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Mnet Getting ready for a wide Scale woman Crew Survival Program

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Mnet getting ready for a sizable Scale Woman Neighborhood Survival Program Mnet is preparing for a never-seen-before survival program to discover without equal K-Pop girl group. In keeping with the insiders, Mnet is making plans to spend about 4 billion Korean Won (approximately $3.4 million USD) in generating a display tentatively titled “Produce 101.” here's on par with “Superstar K,” which is one of Mnet’s flagship programs.

While SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment might no longer be participating, maximum other entertainment agencies will take part, every firm sending up to ten promising trainees.

An insider said, “In terms of budget, it's far 2nd handiest to ‘Superstar K,’ this way that that Mnet thinks that it'll be hugely successful. As in the case of ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ staring at conflicts among women is entertaining. There may be controversies, yet it would be fun.”

The filming is already underway. Many participants had been interviewed, and the filming of the most important episodes will get started very soon, as it's scheduled to air at the finish of this year.

Mnet hopes to let the girls from the similar agency compete as a unit, then make a choice about ten girls to shape a team belonging to Mnet for some quantity of time. This suggests that trainees from other agencies could belong to an identical team in the end.

Even the girls who do no longer win will take anything away, as they are going to all get an opportunity to marketplace themselves and get their names out there, offering motivation for masses of entertainment agencies to participate.

B2ST's Junhyung wows everybody on 'Laws of the Jungle' with his survival skills

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B2ST's Junhyung wows everybody on 'Laws of the Jungle' with his survival skills

Junhyung, the charismatic rapper of B2ST, showcased a wholly other aspect to him than his same old on-stage personality at the November thirteen airing of "Laws of the Jungle"!

The rapper used to be incredibly shy yet overflowing with competitive spirit, demonstrating hunting abilities that surpassed the ones of program normal Kim Byung Man. When he first arrived on the Samoan Islands along side Doojoon, he maintained a secure distance from the remainder of the crew, feeling shy around the entire strangers. Junhyung acknowledged awkwardly, "It"s the primary time that I"ve been around other celebrities for this long on a television show."

But the awkwardness didn"t closing long. once the hunting began, Junhyung stayed up all evening to catch the shrimp with a harpoon and succeeded in catching a wide fish. All of his hunting exploits on the display even earned him the nickname "Mr. Harpoon Man."

Can"t you simply see those eyes burning with a zeal to end up himself?

So Ji Sub’s Survival intuition Kicks In When Asked About the Prettiest Actress He’s Worked With

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So Ji Sub’s Survival Instinct Kicks In When Asked About the Prettiest Actress He’s Worked With Actor So Ji Sub gave the impression at the November 7 episode of KBS2 TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” and spread out about his role in the approaching drama “Oh My Venus.”

In the drama, So Ji Sub plays a fitness teacher who underwent a aggravating twist of fate in his youth. For the role, he says he lost seven kilograms whilst training. “I spent about a month without dining any carbohydrates.” When the reporter asks if he may blow their own horns his abs, So Ji Sub confesses, “I don’t have any correct now.”

So Ji Sub also mentions his co-star Shin Min Ah. All over the episode, he has a guerilla date with fans, who ask him who he thinks is the prettiest out of the entire actresses he’s ever worked with. He replies, “Because I’d love to live, Shin Min Ah is the prettiest.”

“Oh My Venus” is determined to air November 16.

Kasper Talks About the Korean Survival display Fad

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Kasper Talks About the Korean Survival prove Fad On November 2, a video used to be uploaded at the WISHTrendTV channel on YouTube in which Kasper talks about Korean television, particularly Korean survival and pageant programs. The video, called the ‘K-Pop 101’ segment, presentations Kasper sitting down and casually explaining displays similar to “Unpretty Rapstar,” “Show Me the Money,” “I Am a Singer,” and “Superstar K.”

She explains the start of the fad of survival systems in addition how the style grew over time. She also talks about the earlier than and after transformations of normal, day to day other people turning into mega superstars. Unsurprisingly, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, Seo In Guk, and Huh Gak are one of the most many stars discussed via Kasper. She also touches on the bad facets of show courses such as the notorious “devil’s editing” and explains her non-public mind about it.

Kasper is a rapper of Play the Siren, a Korean co-ed hip hop crew that debuted in 2014. She turns out very a professional about Korean tv shows and offers an enchanting point of view of the survival show fad in Korea.

Check it out yourself below!

Choi Yeo Jin Talks Beauty Secrets And Extreme Sports In Cosmopolitan

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Choi Yeo Jin Talks Beauty Secrets And Extreme Sports In Cosmopolitan

The Lover actress Choi Yeo Jin was strong and beautiful in the November issue of Cosmopolitan. The beauty went on a picnic, posed with a motorcycle, took two dogs for a walk and modeled exercise gear in a versatile photoshoot.

During the interview, the star talked about how she keeps her skin clear and healthy. She credited eating fruits and vegetables with a lot of antioxidants and avoiding fast food. She also has a daily skincare practice and advised readers to change a small part of their routine everyday to encourage more exercise.

She stated, "Riding your bike instead of taking your car, using the stairs instead of the elevator, are simple ways of staying healthy, while helping the planet."

She also talked about her love for extreme sports.

"I like to challenge myself with new things. Even if it requires a lot of my body. Yoga, Pilates, pole dancing, indoor sports, as well as hiking, golf, water skiing and other outdoor sports. In particular, extreme sports! I want to challenge myself with a biking sport. It feels like something dangerous and thrilling."

During her sport activities, she keeps her skin hydrated with Kiel"s Daily Reviving Concentrate. The concentrate contains antioxidants and naturally-derived oils that help keep the skin fresh and provide protection from the sun"s rays. A 1.0 oz. bottle can be yours HERE and the product can be seen below in greater detail.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of KPopBreak.com. In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

VIXX's N Impresses With His Survival Smarts On 'Law Of The Jungle'

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VIXX's N Impresses With His Survival Smarts On 'Law Of The Jungle'

VIXX"s N has earned himself the title of "The Brain" with SBS" latest Law of the Jungle in Nicaragua.

N has impressed his fellow cast mates since the beginning of the program with his knowledge of various survival tricks. Starting with the challenge to move a large tree trunk, while everyone else struggled with the weight N easily managed to move it using a series of ropes as pulleys.

Even more impressive, however, was his lantern making demonstration. In the upcoming episode, N takes items he has on hand and makes a working light source for his group. According to TV Report, he managed the task using a water bottle, a highlighter, and hydrogen peroxide to make the neon light.

N not only is taking over Law of the Jungle with his intuitive survival skills but he"s currently impressive fans with his work on the newest KBS drama Sassy Go Go. Between his acting in Sassy Go Go, his survival skills on Law of the Jungle, his variety skills as MC of Weekly Idol, and his MC-ing skills on Show! Music Core and his own radio program VIXX N Kpop N has truly proven himself as a jack of all trades in the entertainment world.

The next episode of Law of the Jungle will air this upcoming Friday, October 9, at 10PM KST.

VIXX’s N presentations Off His Impressive Survival Smarts on “Law of the Jungle”

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VIXX’s N displays Off His Impressive Survival Smarts on “Law of the Jungle” It looks as if VIXX’s N is fairly an clever survivor in the wilderness!

On the approaching episode of “Law of the Jungle,” VIXX’s N aka “the brain” shows off his survival guidelines and tricks.

He has shown his smarts from the first actual day he arrived at the jungle. When all and sundry struggled to transport huge tree trunks, N used his brain and simply moved them through the use of ropes.

During the upcoming episode, he uses whatever he has on hand to make an impressive lantern. He grabs a highlighter, water bottle, and hydrogen peroxide to create a neon-light lantern, leaving everybody utterly speechless.

To see out how he made this awesome neon lantern, watch the following episode of “Law of the Jungle” on September nine at 10 p.m. KST.

FNC Entertainment And iQIYI Launch Joint Boy Band Survival Project In China

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FNC Entertainment And iQIYI Launch Joint Boy Band Survival Project In China

(Photo : FNC) FNC Entertainment(FNC) and video streaming platform iQIYI jointly launched a large scale boy group survival project in China.

FNC and iQIYI selected 20 partipants through auditions, and episodes featuring their training sessions and survival competitions began airing as a show titled "King of Pop (流行之王)." The final 7 will be trained at FNC"s Global Training Center for their official debut in China at the end of this year.

The new idol group"s track will be produced by K-pop hit makerBrave Brothers, who is known for his hit tracks such as AOA"s "Like A Cat" and "Heart Attack."

"King of Pop" is a 12-episode reality program and the first episode aired on August 22. The remaining episodes will air every Saturday oniQIYIat 9:15 PM KST.

"SIXTEEN" competitors all good words for the survival show

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The contestants ofsurvival show "SIXTEEN" who were not able to get the opportunity of being included in JYP"s new girl group TWICE expressed their feelings after joining the show.

The girls talked about and shared their unforgettable experiences and their learning from the show.

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Former "SIXTEEN" competitors talk about their time on the survival show

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It"s always a bittersweet moment at the end of a survival show, when some members are chosen to debut and others aren"t. And just like all competition shows, some girls in the show "SIXTEEN" made it, while some will have to wait until the next opportunity.

The contestants of "SIXTEEN" who didn"t make it into the group TWICE released a video as they talked about their experience on the show.

Not one of the girls had anything negative to say about their time during the competition. All of them treasured their time on the show and felt like they got something out of it. They said that they became closer with one another and will work even harder from now on.

We hope to see the girls in a future girl group soon!

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