K-Pop Idols Who Had YouTube Channels

K-Pop Idols Who Had YouTube Channels

They all started somewhere! While some idols went through countless auditions and some were easily plucked off the streets, some idols spent their time performing on YouTube! Check out these idols who had channels and videos posted before they became famous.

Ailee had the voice of an angel from the very beginning. Her YouTube videos reached over millions of views and fans easily see why she became the top idol she is today!

Singing wasn’t the only way to gain attention on the internet! Ladies’ Code’s Ashely got our attention with her awesome dance covers and intense choreography. What do you think of her killer dance moves?

Yuju of G-Friend practically put Elsa from Frozen in her place when she uploaded this marvelous cover of “Let It Go.” Fans can’t help but comment how she managed to look the same even as an idol now.

Even Eric Nam couldn’t’ resist uploading a fun K-Pop cover! His male version of 2NE1’s “Lonely” is an unforgettable piece of YouTube history!

Jae is one excellent singer and before he became a main vocalist in the swagged out boy band Day6, Jae was sharing his brilliant vocals on YouTube. The views came rolling in with each upload!

Before becoming BM of hit co-ed group KARD, Matthew was a talented singer on YouTube who won over our hearts with his deep vocals.

Wendy of Red Velvet was just a young teen when she uploaded this wonderful cover of “Halo” on YouTube. I am sure Beyonce is even applauding her now!

Who was your favorite YouTube star?