Sixbomb Blocked From Broadcast Performances For 'Raunchy' Degree Costumes

Sixbomb Blocked From Broadcast Performances For 'Raunchy' Degree Costumes

Sixbomb(Photo : Peacemaker Entertainment)Sixbomb(Photo : Sixbomb Wait 10 Years Little one MV)K-pop womanworkforce Sixbomb have fallen into a pot of problemby way of dressing in skintight crimsonframe suits.

Sixbomb are at this time barred from acting in tunepresentations to advertise their new unmarried Wait 10 Years Babyafter Korean tv regulators deemed their pink body matches - which the women wore in their music video and were making plans to also don in their reside performances - as inappropriately raunchy for broadcast.

"The community is not able to make any appearance on TV because ofmore than a few regulations. This is a pity not to existreadyto turn the gown to everyone," Sixbomb's firm Peacemaker Entertainment reportedly said, in keeping with The Korea Herald.

The pink body suits and the following broadcast censorship have elicited combined reactions from K-pop fans.

Some online commenters chimed in that the outfits were too revealing and made the Sixbomb girls unattractive.

"They seem likebare pink chickens in the pink suit," acknowledged YouTube user kpoppink at the "Wait 10 Years Baby"music video's comments section, and was once the top-rated reaction as of this posting.

But there were also enthusiasts that defended the girls, announcing that even supposing the body suits could also be unstylish, they still understandwonderful qualities about the group.

"All right. I in point of fact like them, once you watch their duvet videos they are great!" said YouTube user 1337nocomment, sooner than going off on a tirade opposed to the control and stylist groups that allowed the girls to get dressed up in the much-maligned outfits.

Due to the very negative reaction to the pink body suits, Sixbomb has reportedly replaced their live functionality costumes so they are able to resume promotions.

What do you recall to mind the Sixbomb pink body suits, and do you compromise that they will have towere barred from broadcast for the ones costumes?

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Stellar get dressed in other costumes for 360 VR video of 'Sting'

Stellar get dressed in other costumes for 360 VR video of 'Sting'

Is it Halloween back already?

The women of Stellar donned quite so much ofattractive costumes from facultylady to surgeon for a new VR video of them appearing "Sting."  They do notstick with one dress either - they exchange IT up in other cuts for this new 360 version!

SEE ALSO: Stellar is going head-to-head with malicious comments

Grab your goggles so you'll see them having amusing and gambling it up with fun outfits.


TOP 20 Very best Costumes Ever Worn Via K-Pop Idols

TOP 20 Very best Costumes Ever Worn Via K-Pop Idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWelcome to without equalselection of incredibly elaborate, and directly up hilarious costumes that experience been worn through K-Pop Idols. Some of them are simply too funny! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

When idols get dressed up in costumes, they dont hang back! Thoseimplausible costumes are so excellent that it's likely you'llin finding it not easy to admire your own bias! Test our new list of 20 Amazing Costumes By K-Pop Idols!

20 Amazing Costumes By K-Pop IdolsBy Koreaboo

Welcome to the finalsequence of incredible, elaborate, and straight up hilarious costumes that had been worn by K-Pop Idols! Some of them are just too funny! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Heechul Yuri 3By Koreaboo

EXO Sehun Chen and Baekhyun having a look terrifying!By Koreaboo

Spiderman Hulk, yet whos dressed in the costumes??By Koreaboo

2NE1 Dara sausageBy Koreaboo

SHINee Jonghyun Santa ClausBy Koreaboo

2AM Jokwon as a creepy nunBy Koreaboo

Siwon is Captain The usBy Koreaboo

Kyuhyun LokiBy Koreaboo

Thor KanginBy Koreaboo

Girls Generation and their elaborate costumes!By Koreaboo

Yoona as Snow WhiteBy Koreaboo

Key Luna have fantastic costumes!By Koreaboo

2PM Nichkhun the bear!By Koreaboo

A- Red Eunji the bunnyBy Koreaboo

Gyuri the bunnyBy Koreaboo

Super Junior Avengers x XMENBy Koreaboo

Super Junior super heroesBy Koreaboo

Jonghyun Key as Naruto PiccoloBy Koreaboo

Sungmin pumpkin ㅋㅋㅋㅋBy Koreaboo

TOP the terrifying dinosaurBy Koreaboo

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Watch: BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang Crack Up the Target audience  via  Dressed in Costumes

Watch: BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang Crack Up the Target audience via Dressed in Costumes

Watch: BTOBs Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang Crack Up the Target marketthroughDressed in CostumesJiwonYu February 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: BTOBs Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang Crack Up the Audience by Wearing Costumes BTOBs Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang made the audience laugh by dressing up as Jumong and a horse on Idol Star Athletics Championships.

On the February nine broadcast of the show, BTOBs Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang participated in the archery portion of the games wearing authentic costumes. Whilst Eunkwang pretended to be a horse, Sungjae parodied Jumong from the drama and remained relatively serious.

Watch a phase of the athletics games here!

Meanwhile, the Lunar New Year special of 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships may be lead by Girls Days Hyeri, Jun Hyun Moo, Jo Kwon, Kwanghee, and Leeteuk as MCs. It is going to continue airing on February 10 at 5:45 p.m. KST.

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EXID receives criticisms over recent”Hot Pink” costumes and performance

EXID receives criticisms over recent”Hot Pink” costumes and performance

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEXID’s “Hot Pink” costumes grabs attention for its bright and impressive vibe at the hot episode of SBS Inkigayo. 

On December 14th, EXID were given their fanaticsspeaking lateracting in black and hot pink ensembles as they carried out “Hot Pink” on Inkigayo over the weekend. The formidable crop best outfits and matching costumes stuck care for unique, attractive vibe that matched their choreography.

However, as the footage and videos in theirfunctionalitycirculation online, netizens can notassistyetremark on their sense of style, criticising the group’s cheesy outfit and idea instead.

This isn'tthe primary that EXID gained criticisms for their “Hot Pink” concept after being accused of prostitution on their freshsong video.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Image: SBS Inkigayo / Newsen Image: SBS Inkigayo / Newsen

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

995, 110 All their songs sound like Up and Down..

663, 89 The outfits are over the pinnacle

353, 37 Im a big fan of Hani but please be like SNSD. Womanteamsat the existing time get stuck on one Ailee..please have more foresight

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9 Perfectly Drama-tic Costumes for Halloween

9 Perfectly Drama-tic Costumes for Halloween

9 Perfectly Drama-tic Costumes for Halloween It’s that point of year again, for Halloween if you’re in the U.S. or for Halloween-themed parties if you’re elsewhere. And what does Halloween require from you? A costume. A dress this is either authentic (nothing is worse than a copy-cat costume situation) yet also presentations off your exclusive interests (because Halloween method you'll be in a position to let even your oddest interests be visible).

For all of you drama lovers, we’ve teamed up with Viki to sing their own praises some of our favourite drama-themed costumes! test them out and once you haven’t noticed the dramas we’re referencing, click the identify and stay up for more inspiration:

1) Orange Marmalade - Kim Seolhyun as Baek Ma Ri seolhyun-orange-marmalade

Baek Ma Ri is simply your moderate highschool-aged vampire looking to reside her lifestyles and steer transparent of detection by way of her human classmates. Humans and vampires will have signed a peace treaty two hundred years ago but humans still worry and loathe vampires and Ma Ri would rather now not face that discrimination at school. But, her hiding is going down the drain when she catches the attention of Jung Jae Min (Yeo Jin Goo) aka the maximum neatly liked guy at her school. Life is rarely simple for a vampire college girl.

Get The Look: school uniform, vampire teeth, pink contacts, artfully scattered blood

2) Blood - Ku Hye Sun as Yoo Ri Ta blood-costumes

Yoo Ri Ta has no concept that the hot hotshot physician she’s running along is a vampire and Park Ji Sang (her new vampire cohort, played by Ahn Jae Hyun) is content to stay it that way. (Because, after all, being a vampire in a sanatorium stuffed with ill patients is his dream job.) Ri Ta is strict about paintings but harbors a lovable personality that slowly comes to gentle all over the show.

Get The Look: doctor gown, permed hair with directly bangs, bright red lips, and perhaps a faux blood bag (make it a couple costume with any individual dressed to compare you but also rocking fangs!)

3) Scholar Who Walks The Night - Lee Joon Gi as Kim Sung Yeol lee-joon-gi-scholar-who-walks-the-night

An evil vampire has been lording over the kings of the Korean imperial circle of relatives for centuries and best people who are willing to obey him are capable of upward push to the throne. When Crown Prince Jung Hyung (Lee Hyun Woo) plans to assassinate the evil Vampire Gwi (Lee Soo Hyuk), Gwi kills him and leaves his youth friend Pupil Kim Sung Yeol to grieve him. Things take a turn, however, when Sung Yeol is became a vampire and is tasked with defeating Gwi once and for all. Can he in finding the call of the game memorandum left in the back of by Prince Jung Hyun that holds the secret to Gwi’s death? 200 years later, he solicits the assistance of bookseller Jo Yang Sun (Lee Yoo Bi) to discover the memorandum. But even with their blended efforts, can they locate the plan and effectively kill Gwi?

Get The Look: hanbok (specifically classic Korean scholar robes), tastefully spattered blood, vampire teeth, angsty expressions

4) Arang and the Magistrate - Shin Min Ah as Yoon Arang arang_shin-min-ah(1) arang_shin-min-ah(2)

When a tender lady is mysteriously murdered, her mischievous spirit comes back as a ghost. Yoon Arang is decided to determine why she died and good fortune is on her facet when she bumps into a young Magistrate, Lee Eun Oh (Lee Joon Gi), being able to keep in touch with the dead. He’s on a undertaking of his own, but Arang’s cussed endurance ultimately wins and he embarks on a adventure with her to find her killer in hopes that she’ll in the end leave him on my own after they do.

Get The Look: long hair, hanbok (traditional Korean dress), light makeup, massive circular tattoo on neck

5) Immortal - Angel Locsin as Lia Ortega Angel-Locsin_immortal-werewolf

Despite a prophecy foretelling an epic struggle between the 2 species, Lia (a werewolf) and Mateo (a vampire) find themselves drawn together. As they grow closer, the powers mendacity dormant inside of them start to awaken and tear them apart. If you’re trying to find a low-key Werewolf costume, Lia is the very best personality muse for you!

Get The Look: green contacts, brow wrinkles, fangs

6) My Queen - Cheryl Yang as Shan Wu Shuang Cheryl-Yang_School-Girl

Shan Wu Shuang is the most important editor for iFound mag and is willing to do anything else for a just right story. Case and point? Dressing up as a young student to sneak into a faculty and catch evidence of a top-level minister’s affair. But, life isn’t at all times effortless when it revolves only around work. Wu Shuang is very, very unmarried and still haunted by an coincidence six years ago that broke up her ultimate relationship. Can she figure out how to carve time in her life for every other person?

Get The Look: college uniform, huge camera, hair arranged to appear way too young

Alternatively: “A Witch’s Romance,” the Korean version.

7) Good Times - Hu Ge as Yuan Hao Hu-Ge_Marilyn-Monroe(2)

Yuan Hao: sensible looking, rich, and the landlord of a height commute agency. His “fatal flaw”? Refusing to calm down and a critical aversion to marriage. His female friend is consistently nagging him to settle down (with her) and it kind of feels like there’s a countdown till the finish of the courting if he doesn’t propose. So what is he to do? Possibly get dressed like Madonna and carry out for her? (This scene has yet to air so we are not sure precisely why he’s dressed as Madonna but it makes for this type of wonderful Halloween costume that we had to incorporate it.)

Get The Look: red lips, red nails, a white dress, blonde wig, and an pissed off girlfriend

8) Office Girls - Roy Qiu as Zi Qi Roy-Qiu_Dinosaur

When Zi Qi’s father, the Chairman of Jing Shi branch Store, demanding situations him to continue to exist a lowly entry-level salary for a year, he most certainly didn’t be expecting to need to clothe up in a green dragon onesie… But, if he can survive the year without revealing his true identity he's going to have passed his father’s verify and proved that he merits to lead the dept store. Easy, right? Well, no less than the costume is easy!

Get The Look: dinosaur onesie, flock of youngsters wanting to climb all over the place you

9) Fated to like You - Joe Chen as Chen Xin Yi Joe-Chen_Postit-Girl

Chen Xin Yi is just some other cog in the office device – plain, hard-working, and an excessive pushover. Her without problems trusting nature and preference to thrill leave her incessantly being used and then tossed apart – similar to a post-it. When she starts to gain that she’s just a “post-it girl,” she finally takes the time to rise up for herself and exchange her life for the better. (Of course, in drama-land, not anything goes slightly as planned and Xin Yi finally ends up taking one wild ride to switch her life!)

Get The Look: plain work outfit, hair in a ponytail, glasses, dozens of post-it notes stuck for your frame with menial responsibilities written on them (pick up coffee, swap the printer ink, drop off equipment at the post office. etc.)

Alternatively: Fated To Love You, the Korean version.

Did we pass over any of your favorite Halloween drama looks? Let us know in the comments! Related


Big Bang, in spartan costumes, film for

Big Bang, in spartan costumes, film for "Running Man"

Media report that Big Bang are currently recording for SBS "Running Man" today somewhere at Inje Speedium in Gangwon.

Fan-taken photos of the group are uploaded on SNS showing the gentlemen wearing spartan costumes with Jong kook with the classic nametags. During the missions, the teams are divided into red (Big Bang) and blue (Running Man cast). It is also reported that G-Dragon"s fans send food truck for the cast and staff of the variety program.

There"s no exact date of Big Bang"s appearance, but let"s anticipate their episode in the coming weeks for this is their first Running Man guesting after 3 years!

Photo credits:coffeegreateinmyworld_vi



Dal Shabet  has  stunned  people by  his  epic  dance      to  Joker    when  putting  on the cute  Animal Costumes

Dal Shabet has stunned people by his epic dance to Joker when putting on the cute Animal Costumes

Dal Shabet Dances to Joker in Adorable Animal Costumes after MV Breaks 3M Views On April 25, girl group Dal Shabet released a new choreography video wearing adorable animal costumes to commemorate their music video for “Joker” breaking 3 million views.

In the video, the girls trade out their harlequin dresses for perky panda, cow, shark, mouse(?), tiger, and dinosaur(?) costumes. They look like naturals as they capitalize on their newly acquired tails and ears to put a cute spin on the sexy choreography of “Joker.”

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet made a long-awaited comeback on April 15 with the music video for the title track “Joker” off their new mini album. The album is garnering all the more interest as group member Subin contributed to all the tracks on the album.

Which member’s costume is your favorite?



Top eighteen unlucky moment of Korean stars when their costumes don't behave

Top eighteen unlucky moment of Korean stars when their costumes don't behave

It is true that sometimes, performance clothes can get the stars in trouble during the show. Everything can go  the way it is not supposed to in the middle of the dance performance.

Let's review some unlucky moments that Korean singers experienced when everything went wrong with their costumes.

From EXO, to Girls’ Generation, Sistar, and Big Bang, no one is safe from wardrobe malfunctions! Bra flashes, flying shoes, tearing pants, and the dreaded nip slip… Check out some of the funniest, embarrassing, and just plain unfortunate clothing mishaps of K-Pop. Here’s our new list of 18 Disastrous Wardrobe Malfunctions Of K-Pop!

18 Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions Of K-Pop

By Koreaboo

Sometimes performance costumes don't always behave as expected! You never know what could go wrong in the midst of all that dancing! Here are some K-Pop idols' most unfortunate wardrobe moments!


By Koreaboo

Poor Luhan can't keep his nips hidden for long! They always seem to escape somehow ㅋㅋㅋ


By Koreaboo

During BTS' live performance, Jimin and Rap Monster both suffered tragic nip-slips when their tank tops suddenly flew off!


By Koreaboo

4Minute's Hyuna also flashed her bra on stage when lifting her shirt up a little too high!

2NE1 – CL

By Koreaboo

During 2NE1's performance of "Drop it like it's hot" CL's cut-off tee repeatedly lifted up, exposing her bra. O_O Fortunately nobody made a big deal about it ^^

Tahiti – Miso

By Koreaboo

During last week's performance of their comeback track "Phone Number" Miso's shirt seemed to have a mind of its own!

EXO – Chen

By Koreaboo

Even Chen isn't safe from wardrobe malfunctions. In this show, his buttons are torn off when he unleashes his manly power!

EXO – Chen

By Koreaboo

Oh no Chen! Your nipples have been witnessed by millions :O

INFINITE – Seungyeol

By Koreaboo

To fans' surprise, Seungyeol's shirt popped open in the perfect spot to reveal his nipple. What are the chances?

Yeo Minjung

By Koreaboo

At red carpet, Yeo Minjung's dress strap snapped but she managed to catch it and prevent what could have been a disaster!

Shinhwa – Dongwan

By Koreaboo

This revealing outfits keeps slipping and exposing Dongwan's man cleavage ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Lee Joon

By Koreaboo

On a variety show Lee Joon performed his rendition of Sistar's Push Push, and his pants ripped right in half. The reactions of the spectators will 'crack' you up! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO*

Girls' Generation – Sooyoung

By Koreaboo

Sooyoung's skirt tore at the red carpet, and she could be see covering it with her hand for the duration of the event.

Girls' Generation – Taeyeon

By Koreaboo

In this live performance, Taeyeon's t-shirt collar was so wide it kept slipping off her shoulder. *CLICK TO SEE VIDEO*

Wonder Girls – Sunye

By Koreaboo

At the Golden Disk Red Carpet Sunye was having some trouble with her dress, as it seemed to be slipping down consistently. She managed to hold it up throughout the event.

2NE1 – Park Bom

By Koreaboo

Bom's shoes appear to go flying off! But not to worry, Park Bom is a pro who can dance barefoot if need be.

Lee Hyori

By Koreaboo

In this performance, Lee Hyori might have miscalculated her wardrobe a little bit! For much of the performance it was apparent she was wearing a thong under her shiny silver pants.

SHINee – Taemin

By Koreaboo

During Taemin's performance his pants split in the middle! Taemin's dancing is just too ferorious, his pants couldn't handle it!

SHINee – Taemin

By Koreaboo

Hong Sua

By Koreaboo

At red carpet it was revealed that Hong Sua's dress was a little more transparent than expected! Especially with camera flashes.. oh no 

SHINee – Taemin

By Koreaboo

Taemin's pants fall victim to his dancing wrath once again!

4Minute – Jihyun

By Koreaboo

During 4Minute's live stage performance, Jihyun's bra became undone and the strap could be seen falling out her outfit. Luckily it wasn't worse!

Sistar – Hyorin

By Koreaboo

While it's not certain if this is in-fact a malfunction, Sistar's skirts were incredibly short at this performance.


By Koreaboo

G-Dragon tore his white pants, leaving a very noticeable rip in the front!

Kang Sora

By Koreaboo

At red carpet, the back of her dress snapped and luckily she caught it just in time!

Miss A – Suzy

By Koreaboo

Suzy's neck strap snapped, but she managed to finish the whole performance while holding it with one hand. What a professional!

Super Junior – Leeteuk

By Koreaboo

Kyuhyun!! That's not a toy…

Girls' Generation – Yoona

By Koreaboo

Yoona seemed to be having some trouble with her dress at this event, in which it appears that a fold of the dress was snagged on something.

EXO- Kai

By Koreaboo

Kai too has fallen victim to the dreaded nip-slip time and again.


Eye Candy: K-Pop Christmas Costumes!

Eye Candy: K-Pop Christmas Costumes!

K-Pop idols are always stunners when it"s time to dress up for an occasion. While ordinary folk resort to wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and cute Holiday dresses, idols go above and beyond for their Christmas outfits, proving why they were born for the spotlight in the first place.

Check out what some of your favorite K-Pop idols have worn in the past for the Holidays! Ranging from cute, sexy, to even strange, this list proves that idols bring out some of the best looks for Christmas.

Snowmen/women Eunjung

Wonder Girls

Big Bang

Penguins 2NE1

Reindeer Jessica




Seo In Young



Bonus: Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub

They"re not idols, but this photoshoot is definitely an eye-catcher!

Nutcrackers Girls" Generation

Christmas Trees Crayon Pop


Mrs. Claus Dasom


Dal Shabet

A Pink

Santa Claus Epik High




There you have it, some of the best Christmas outfits worn by idols! Any favorites?