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LEDApple Hanbyul Holds Interview With Australia’s ‘SBS Dateline’

LEDApple member Hanbyul (Jason Jung) held an interview with Australia"s "SBS Dateline" and revealed his story to becoming a K-Pop star.

He revealed that his family moved from Australia to Korea to support his dreams of becoming a star.

The interview also dives into his past of living in Australia and in Korea. His parents also reveal how they felt when their son first revealed that he wanted to become a singer.

Hanbyul stated, "Image is very important in the K-Pop industry. We even carry around our own make up kits."

K-pop is very big on image and aging does not seem to be an option in this industry.

Watch the video below to see the entire interview with Hanbyul!

Audition Program Stars – Yay Or Nay?

(Photo : B2M, OSEN)

From Eddy Kim to Park Ji Min, as well as Eric Nam, Park Si Hwan, 2000 Won, and more, there are plenty of audition program rookies that are scrambling about. Since even before their official debut they"ve been broadcast on television, their faces are not unfamiliar despite the fact that they are rookies.

At one point there was a boom of audition programs that made them extremely popular. It all started with cable channel Mnet"s "Superstar K," and continued with MBC"s "Star Audition: The Great Birth," Mnet"s "Voice Korea," and SBS" "Survival Audition K-Pop Star." What"s interesting to note is that "Superstar K" recorded a viewership of over 10%, despite being a cable channel show. Thereafter, the other broadcasting companies followed suit, and have been releasing new seasons. Besides "The Great Birth," each of these audition programs has aired a new season each year

Han Hee Jun of “K-Pop Star 3” Donates $10,000 to Sewol Incident

Han Hee Jun, a TOP 10 contestant of "K-Pop Star: Season 3", donated his earnings to the family of the victims of ferry Sewol.

Han Hee Jun left to the States after asking his US agency to deliver $10,000 to the victim families of Sewol. Hang Hee Jun is a TOP 10 contestant on SBS survival audition program "K-Pop Star: Season 3".

Han Hee Jun canceled his April 19 fan meeting, grieving over the Sewol incident. He quietly left his earnings for the cause, stating: "I want this money to be used to comfort the families of the deceased".

He added, "I"ve lost a friend to an accident before, and I know how it feels to be the family member left behind - the pain is beyond imagination. I want to comfort them through this small sum of money".

Han Hee Jun"s US agency explained that Han Hee Jun had received scout offers from many entertainment companies in Korea after his appearance on "K-Pop Star" but has decided to return to the States till the Sewol crisis has been sorted out

Akdong Musician Profile

Group name: Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션)/ AKMU Label: YG entertainment Debut date: April 6th, 2014 Debut album: PLAY
- AKMU is a duo consisting of siblings Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun. - They are known as the winners of the second season of the K-pop Star
MEMBER PROFILE Name: Lee Soo-hyun (이수현) Born: May 4, 1999 Position: Main vocal
Name: Lee Chan-hyuk (이찬혁) Born: September 12, 1996 Position: Main vocal, rapper, lyricist, composer
Their new track:

K-Pop Covers: J-REYEZ And Joseph Vincent Reimagine The Lyrics Of G-Dragon And T.O.P’s ‘Baby Goodnight’

(Photo : Twitter)

It"snot easy to take a song sung by two of the most popular K-pop stars inKorea and cover it in English. The results could either be great orextremely awkward to the listener.

But all language barriers aside, "Baby Goodnight" originally performed by Hallyu superstars G-Dragon and T.O.P of the group Big Bang, could prove to be a daunting task for any accomplished musician.

The song is smooth, sensual, and overall, an addicting number. But in their 2011 cover of "Baby Godnight," Joseph Vincent and J-REYEZ prove they are up for the task.

J-REYEZ is a South Korean born rapper and producer, who was raised in Ontario, Canada. He cites his major influences as hip-hop legends like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Rakim.

Joseph Vincent is a Filipino-American singer and guitarist, whose videos have racked up over 60 million YouTube views

K-Pop Crossover: Selena Gomez, G-Dragon And Mizuhara Kiko Unfollow Everyone On Instagram

(Photo : Screen Capture)

Selena Gomez took all her famous friends off her Instagram account this morning, leading to a gossip feeding frenzy among the tabloids. This echoes the news that K-Pop star G-Dragon and his unofficial girlfriend Mizuhara Kiko, unfollowed all their Instagram friends earlier this week.

Instagram is becoming a new weapon of mass diss-truction for celebrities. Miley Cyrus put the last nail in the coffin of her relationship with Liam Hemsorth by unfollowing him on Instagram. Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus had an online feud that seems to have started when Miley unfollowed Demi on Twitter.

According to Asian Junkie, K-Pop singer G-Dragon unfollowed everybody on his Instagram account and his fans blamed Mizuhara Kiko. According to multiple internet sources Selena Gomez she cut the list of people she was following on Instagram down to 15 on April 21

Audition Contestant + Big Agency = Instant Success?

(Photo : YG)

In order to succeed, only two conditions need to be met.

You must be a participant from an audition program such as "Superstar K" or "K-Pop Star," and must be cast immediately by a large agency. We can say this because artists that debut this way are receiving much more favor than trainees that have been sweating in the practice rooms of major agencies for many years.

Audition stars have been widely appreciated in the music industry for the past few years. Busker Busker, Roy Kim, Yoo Seung Woo, Hong Dae Kwang, Jung Joon Young, Lee Hi, 15&, and Akdong Musician quickly became the center of attention after entering the music industry in this manner. One thing that all these artists have in common is the fact that they are all being supported by major agencies. Lee Hi and Akdong Musician are under the umbrella of YG Entertainment

‘K-Pop Star 3′ Victor Bernard Park Chooses JYP… What Was Park Jin Young’s Reaction?

Bernard Park was the final winner of "K-Pop Star 3" and decided to choose JYP Entertainment as his agency. At this, Park Jin Young could not hide in his happiness. (Photo : sbs)

Bernard Park was the final winner of "K-Pop Star 3" and decided to choose JYP Entertainment as his agency. At this, Park Jin Young could not hide in his happiness.

In the final episode of SBS "K-Pop Star 3" aired on April 13, Bernard Park became the final winner. Sam Kim was winning from the judges" votes of 577 with Bernard only gettig 573, but Bernard received more text message votes, becoming the winner.

He said, "Thank you so much. I"ll be starting a new beginning now that this show is over so please keep watching." He also told his family in America, "Thank you for your continuous support. I love you."

All three judges appealed to Bernard Park to come to their agencies

“K-Pop Star” Seniors 15& Beat Juniors Akdong Musician and Rise to the Top

"K-Pop Star: Season 1""s winner Park Ji Min"s group 15& rose above "K-Pop Star: Season 2" winner Akdong Musician and took the top.

On April 22, Soribada concluded that 15&"s "Can"t Hide It" took #1 for April"s third week weekly charts. Written by JYP, "Can"t Hide It" is an innocent song portraying the members of 15& as young, innocent girls.

In second place is Akdong Musician"s debut album title song "200%". Though "200%" was originally ranked #1, "Can"t Hide It""s release brought the song down to second place.

High4 and IU"s "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" ranked #3.

On this music chart, it is significant to note the musicians that debuted from audition programs: "Superstar K4" Eddy Kim"s "The Manual" ranked #10 while "K-Pop Star: Season 3" Sam Kim"s "Englishman in New York" ranked #13

Heejun donates 9,600 USD to the bereaved families of the Sewol tragedy

Former "American Idol" and "K-Pop Star 3" contestant Heejun has reportedly donated 10 million KRW (9,600 USD) to the grieving families of the Sewol tragedy.

It has been reported that Heejun asked his agent from the United States to send 10 million KRW (9,600 USD) from the money earned from his appearances and events to the bereaved families going through the aftermath of the sunken ferry as he departed to the States for his overseas schedule. He also respectfully canceled his fan meeting on April 19.

Heejun stated, "I hope this donation gets directly sent to not the relief efforts but the bereaved families... I have experience losing a close friend due to an accident, so I know that the remaining families" suffering and pain is unimaginable... I want to directly help them