K-Pop Idols Who Started Out As Scene-Stealing Backup Dancers

K-Pop Idols Who Started Out As Scene-Stealing Backup Dancers

There are a lot of idols out there well known for their charismatic stage presence and precise choreography. And while they may be famous now, many of them kicked off their dancing careers and gained experienced from being backup dancers to other celebrities. Check out these scene-stealing idols below!

After placing first on Produce 101 Season 2, a video of Kang Daniels past as a backup dancer gained attention. Before his debut with Wanna One and the survival program, Kang Daniel was a trainee and backup dancer to FIESTARs Cao Lu. Recently on a variety show, Kang Daniel confessed, It was my first time dancing with a girl so I was really nervous. My hands were shaking when I had to hug her from behind.

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Since Produce 101, the idol has only seen success as she debuted with her former group I.O.I and is also currently doing well on her solo career. However, before all the fame, she performed as Ulala Sessions backup dancer. Even then, she was able to show off her strong dance skills and now as a successful soloist, she was able to keep her promise for placing within the top 10 on music charts by dancing as a backup dancer for her manager.

PRISTINs Nayoung Kyulkyung

Recently, screenshots of the two former I.O.I and current PRISTIN members as Orange Caramels backup dancers has been gaining attention. They can be seen wearing matching pink outfits and mouse ears while smiling adorably. You can also see Xiyeon below! Nayoung has also been a backup dancer for San Es A Midsummer Nights Sweetness and also gained attention back then for her sweet looks.

Highlights Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Doojoon

Although all three members are now a part of HIGHLIGHT and have been performing together for years, initially Lee Gikwang debuted as a soloist under the name AJ and the other members performed as his backup dancers. On a past variety show, Yong Junhyung stated, Although we always stood on stage with Lee Gikwang, we were trainees and so there were no real plans or dorms for us. If we didnt have anywhere to sleep after our schedules, we even slept in public saunas. It was really hard for us at times. Lee Gikwang also commented, I only knew [about this] after I finished promoting as AJ. I felt sorry for learning about it afterwards. They are friends I cant be without.

9MUSESs Kyungri is known for her sexy stage performances so it only makes sense that before her debut she was a backup dancer to Park Mi Kyung. Even in her early 20s, she was known in the industry as a skilled dancer, and so she was a backup dancer for many other stars, including Chaeyeon (pictured below) and Kim Gun Mo.


Although the two members are well known for their charismatic performances as idols, they were also originally backup dancers for the original charisma queen herself, Lee Hyori. A video of them performing with her onstage during her Bad Girl promotions surfaced and gained attention, as the two impressed with their sharp movements and were wearing revealing clothing to better imbue the song into the performance.