Watch: Block B’s Park Kyung Makes Excellent On 1st Position Promise With Monkey Costume

Watch: Block B’s Park Kyung Makes Excellent On 1st Position Promise With Monkey Costume

Watch: Block Bs Park Kyung Makes Excellent On 1st Position Promise With Monkey Dress ehk38 June 26, 2016 0 Watch: Block Bs Park Kyung Makes Nice On 1st Place Promise With Monkey Costume Block Bs Park Kyung is a guy of his word, even at his own expense!

On the June 26 episode of tvN formdisplay Problematic Men, the forgedcontributors are baffled through a guy in a complete monkey costume sitting in PD Chans seat, whilst Park Kyungs seat is empty.

Jun Hyun Moo explains that Park Kyung is donning a monkey costume for this episode to make good on his first place promise for solo song Inferiority Complex.

The solid members arent convinced that the PD is under the suit, thinking its a guise to full them. Jun Hyun Moo jokes, If Park Kyung wins today, neatly give him a box of bananas.

Park Kyung seems in a full monkey suit from any other corner, sudden the cast members. He seems like he didnt cut any corners, dressed in full costume makeup and a unibrow for a stylized touch.

The cast members can notinvolve their laughter as they cry out, So cute!

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Lee Soo Guy Disapproves of Ryeowook’s Gollum Costume

Lee Soo Guy Disapproves of Ryeowook’s Gollum Costume

Lee Soo Guy Disapproves of Ryeowooks Gollum Gown orionight January 28, 2016 0 LINE it!Lee Soo Man Disapproves of Ryeowooks Gollum Costume Whilst Super Junior is well known for some in their zany concert stages, it more or less feels every bitalthoughnow notevery person approves!

On the January 27 episode of Radio Star, Kim Gu Ra asks Tremendous Junior member Ryeowook about a time he was once summoned via none rather than Lee Soo Man. I heard he summoned you after your 2011 concert on account of your Gollum costume?

Ryeowook replies, That imagebecome taken on the primaryevening of the concert, and there were two nights left. Lee Soo Man summoned me and said, Should you lotdo that stage? Wed already finalized the plans, and when Identification first brought up the theory of dressing as Gollum to the members, they all idea information technology was a just right idea.

He continues, I used to bepleased with my decision, yet Lee Soo Man was worried about my symbol as a singer. Regardless of Lee Soo Mans concerns, Ryeowook kept the costume alive, even dressed in the Gollum costume all through the Frozen degree at their 2014 concert!

Hilariously, the MCs have Ryeowook sing their own praises his Gollum imitation after Kyuhyun mentions how smarthe's at it. Watch Ryeowooks spot on influence below!

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SHINees Key Receives Reputation from McDonalds for His Costume

SHINees Key Receives Reputation from McDonalds for His Costume

SHINee’s Key Receives Recognition from McDonald’s for His Costume You might keep in brain that SHINee‘s Key dressed as Ronald McDonald for this beyond Halloween at the “SM the city Wonderland 2015.”

It turns out that McDonald‘s favored this publicity, because Key won tens of coupons from McDonald’s. On November 12, Key posted two photographs of coupons and a letter from McDonald’s onto his Instagram account, with the comments, “Thank you, McDonald’s.”


oh my…..

A photo posted through 범키범 (@bumkeyk) on Nov 12, 2015 at 4:16am PST

In the letter, it says, “Hello from McDonald’s Korea. We are very completely satisfied that our logo has bought sure exposure from your Halloween costume. We are enclosing some coupons as a gesture of thanks.”

Not such so much of other people get recognition from the folk the get dressed up, so he will have to be pleased with himself!

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Food, Anime and Beyond: The 2015 Halloween Costume Round-up

Food, Anime and Beyond: The 2015 Halloween Costume Round-up

20151101_seoulbeats_shinee_keyinsta_onew Food, Anime and Beyond: The 2015 Halloween Costume Round-up Written by Gaya On November 1, 2015 Halloween may be officially over, but there is so much dressing-up to pore over! So much, in fact, that there is no way Im going to be able to cover every single costume in a single post. But I know Im going to try, anyway, because I like my dress-ups.

In addition to SMs annual Halloween bashwhich was titled Wonderland for 2015there was also BTS Halloween party held in conjunction with Navers V app, as well as Seventeens fanmeet, among other events. Other groups used their arrival at Music Bank to show off their Halloween spirit.

There are so many ways to collate the collection of outfits from this year: by idol group, by location, by quality of costume, etc. But, considering the amount of overlap that went on this year, Ive decided to group this years outfits by theme.

While I endevoured to include as many idols as possible, it is likely that not every cool costume will make this post. However, this is where the comments section comes into itselfplease feel free to include all of your favourite outfits, whether featured in this post or not, in the comments below!


We begin with the most epic K-pop Halloween showdown of all time.

First up, chicken-loving Onew outmemed everyone by dressing up as KFC mascot Colonel Sanders. The guy even had a bucket of fried chicken with him. Then, emerging from a huddle of coordis armed with face paint, was Kim Ronald McDonald Kibum. After making a fashionably late entrance, he wasted no time in perpetuating the junk food rivalry: These two were pretty much the #1 reason why Shinee was trending on Twitter that night. But Onew and Key werent the only idols to lay their bodies at the altar of Food. Melody Day looked particularly eatable on their way to Music Bank: bonus points for making healthy choices! Another healthy choice was Rap Monster dressing up as a wholesome egg at BTS Halloween party. OK, it was a gutedama onesie, but it was still pretty cute, especially compared to the amount of effort the rest of his group put into their outfits. Like Jin, who was a pumpkin. True Halloween spirit, right there.

Bloody Hell, This is How You Do Halloween

Speaking of Halloween spirit, a number of idols kept things creepy and spooky. Day6 went all out out with the horror make-up, with fake cuts and blood everywhere. YoungK was easily the hottest vampire this year, though BTS V and Seventeens Mingyu earning honorable mentions. Exo-Ms Xiumin also brought the violence as the red-haired Chuckie. We even had a mad scientist, thanks to Day6s Wonpil!

As for the ladies: Oh My Girl threw on headgear and capes over their stage outfits to become witches, devils and even a bunny. Hyoyeon inched closer to the creepy side by dressing up as some kind of furry demon, and Sulli spent the evening as a bunnyboiler (or eater, rather) Alice. This last one was my favourite outfit of the night, and I bet it was IUs, too.

Going Meta with Seventeen

Im trying so hard to not fall for Seventeen, But they wont let me be! It doesnt help that these kids are not only great performers, but in on their fandoms jokes. The one fans call church oppa, Joshua, decided to mess with everyone and arrive as a priest. Meanwhile, Hoshi and Woozi dressed up as each other, and Dino went hyperbole with his maknae status by dressing up as a primary/elementary school kid.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts~

These idols arent muggles, thats for sure. Gryffindors were well represented, with all Twice members donning the red on the way to Music Bank. Polyjuice potion ran freely, it seemed; its one way to explain the appearance of three Harry Potters. Day6s Dowoon had the had, and Seventeen member DKs wand lit up; but Chenry Potter won the night with something better than any accessory  BFF Yerimione Granger! My only regret is that the other Hogwarts houses werent as well-represented; though, I cant hold it against Slytherin queen Joy, who was too busy being a goddess. If only all the Edwards had come as Cedric Diggorys instead

A Whole New World with Disney

In the world of Disney we had SNSDs Yoona and Yuri dress up as Minnie Mouse. Yoonas sweet version and Yuris sexy version came together as an unintentional interpretation of the madonna-whore complex. There was also a Mickey Mouse, courtesy of BTS Jimin. On the Pixar side, Sooyoung aced it as Sadness from Inside Out; while in the new Star Wars section of Disney claimed J-Hope and Day6s Jae (Ghetto Vadar, though?)

Seohyun and Go Ara both attended SMs party as Maleficent; Seohyun looked impeccably evil and Go Ara hopefully made it through the night in one piece. First Kyuhyun, now Seohyunthese maknaes are out to get her, I swear. Another villain made his appearance in Seventeen member Juns Captain Hook. And we got our Disney princess from an unexpected, but definitely not unwelcome, quarter: Jung Joon-young. Rocker Snow White? Yes please!


Also in the cinematic world, Super Junior leader Leeteuk slapped on a moustache to become Charlie Chaplin; and his fellow group member Henry was very current as Matt Damons character from The MartianLuna may have confused people on whether she was a full-limbed Imperator Furiosa, or a War Boy with a dog, but she looked amazing nonetheless.

Exo-Ks Suho and Sehun were dapper as two of the Kingsmen (I know its originally a graphic novel, but this cosplay was undoubtedly inspired by the film), while Minho and Day6s Junhyeok failed as Jack Sparrow doppelgangers. SM himself, Lee Soo-man, attended his party as Zorro. Red Velvets Seulgi made a mean Harley Quinn, while Seventeens Jeonghan portrayed a more laidback version of Harley in a black and red suit. Jeonghan was a perfect example of how to be subtle but effective with his styling.

While all this was going on, Krystal went ultra meta by dressing up as Taono, wait, she was Edie SedgwickNever mind At least she was in good company with Kais David Bowie.

And because I have have no idea where to tell you this: Heechul dressed up as Po AKA as the red Teletubby.


The other evergreen theme was anime: Jonghyun apparently confirmed his weeb status among Shawols with his third anime-inspired outfit. This year he was Inuyasha, though the differences in costume meant he had to tweet a clarification. It has to be said, that his previous costumes were more faithful to their source material.

One of Jonghyuns previous Halloween avatars, Naruto, reappeared this year in the form of BTS Suga. His bandmate Jungkook was Detective Conan. Meanwhile, Changmin showed of his low sodium diet by not dressing as One Pieces Ace; and Irene gave us a throwback to the 80s character Arale Norimaki, from Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball (Irene dressed as the Dragon Ball version). Long-running series Bleach was also represented in Day6 singer Sungjins shinigami.

Studio Ghibli didnt get left out, either. Wendy won minds as Spirited Aways No Face; and Taemin won hearts as Howl of Howls Moving Castle, all because he had promised a fan he would do this months before. If someone happens to come into contact with him sometime in the next 12 months, could you ask Taemin about fulfilling our Pandava fancasting? Thanks!

And look, some of you may find Changmins ab flashing a but much; but Aces voice actor, Furukawa Toshio, approves. So:

이상한 나라 #SMTOWN_WONDERLAND 비밀의 통로 #Vyrl #바이럴


Over to you, now: what were your favourite outfits from this year?

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TVXQs Changmin Earns Approval of Voice Actor for Ace from One Piece for His Costume

TVXQs Changmin Earns Approval of Voice Actor for Ace from One Piece for His Costume

TVXQ’s Changmin Earns Approval of Voice Actor for Ace from “One Piece” for His Costume TVXQ’s Changmin has earned the approval of Furukawa Toshio, the “One Piece” voice actor for Ace, for his costume this Halloween!

On October 30, Furukawa Toshio posted on his Twitter, “Changmin’s ACE costume is awesome!”

Changmin, who has time and again claimed himself to be a long-time fan of “One Piece” at the aspect of his bandmate Yunho, dressed up as Ace for SMTOWN‘s Halloween birthday party yesterday.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the primary time the Hallyu celebrity has dressed up as a persona from his favourite anime; in June, he dressed up as Luffy from “One Piece” for his final concert ahead of enlistment.


What do you consider Changmin’s Halloween costume?

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WATCH  SHINee Hits up a Convenience shop in Costume

WATCH SHINee Hits up a Convenience shop in Costume

WATCH – SHINee Hits up a Convenience Store in Costume On October 29, the artists of SM Entertainment held their annual Halloween party, SMTOWN Wonderland, and it roughly feels SHINee made certain to come prepared!

SMTOWN uploaded a brief video to their professional YouTube page of the SHINee individuals preventing by way of a convenience store in their costumes to select up some snacks. Choi Minho hilariously channeled Captain Jack Sparrow by picking up some beer, whilst Onew, dressed as KFC’s mascot Colonel Sanders, gaped at a kit of eggs. Taemin made a good-looking Howl from “Howl’s Moving Castle”, and Jonghyun showed off his love for anime for the 3rd year in a row by dressed in an Inuyasha costume – regardless that the 2 of them picked up some more commonplace snacks.

Key is the just one absent from the video – although he did make rather an appearance as Ronald McDonald by having a showdown with Onew.

You can watch the clip below!

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Six Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By K-Dramas

Six Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By K-Dramas

Hwang Jung Eum (Photo : She Was Pretty)

Looking for an original Halloween costume idea this year? Let k-dramas inspire you. While your costume may not be as recognizable as some of the more common ones worn by trick or treaters, at least you will have fun putting it together. Annd you may run into some other k-drama fans who recognize what you"re wearing.

Here are our top five picks for 2015.

Hwang Jung Eum in "She Was Pretty." Paint some freckles on your cheeks, frizz up your hair and wear white socks and black shoes just like Michael Jackson for your pre-makeover outfit. If you run into Choi Si Won, he may approve of your Jackson look.

2.Her editor Kim Ra Ra also had some out-of-this-world beyogn the cutting edge fashion looks to imitate.

(Photo : She Was Pretty)

3.Ko Suh Hee wins the costume award for this year for her fairy-tales-gone-wrong outfits in "Angry Mom."

(Photo : Angry Mom) While the drama only hinted at the nature of her business, it required that she dress up in grown-up versions of fairy tale costumes. This kind of outfit only works if you are too old to actually be wearing a store-bought fairy tale heroine outfit.

Lee Jin Wook wears a high school outfit in "The Time I Didn"t Love You, 7,000 Days" and because he is decades older than most high school students looks like he is wearing a costume.

(Photo : The Time I Didn"t Love You, 7000 Days) Again, this costume only works if you are not actually attending a Korean high school.

Lee Soo Hyuk in "The Night Walking Scholar" offers a twist on the traditional vampire costume.

(Photo : The Night Walking Scholar) Pair the fangs with a Joseon-era costume and you will be unique.

Ha Ji Won wore some amazing outfits in "Empress Ki," running the gamut from rags to riches. A girl could be inspired by her early boy disguise early looks, but the post-consort outfits are stunning.

(Photo : Empress Ki) Match up some traditional Joseon era clothes with dangly earrings and you"re ready to rule.

Hyun Bin"s sparkly track suit in "Secret Garden" is a k-drama classic costume.

(Photo : Secret Garden)

His character thought it was the latest and most fashionable look. Everyone else laughed. That track suit came to symbolize the disconnect between a rich chaebol and the world of people who must work hard for a living. Just sew some sparkles on to your track suit and you"re set.

Do you have any more ideas for Halloween dress-up k-drama style? Let us know.


Taecyeon  has   reportedly planned to  take the   university finals in his Stage Costume

Taecyeon has reportedly planned to take the university finals in his Stage Costume

-- 2PM′s Taecyeon revealed he once took his college exams in his stage costume.

MBC′s Section TV caught up with the 2PM members at their recent concert on the July 5 episode, where Taecyeon touched on life as a college student.

2PM′s Taecyeon Once Took College Finals in His Stage Costume

The dedicated college student surprised viewers when he revealed, "I took an exam wearing my stage costume during finals. I took the exam then went straight to an event."

And we thought being a college student was hard enough...

As if Taecyeon didn′t have enough on his plate, the 2PM member is set to appear in upcoming KBS drama Assembly.

Meanwhile, 2PM′s Seoul concert House Party was held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Hall on June 28 and 28.


"The Queen"s Flower" Kang Tae-oh sings "Three Bears" in a bear costume

Kang Tae-oh took cute pictures of himself as a bear.

The pictures are from the set of new MBC drama "The Queen"s Flower" and Kang Tae-oh is wearing an apron with a bear costume.

Kang Tae-oh is posing in various forms while onlookers wonder why he is dressed up like a bear.

Apparently, Kang"s optimism drives the energy of the drama set. He"s very enthusiastic and hardworking. He"s also often the one to look forward to.

Kang Tae-oh plays the role of Heo Dong-goo, Kang I-sol"s (Lee Seong-kyeong) friend and her crush. He does various jobs such as delivering food, cleaning in hotels and others to pay off his father, Seo Sam-sik"s (Jo Hyeong-gi) debt.

Meanwhile, "The Queen"s Flower" can be seen every Saturday and Sunday at 10PM.


EXID's Management Agency Came Under Fire For EXID's Tattered Stage Costume

EXID's Management Agency Came Under Fire For EXID's Tattered Stage Costume

Recently, EXID's management agency came under criticisms from netizens following the worn-out stage outfits of EXID's members!

On March 15th, a netizen compiled images from EXID’s recent promotional activities, with each of the photos showing the girls wearing worn-out clothing and accessories. In particular, stockings appear to be stretched out with holes clearly visible, while the soles of the shoes and boots appear to be coming off.

This discovery shocked the netizens, as most of them agreed that EXID has been doing well as a group and receiving a lot of attention from the media as well as the general public, so there should be no reason for the girls to be wearing worn-out stage outfits. Many went on to criticize the agency’s management of the group.

Check out the compiled images below.