K-Pop Idols Who Had An Early Start & Debut

K-Pop Idols Who Had An Early Start & Debut

We all know about the idols who have been training for years in order to become the perfect star, but what about the ones who debuted at an early age? Some stars were just born with talent or decided to take the risk and give it a shot at becoming a K-Pop star at such an early age. Check out these idols who debuted early in the K-Pop game!

The girls debuted at quite an early age with the youngest member being only 9.

This group was deemed the youngest K-Pop group to debut with their average age coming in at 13.

BoA debuted when she was 13.

Taemin debuted at the young age of 14!

Jinsol also debuted at 14.

Suzy of Miss A started her career as young as 15.

Jungkook also wowed the crowd at just 15 years old!

The angel of K-Pop came to us at the age of 15.

Krystal debuted with f(x) at just 15.

Seungri of Big Bang was another idol to debut at 15!

Zelo was just 15 when he debuted!

15 Park Jimin andBaek Yerin

Of course, the two girlsJiminand Yerin of 15 cannot be forgotten from this list!

Chaeyoung was 16 when she debuted with TWICE in 2015.

Like Chaeyoung, TWICE Tzuyu was also 16 at the time of her debut!

Such young idols, right? Where there any other idols you could think of that are younger and didn’t make it on the list? Let us know in the comments below!