K-Pop Idols Most Hilarious Derp Photos

K-Pop Idols Most Hilarious Derp Photos

Derping – it is one of the greatest photos a person can ever take! Whether it is on purpose or simply caught in the moment, these K-Pop derp faces are guaranteed to leave you laughing in stitches! Check out the hilarious derpers down below!

Face/Phase 1 when the soju kicks in!

Girls’ Generation Sunny

When you a lady in the streets but a freak too.

When you duck face too much…

Girls’ Generation Tiffany

When you ain’t ready for the friendly group pic and you gotta let them know!

Hyeri looks like Voldermort – too scary!

The face you make when your favorite group wins #1 on any music program!

When you really feeling the K-Drama romance!

When you gotta sneeze and burp at the same time.

When you accidentally turn on the front facing camera.

When you weren’t prepared for your own fart smell.

Which one was the most hilarious? Let us know in the comments below!