K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Successful Soloists

K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Successful Soloists

Many fans love K-Pop for the large number of groups and members within them. However, there are some groups that had soloists emerge from them and really found success in doing just that! Check out some idols who impressed us with their solo projects below.

Amber of f(x) branched away to show us a more personal, artistic side of not only herself but also her music.

SHINee’s Taemin showed us an unexpected side as he got suave and sexual in his MV for “Drip Drop.”

Minah was a solo success with her sentimental hit “I Am A Woman, Too.” She really shined with her strong vocals and RB influenced track. Her mini-album also features familiar sounds.

Zico, in a sad technical way, casted Block B to the side in order to succeed in his solo career. Honestly, fans aren’t looking back and just anticipate all of his stellar releases!

Miss A’s Fei got a chance to appeal to audiences with a more adult, sexy concept. Her song, dance routine, and style were both powerful and eye-catching.

The handsome member of Super Junior, Yesung, shows us his sweet and charming side through his dreamy ballad “Here I Am.”

SISTAR Hyorin was so successful in her solo activities that she even decided to leave her former girl group SISTAR in order to pursue her own wishes.

Taeyang was clearly a diamond in the rough as his talent was a bit overshadowed in his group Big Bang. Once he broke free, Taeyang made hit after hit with songs like “Wedding Dress” and the famous “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

Park Bom always had a voice that stood out among the crowd. Giving her a solo was the right thing to do as she proved she could continue impressing us all with her amazing vocals.

The diva of 2AM showed us a more sensitive and passionate side as he lets his emotions run free in “Crosswalks,” a song about one of his lovers.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

It was only a matter of time before Taeyeon got her solo and she started off with a real bang! “I” is just one of her many songs that brilliantly showcase her talent as an artist.

Highlight’s Yoseob really shined and showed us all his powerful vocals through his song “Caffeine.” Like Yoseob himself, it is catchy, smooth and refreshing.

Ga In made everyone’s jaws drop once she became the drop dead sexy solist we all know her for today! “Paradise Lost” is just one of her many hot topic songs.

JYJ’s Junsu got extremely creative during his solo act. “Flower” was one of his many emotional releases that showcases his beautiful nature and natural vocals.

“Bubble Pop” was the starting point that made this singer pop from the group. Once she started showing us how well she could bubble pop, the rest was history for this successful and sexy artist.