K-Pop Groups You Wouldn't Expect To See on SNL Korea

K-Pop Groups You Wouldn't Expect To See on SNL Korea

Everyone loves a good laugh, and SNL Korea delivers with each of their hilarious skits! But, did you know some of our favorite idols partake in the fun and put on funny performances for the show too? Check out your favorite idols who became comedians for a day on SNL Korea!

SHINee makes us die of laughter with their comical rendition of “Ring Ding Dong.”

Girl’s Day not only show us their comedic sides but they also prove who is the cutest with their hilarious aegyo battle!

Probably one of the most talked about skits yet, Block B made fans swoon with their lovey dovey fan fic skit. It also features a kiss between two members.

Before T-ara said good bye, they took one moment to become jokesters on the stage with this hilarious skit involving 3 best friends with wild personalities.

Jay Park outshines all girl groups with his hilarious routine. He is also joined with SECRET as they compete to be the better girl group!

EXID had this to say when they were mocked by TMZ during an interview. This skit made crowds across the globe laugh.

Eric Nam put on quite the show as he appears in drag for this comical skit.

A Pink made everyone cry with laughter as they imitated the famous character’s from the hit children’s show ‘Dooly.’

INFINITE are another veteran group that made us laugh till we cried with their oppa skit.

Girls’ Generation Tiffany

Girls Generation’s Tiffany surprised us all when she became a total American diva on SNL Korea. Her outrageous personality will have you screaming!