K-Pop fans don’t think Jaden Smith has what it takes to be an idol

K-Pop fans don’t think Jaden Smith has what it takes to be an idol

While Jaden Smith seems determined to become a K-Pop star, not everyone is supportive of his decision.

Jaden Smith, the son of Hollywood actor Will Smith, announced last week that he will be dropping a K-Pop single within the next four months. Prior to that, he has

Prior to that, he has repeatedly expressed that one on of his top goals was to debut in the K-Pop market and that he has plans to debut in 2017.

When his followers and other K-Pop fans around the world saw his series of tweets, reactions were mixed, but the majority of them seemed to oppose Jadens entry into K-Pop.

Some argued that his release wouldnt be classified as K-Pop because he didnt undergo the same training as other idols.

@officialjaden Its not kpop if you havent trained under a Korean company and debut in Korea you know that right pic.twitter.com/zhd5FiS3gc

기현의 딸기🍓/Easy Love (@YooKiihyun_) April 20, 2017

Others simply replied using K-Pop memes that aimed to discourage Jaden from releasing his single.

@officialjaden pic.twitter.com/1f7Cmh1ewZ

ㅤ (@versxcekth) April 20, 2017

@officialjaden pic.twitter.com/5t2JTiIOGV

exo ot9 (@exo_fanot9) April 20, 2017

@officialjaden pic.twitter.com/gxwQ5hUrzo

ikon is coming (@jiwonine) April 20, 2017

One user even joked that Jaden would be part of an NCT sub unit.

@officialjaden We told yall that Jaden Smith would be in the next nct unit

Sam. (@thiccgucci) April 20, 2017

Jaden has previously mentioned that BIGBANGs G-Dragon was a big inspiration to him, and G-Dragon has also suggested they collaborate on something together in the future.