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YG Entertainment Signs On 13-Year-Old “K-Pop Star” Contestant Lee Chae Young

The third season of SBS’ audition program “K-Pop Star” ended this past weekend, and now agencies are able to scout the contestants after the winner picked his home.

On April 16, a representative from YG Entertainment shared with a media outlet that YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk had his eyes on Lee Chae Young while being on the judging panel. YG doesn’t plan on making her debut right away, but for her to go through their methodical 3-4 year training.

Regarding her acceptance into YG Entertainment, Lee Chae Young said, “Joining YG Entertainment was always my dream.”

Lee Chae Young wowed the judges early on with her dance skills. However, her vocals weren’t up to par, but they gave her a chance

2000Won to make official debut with mini album

2000Won, a male duo from “K-pop Star 2,” held their debut stage in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

On April 11th, 2000Won had a showcase introducing their first mini album “Don’t Like Seoul Anymore,” at KT Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun who used to attract attention from viewers with their fun lyrics and new style of melody. The title song of the duo consists of rapper Kim Ildo and vocal Kim Hyobin, is also “Don’t Like Seoul Anymore” just like the album title and the song is about feeling emptiness after a break-up. Along with the title, seven songs such as “Beautiful,” “Tonight,” “Lighter than a feather,” and more are also included in the new album. Renowned producer Choi Minhyuk, who has worked with veteran K-pop singers including Deux, R.ef, Yoo Seungjoon, Kim Bumsoo, Kim Jongguk and Ailee, led the producing of the album

“K-Pop Star 3″ Lee Chae Young joins YG Entertainment

“K-Pop Star 3″ Lee Chae Young has officially become an artist of YG Entertainment!

A reps from YG confirmed to OSEN on April 16th, saying, “We are aware that Lee Chae Young caught the eye of Yang Hyun Suk while he was judging for “K-Pop Star 3″. Yang thinks that rather than YG competing to scout “K-Pop Star 3″ contestants, we consult with JYP and Antenna Music about nurturing a dream with potential for growth together.”

“We doubt that Yang Hyun Suk will make 13-year-old Lee Chae Young debut immediately. Yang thinks that she can grow more in a few areas if she spends 3-4 years training under YG”s systematic singer training program… It”s his style to find talent early on and train them well.”

The agency then announced to other local media outlets, “We have recruited Lee Chae Young

Akdong Musician says they would still choose YG Entertainment if they had one more chance + Kwanghee wants to be in EXO

On April 13th, Akdong Musician, ZE:A's Kwang Hee, After School's Lizzy along with MCs Jeon Hyun Moo and Park So Hyun made a special appearance on "K-Pop Star Season 3 D-1 Final Story".

During the show, Jeon Hyun Moo asked Akdong Musician,"If you had one more chance which company would you choose?", to this Chan Hyuk answered without any hesitation,"I would still choose YG".

Following the topic, Kwang Hee said,"If I could choose I would like to go to SM. I want to sing EXO's "Growl". My face is SM's style", and made eveyone burst in laughter with his statement.

Jeon Hyun Moo then said,"Your face is suitable for "Smile People"(an SBS's comedy show)"

YG Entertainment Signs with ‘K-Pop Star’s Lee Chae Young

It appears that YG entertainment has signed a contract with SBS’ K-Pop Star’s Lee Chae Young.

On April 16, an YG Entertainment rep spoke with enews, who said, “Yang Hyun Suk personally expressed his opinions on scouting her to the broadcast station.”

“Lee Chae Young said it was her dream to get signed with YG. After hearing that, Yang Hyun Suk decided right there to sign with Lee Chae Young.”

On this day, one news source stated that Yang Hyun Suk decided to sign Lee Chae Young, who will receive three to four years of training through YG’s artist fostering program so that she can improve even more.

Meanwhile, Lee Chae Young appeared on the first season of K-Pop Star in 2011 at the age of ten, impressing the judges

15&’s “Can’t Hide It” Ranks #1 on 7 Music Charts

15&"s soulful transformation proved its worth.

15& threw away their innocent side and came back with a soulful track "Can"t Hide It"; the song topped 7 music charts.

Released on April 13, "Can"t Hide It" currently ranks #1 on Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Daum Music, and Genie.

The song ranked #1 on search engines and quickly rose to the top of music charts.

Composed of members Park Jimin and Baek Yerin, 15& had previously sang sweet and mellow songs; however, the new track is a soulful song requiring mature voices of the members. The song is an R&B genre song about one-sided love.

Meanwhile, 15& also staged their comeback performance on SBS "K-Pop Star 3"

Akdong Musician Announces “Give Love” as Their Third Title Song

Akdong Musician"s third title song was announced to be titled "Give Love".

On YG Entertainment"s official blog, a post announcing: "The third title song that you all selected for Akdong Musician is "Give Love"!" A third title track following the first two songs "200%" and "Melted" was decided. YG"s producer Yang Hyun Suk had previously announced that the song that was most loved by fans would be selected as the album"s third title song. YG selected "200%" as Akdong Musician"s first title song while the members themselves chose "Melted".

After the release of Akdong Musician"s debut album on April 7, "Give Love" was the most popular after "200%" and "Melted". The song remains #4 on Mnet and Olleh Music and #7 on Bugs and Melon.

"Give Love" is inspired by the hearts, or lives, given in a smartphone game; the lyrics show Akdong Musician"s unique creativity

Two-Thousand WON Performs on Hongdae Streets

Two-Thousand WON Performs on Hongdae Streets

SBS "K-Pop Star 2" contestants Two-Thousand WON staged a surprise performance on the streets of Hongdae, releasing the performance video.

Two-Thousand WON posted the guerilla busking clip on their official Facebook and Twitter accounts. They introduced themselves, revealing the reason behind the name Two-Thousand WON. They had started performing in the streets when they were freshmen in high school; 2000 won(approximately $2), was their first income.

The busking was held in Hongdae on April 12 to perform mini album title song "I Hate Seoul" on the streets. Two-Thousand WON performed debut song "I Hate Seoul" and "I Have a Girlfriend" live, drawing out enthusiastic responses from the crowd gathered. Two-Thousand WON"s popularity could be noted by the people gathered around the performing members

Akdong Musician Vs. 15& – “K-Pop Star” Victors Go Head-to-Head

(Photo : YG)

The winners of "K-Pop Star 1" and "K-Pop Star 2" are battling it out on the K-Pop scene.

According to the reports gathered from the top 10 online music sites, 15& (Park Ji Min, Baek Ye Rin) and Akdong Musician (Lee Chan Hyuk, Lee Soo Hyun) are taking turns at the top spot.

Akdong Musician, the winner of "K-Pop Star Season 2", released their album Play and performed their title song "200%" on the stage of "K-Pop Star Season 3". "200%" has been the top 3 song on these online charts for over a whole week.

"200%" is a love song. The lyrics are playful and speak about a person who wants to confess their love but is too shy. It has a lot of organic sounds, including guitar and piano.

15& is the vocal duet group that consists of "K-Pop Star Season 1" winner Park Ji Min and prodigy Baek Ye Rin

“K-Pop Star 3″ Winner Bernard Park Plans to Give Prize Money to Parents

K-Pop Star 3” winner Bernard Park recently revealed that he will be giving his parents all of his prize money.

On April 14, Bernard Park made a guest appearance on SBS’s “Cultwo Show” and revealed that he had received 300 million won (About 288,300 USD) for prize money. In a discussion regarding how he planned to use his prize money, he said that he planned to deposit the money into a retirement fund for his parents.

On the last episode of “K-Pop Star 3” that aired on April 13, Bernard Park beat Sam Kim for first place. He ended up choosing JYP Entertainment as his agency that he’d like to debut under.

When asked why Bernard Park had picked JYP Entertainment, he said, “It’s just, I was most comfortable with judge Park Jin Young when we worked together