K-Pop MVs That Were Filmed In The Most Exotic Places

K-Pop MVs That Were Filmed In The Most Exotic Places

K-Pop MVs are always filled with exciting sets, wonderful views, and simply stunning locations. However, there are some K-Pop MVs that make you want to pack your bags and head out on a vacation! Check out these amazing K-Pop MVs that will blow you away with their aesthetics.

Girls’ Generation – “Party”

The lovely girls of Girls’ Generation give you a glimpse of Thailand’s wonderful island life. The vast sea and deep, natural jungles of Ko Samui, Thailand!

If you thought Thailand was a wonderful experience, Taeyeon will take you on a journey through New Zealand. Her beautiful scenes filmed across the endless country side will make you feel like a part of the Earth.

It seems even Jessica has filmed her MV at some extravagant places. The stunning dance routines at the Snowy Alps in the South-Eastern hemisphere of France will leave you feeling like you are in a real “Wonderland!”

The sweet girls of Lovelyz prove you don’t have to go far for an exotic day at the beach. A day at Okinawa, Japan never looked sweeter than in their MV “For You.”

VIXX give fans an amazing look at the Stockholm, Sweden as they film alongside bridges, cobblestone paths, and beautiful parks. Got lost in a European adventure!

Big Bang came to the U.S on more than one occasion but they totally impressed when they filmed their MV “Tonight” in the vast deserts of Las Vegas!

Korea is home to some amazing sights as well! The English Village of Gyeonggi has a nice rural and rustic style that only enhance the charm of Super Junior’s “Magic” MV.

Which MV was the most visually pleasing for you? Share your favorites down below!