that “K-pop Star 6” has just got a very massive high rating, after it has wrapped up its final season last April 9. Throughout the many years that it has aired on TV, it has maintained the high ratings that it had every year. This is despite the fact that audition programs are slowly fading away.

According to Soompi, the talent show, “K-pop Star 6”, has earned a whopping 30 billion won, which when converted to U.S. dollars, is $26.4 million. What makes the stats really impressive is that the earnings were only from the TV commercials that it had for its sixth and final season.

However, SBS, the producer of the show, denies the statistics, saying that the figures have been exaggerated. But if one was to compute the price for the advertisements TV ad rental, and the number of it, one can clearly see that the aforementioned figures are indeed probable.

This is because the price for a 15 second advertisement is estimated to be around 3 billion won, or $2.64 million. When multiplied to the number of advertisements that each episode of the show has, which is four to six, it comes close to the 30 billion won or $26.4 million.

In an interview held with the show’s producer, a statement has been made out saying that the branding of the show was indeed very strong, thanks to the value that the brand has. The producer also stated that he is very grateful for the success and the amount of support that the audition program has had over the course of six years.

Unfortunately, there are still no plans to have another season, as it has been called the final and last season of “K-pop Star 6”. However, there is a possibility that it might have another season as the producer says that if the public really wants to have one and that it gets a very strong reaction from them, and then the drawing might for season 7 might be worked on.