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Hot 7 Shocking APink Dream Concert pics

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Hot 7 Shocking APink Dream Concert pics

Check out some pictures of APink at the 2015 Dream Concert!

Fashion APink at the red carpet of Kyeongju Dream Concert

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Fashion APink at the red carpet of Kyeongju Dream Concert

APink galvanize with their type at the 2015 Kyeongju Dream Concert, take a glance at the footage here.

Highlights of K-pop Dream Concert 2015

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20150528_seoulbeats_mfbty_redvelvet Highlights of K-pop Dream Concert 2015 Written by Gaya On May 27, 2015 Now that Ive calmed down from last weekends Eurovision euphoria, I can turn my attention to more pressing K-pop matters, like the 2015 Dream Concert. This years concert was held on the 23rd of May and included performances from a ton of groups. There was a lot of the usual two-song sets and possible miming, but there were also some things you never thought youd ever see, like

MFBTY and Lee Sung-chul getting down with the idols

The two main special stages were hosted by MFBTY and Lee Sung-chul respectively, and they were awesome.

Bizzy, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae first performed Monster, off their album Wondaland, with a host of idol rappers, including EXIDs LE, B1A4s Baro, and BTS Rap Monster and Suga. This was like a superior version of that Hip Hop stage from the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun, which is a testament to both the growth of the genre in K-pop and to MFBTYs abilitiestheir staged showed just what they are capable of when given control.

After this was a performance of Bang Diggy Bang Bang with more idols: Exos Chanyeol and Red Velvets Wendy! I know, Im just as surprised as you are. While Wendy sort of faded away, Chanyeol was in his element: watching him losing his shit onstage has to be the biggest highlight of the concert, for me. Hes usually someone who keeps a tight leash on his emotions and how he presents himself, so it was nice to see him really let loose and be so raw in the spotlight.

Lee Sung-chul performed with a choir of school children or mostly school children, as idols Leo (Vixx), Sandeul (B1A4) and TS Entertainment duo Untouchable revealed themselves to the crowd. It wasnt until Lee Sung-chul had stepped away from the piano that I noticed he was a school uniform as well. It was seriously adorable, and he seemed to be having a ball with all the youngsters on stage. Not the most finessed performance, but still a heart-warming one.

Laboum and Lovelyz: Queens of the props

Laboums Hae-in has been carrying that phone and lugging that giant teddy bear around every live performance of this song, but even when she tires of it, I dont think I ever will. I just find it so amusing how shes rolling on the floor with a huge plush doll in the middle of the stage, and that its actually part of the performance! I mean, the whole thing is more trouble than its worth, but the persistence in its use is something Im willing to smile benignly on.

Of course, Laboum as a whole is very cute in this performance, though I would have loved more interaction between the members and the back-up dancers.

Lovelyz opened their performance of Hi~ by releasing balloons to the sky; and while that description sounds pretty ho-hum, the way the did it was so beautifully delicate, just like the rest of their performance.

You could hear the fans singing along with Infinite, Exo and Shinee, but girl group EXID got the same levels of noise when they performed their breakthrough hit Up and Down. I dont know why (or how, for that matter), but the broadcast managed to tune out most of the crowd; so, we must turn to fancams to witness this wonder. Below is the fancam with the least screaming; but if you dont mind losing your hearing, I highly recommend this one as well.

Secrets Blast from the Past

Secrets last release may be last years Im in Love, but the group decided to go old-school this year, with an intro of Magic before launching into Madonna. This stage was pretty rough around the edgesmaking me think if the song choice wasnt so much deliberate as it was rushedbut the vocals were stable enough and the ladies did seem to be having some fun.

This was Karas first live performance of brand new single Cupid, but it was the subsequent performances of Mamma Mia and Step which won me over. Not just for the 100% increase in live singing, but also because the camera captured some of Karas fans in the crowd. Unlike the usual shying away and hiding of faces were used to in these cases, Kamilia instead rose to the occasion: some threw hearts, some waved, some were too into their faves performance to even notice; but they were all adorable to watch.

Speed giving me reasons to rename them Smooth

This is the first we get to see of upcoming single What U, and the song is pretty good.Speed spices things up with their heels on wheels. They look so smooth gliding across the stage; and it makes the trip to the front stage a lot easier, too. I wonder if they will keep them for regular music show stages, too

These were my highlights; what were yours?

(Youtube[1][2][3][4][5][6]. Images via: SM Entertainment. Exid image: credit to owner)

2015 Dream Concert red carpet photos

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2015 Dream Concert red carpet photos

Check out the red carpet photos of the 2015 Dream Concert, which group is your favorite?

EXO’s Lay Reunites With Members After Busy Chinese Schedule for 2015 Dream Concert

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EXO’s Lay Reunites With Members After Busy Chinese Schedule for 2015 Dream Concert

Though Lay had been away from EXO for a bit due to his busy schedule in China, he finally reunited with the group for the 2015 Dream Concert.

EXO’s Lay took a picture with his members for fans, posting it on his Weibo with the caption, “yoyo. It’s been a while bros haha. Everyone still looks as handsome as ever.”

In the picture, EXO is huddled under the stage, showing their keen friendship. Everyone has their own unique pose, though they all flash bright smiles.

Meanwhile, Lay has been busy in China filming movies and variety shows. He joined the group to participate in the 2015 Dream Concert, held on May 23 at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

2015 Dream Concert performance pics!

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2015 Dream Concert performance pics!

2015 Dream Concert ended successfully, check out the photos from the concert here

Kara to perform "Cupid" for the first time at Dream Concert

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Kara to perform

Kara will be performing their new title track "Cupid" for the first time at Dream Concert today.

According to DSP Media, Kara will unveil "Cupid" at "2015 Dream Concert" which will take place later today on May 23rd at Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam. The group was originally scheduled to launch their first stage through showcase on the 26th, but they decided to push it earlier in order to meet with as many fans as possible before their comeback.

"2015 Dream Concert" with the feature of 27 groups, will begin at 6PM KST later today. READ MORE

KARA to reveal upcoming title track "Cupid" at "Dream Concert"

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KARA to reveal upcoming title track

KARA will be revealing their upcoming title track "Cupid" at the "2015Dream Concert" on May 23 at Seoul"s Sang-am Seoul World Cup Stadium.

DSP Entertainmentannounced on May 21, "KARA will be revealing "Cupid" for the first time at the "2015 Dream Concert". It was originally planned for them to perform the song for the first time at their showcase on the 26th, but as they"ll be meeting a lot of fans before then, it"s been decided that they"ll perform at the concert."

As previously mentioned, KARA will be returning with their 7th mini album "In Love" on the 26th. Are you excited for KARA"s comeback?

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Stars to come out for "Dream Concert"

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Stars to come out for

The 21st annual "Dream Concert" will be held on May 23 at Seoul World Cup Stadium, Mapo District, western Seoul. According to the Korea Entertainment Producer"s Association, its organizer, this year"s show will feature a stellar lineup, including Shinee, Exo, 4Minute, Sistar, Infinite and EXID. The concert began in 1995 and is one of the longest running in the nation. The association unveiled a list of about 10 K-pop groups that will perform at the show. It added that it will release details on the second lineup in the near future. The concert organizer added that many activities will be on offer other than the concert itself on the day of the concert.For more information visit www.kepa.net or the concert"s Facebook page, http://facebook.com/1995dreamconcert. BY SUNG SO-YOUNG

EXO, SHINee, and SISTAR All Booked to Perform at "2015 Dream Concert"

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EXO, SHINee, and SISTAR All Booked to Perform at

Ever thought you would see  EXO, SHINee, SISTAR in Mapo?

Well here they are together in the same room at "2015 Dream Concert."

Hosted by the Korea Entertainment Producer′s Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and SPC, the I Love Korea 2015 Dream Concert will take place on May 23 at 6 PM KST at the World Cup Stadium in Mapo.

Taking place for the 21st time, the Dream Concert has been providing the greatest concert and a healthy concert culture for teenagers. Known for its slogans fitting for each time period and a positive message, the Dream Concert is well-known as a public service concert.

With the Dream Concert known for attracting the best and most popular singers, the 2015 concert has announced SHINee, EXO, 4minute, Infinite, VIXX, B1A4, SISTAR, BTOB, T-ara, GOT7, Red Velvet and EXID in its first lineup. More stars will be announced in the second lineup.

On the day of the concert, there will be different zones of content, commercial, fandom, and entertainment set up on the main square of the World Cup Stadium, where spectators can enjoy various music and experience several events, surpassing the idea of a simple concert and creating a music festival. Especially with the Sewol tragedy in 2014, the Dream Concert is making detailed preparations for safety.

Hoping to plant a rightful and correct image and to show the social contributions of businesses, several businesses will be participating in the Dream Concert.

Full details about the Dream Concert will be available on its official site and official Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Korea Entertainment Producer′s Association