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Yubin presentations Off Her female Aspect with Arena Homme Plus Pictorial

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Yubin displays Off Her Feminine Facet with Arena Homme Plus Pictorial Yubin of Wonder Girls showed off her refined attractive side with Arena Homme Plus, which announced that “Yubin, who has at all times showed off her sturdy feminine side, resulting in many lady crushes, has just passed through a pictorial shoot with Arena Homme Plus to expose her feminine and blameless side.”

Ironically, Yubin arrived at the shoot correct after the final filming of “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” yet she was once ready to shed off her rapper personality and glance harmless in front of the camera. This is related to have shocked and inspired the body of workers who were there for the pictorial.

Her interview with Arena Homme Plus will take care of the hidden reviews of “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” in addition Yubin’s fair emotions as a member of a well-liked lady workforce in its 9th year since its debut.

Wonder Girls′ Yubin is going for a female Feel in newest Spread

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Wonder Girls′ Yubin is going for a female Feel in newest Spread

--> A new aspect to Wonder Girls′ Yubin has been revealed.

Yubin currently posed for a range in Arena Homme +, dropping the cruel act we′ve observed on proclaims for a female feel.

Yubin, who got here to the shoot following the general recording of Unpretty Rapstar 2, used to be praised by way of the body of workers for her good looks each time she struck a pose.

The Wonder Ladies member shared behind-the-scenes experiences from Unpretty Rapstar 2 and spoke candidly about her nine-year career. The spread and interview will also be discovered in the December factor of Arena Homme +.

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Choiza thank you his female friend Sulli for her message of support

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Choiza thank you his female friend Sulli for her message of support

Choiza thanked his girlfriend Sulli for her message of make stronger for Dynamic Duo"s newest album.

At the November 17th press exhibit for Dynamic Duo"s 8th album "Grand Carnival", Choiza used to be asked about Sulli"s fresh post about the tune "When wintry weather Comes" from the album. He said, "To be honest, prior to the album got here out, all my acquaintances checked it out and in reality cherished it."

He added, "It"s a song that may just now not stand out in the album, yet on account of her, it"s getting some spotlight. Also, it more than likely wasn"t simple to post about it like that, so I"m truly thankful she were given the courage to do it."

Dynamic Duo′s Choiza Publicly thank you female friend Sulli

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Dynamic Duo′s Choiza Publicly thank you female friend Sulli

--> Dynamic Duo′s Choiza thanked female friend Sulli.

Dynamic Duo held a comeback show off and journalists roundtable for 8th album Grand Carnival at the Yes24 Muv corridor in Seoul′s Mapo-gu on November 17.

Earlier today, Sulli posted the lyrics to Dynamic Duo′s new song When Iciness Comes on Instagram, in conjunction with the caption, "The song that brought me to tears once I heard it. It′s in the end out...!"

Choiza addressed the post saying, "I′m actually thankful to my girlfriend. She truly loved that song, in particular. She liked it even supposing it doesn′t make up a large bulk of the album. I′m thankful that my girlfriend shed the highlight on that song once more. I believe my girlfriend had to muster up numerous courage to post that on social media, so I′m grateful for that as well."

Meanwhile, Dynamic Duo′s eighth album, the duo′s first full-length album in two years and 4 months, capabilities contributions by skill of more than a few manufacturers and artists, adding Crush, Zico, Gray, VerbalJint and Primary. Lead unmarried Jam is a mild music that showcases Dynamic Duo′s cheerful rhythmic sense and conveys the courting between a guy and a woman, who are walking the fine line between pals and lovers, having a fantastic time together.

Shinhwa's Dongwan broke up with a female friend over her farts?

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Shinhwa's Dongwan broke up with a female friend over her farts?

Shinhwa"s Dongwan relayed a moderately hilarious tale that conjures up acute secondhand embarrassment on KBS 2TV"s quiz program, "1 vs. 100," on November 10.

After Dongwan mentioned the explanations he used to be not able to marry thus far, MC Cho Woo Jong asked, "Is it true that you broke up with a girlfriend because she farted?"

Dongwan explained, "As I were given closer to my girlfriend, she got a addiction of ceaselessly farting. On most sensible of farting, she even attempted to feed me her farts. That"s why we broke up."

Would that be a deal breaker for you, too?

Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Finds He Broke Up with His female friend Because She Fed Him a Fart

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Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Finds He Broke Up with His female friend Because She Fed Him a Fart

--> Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan published that he once broke up with his female friend because she farted.

Kim Dong Wan lately filmed KBS′ 1 vs. 100, where he faced off opposed to one hundred competition for the 50 million won prize.

The MC revealed why Kim Dong Wan would in all probability not be married, pronouncing "I heard that you broke up with your girlfriend because she farted."

Kim Dong Wan then said, "After getting with reference to each and every other, my girlfriend picked up a addiction of farting the entire time. Farting wasn′t sufficient for her, so at one point, she even fed me a fart. That′s why we broke up."

Meanwhile, the episode featuring Kim Dong Wan will air on November 10.

The Best Male And Female Acting Idols, According To Entertainment Insiders

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ZE:A (Photo : KDramaStars ) Im Siwan and Suzy demonstrate are the top acting idols in Korean entertainment, according to a recent study conducted with more than 40 industry leaders.

On November 1, TV Report published an article reflecting the results of the poll. Within the top five female and male K-pop stars who are considered leading actors, there were some newcomers, but few surprises.

ZE:A"s Im Siwan led the list of male stars with 49 points in the poll. He appeared in several supporting and cameo roles before receiving his breakout character in the 2013 film, "The Attorney." He followed with his portrayal of Jang Dong Woo, the wealthy younger brother of Kim Jae Joong in "Triangle." However, his profile with domestic audiences drastically increased with his turn in the tvN office series, "Misaeng."

Yook Sungjae of BtoB placed second on the list with 27 points. He landed on the radar of K-Drama viewers with his portrayal of Sooksookie in "Reply 1994," before attracting positive attention as Kang Min Gu, a lovelorn teen, in "Plus Nine Boys." While those were solid roles, he was catapulted to Hallyu stardom through his emotionally complex delivery of Gong Tae Kwang in the teen melodrama, "Who Are You: School 2015."

EXO"s D.O. (Do Kyungsoo) landed in third place with 22 points. D.O. continues to gain momentum as one of the most dynamic male acting idols, who is capable of embracing emotionally fraught characters like his turn in "It"s Okay, That"s Love," as well as, taking on romantic roles like the upcoming film, "Pure Love."

ZE:A demonstrates their strength as a group that has top actors as the only group with two stars in top five section of the list. Park Hyung Sik, who captivated viewers as Cha Dal Bong in "What"s Happening To My Family?" and Yoo Chang Soo in "High Society," placed fourth on the list with 16 points.

Choi Siwon of Super Junior capped off the top five male acting idols with 14 points. In 2015, he delivered a spectacular K-Drama comeback as comic relief and a hopeless romantic in MBC"s hit series, "She Was Pretty."

In the female category, Miss A"s Suzy maintained a significant lead with 51 points. She returns to acting with the pansori period film "Dorihwaga" and will have her K-Drama comeback opposite Kim Woo Bin in an upcoming romantic comedy.

A Pink"s Jung Eun Ji, who wowed audiences in "Reply 1997" and "Trot Lovers," followed with 38 points. The popular acting idol currently stars in the KBS2 teen drama, "Sassy Go Go," where she portrays Kang Yeon Do, a cheerleader with a heart of gold.

Soloist IU was included on the list in third place. While solo artists are often debated as not falling within the acting idol category, she received 22 points. IU delivered a heartfelt performance as Cindy in KBS" hit weekend series, "Producer," channeling the emotionality of past roles including her stellar turn in "Dream High."

The list was completed by AOA"s Seolhyun and Hyeri of Girl"s Day, two female idols with debatable acting skills. Seolhyun placed fourth with 14 pointswhile Hyeri capped off the top five list with nine.

In 2015, Seolhyun gained positive attention for her silver screen role in "Gangnam 1970," opposite Lee Miin Ho. She followed with a leading role in KBS" supernatural teen drama of "Orange Marmalade.

Hyeri kicked off the year in "Seonam Girls High School Investigation Club" and is on the precipice of her K-Drama comeback with "Reply 1988."

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

Beenzino Says His female friend Stephanie Michova Reads All Korean Negative Comments

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Beenzino Says His Girlfriend Stephanie Michova Reads All Korean Negative Comments Rapper Beenzino mentioned how his girlfriend Stephanie Michova deals with negative comments.

On a up to date filming of JTBC‘s “Witch Hunt,” Beenzino paid a discuss with to the studio and shared his fair love experiences.

When asked about how he deals with negativity from the public, he just replied, “I don’t let it trouble me. I don’t think any individual is truly opposed to having a public relationship. i suspect it’s the contrary direction around; a massive number of other folks don’t find it irresistible when an individual hides his or her relationship.”

MC Shin Dong Yup then asked, “Aren’t you a bit of relieved that your girlfriend can’t notice the negative comments?” and Beenzino answered, “It’s now not even like that. My girlfriend asks me everything. I must translate the entirety for her.”

The rapper even called out the malicious commenters, jokingly saying, “I wish they’d remark in English.”

Fans could be in a position to look more of Beenzino at the next episode of “Witch Hunt” airing on October 30 at 11 p.m. KST.

Jung Kyung Ho Sends Food Truck To His female friend Sooyoung’s Drama Set

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Jung Kyung Ho Sends Food Truck To His Girlfriend Sooyoung’s Drama Set Jung Kyung Ho turns out to be caring for his girlfriend Girls’ Generation’Sooyung, especially since he sent a food truck to her drama set.

On October 28, Coffee Pong, a superstar give a spice up to business, posted an image in conjunction with the caption, “Support for Sooyoung in the drama ‘Perfect Sense.’”

In the picture, a food truck with a banner and signal that claims “It’s on Jung Star” is decided in front of the vehicle.

Jung Star is Jung Kyung Ho’s nickname, which means that he gave the group of workers of KBS’s drama “Perfect Sense” the food truck as a gift.

“Jung Kyung Ho ready the truck for Sooyoung and the workers who are running not easy at the field,” Coffee Pong added. “We will be certain to pass on his type center as well.”

Since the couple went public with their dating in January, they've endured to move strong.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung has taken on the role of Ah Yeon, a blind instructor who ice skates, in the 2016 Day of Folks With Disabilities special drama “Perfect Sense,” that will air on April 20.

A photo posted through 커피퐁 & 와플퐁 (@coffee_pong) on Oct 27, 2015 at 9:03pm PDT

Jeong Kyeong-ho sends coffee catering to give a spice up to his female friend Choi Soo-young

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Jeong Kyeong-ho sends coffee catering to give a spice up to his female friend Choi Soo-young

On October 28th, Coffee Pong corporate posted on their professional Instagram account, "Actor Jeong Kyeong-ho has supported Choi Soo-young starring in drama "Perfect Sense" by way of sending coffee catering to the filming set. We knew Jeong Kyeong-ho"s blameless and warmhearted person, we were right".

In the published photo, a lovely coffee catering truck and a placard announcing "Star Jeong treats you snack, "Perfect Sense", fighting", are seen. Jeong Kyeong-ho"s witty provide for his female friend and the candy love between the 2 seize your attention.

Choi Soo-young for no reimbursement stars in a distinct drama, "Perfect Sense" to be broadcast at the Day of Persons with Disabilities.