K.A.R.D’s Somin Slays With Her Irresistible Moves

K.A.R.D’s Somin Slays With Her Irresistible Moves

K.A.R.Ds Somin showed off her incredible dance moves during a performance of the groups newest song Rumor.

On April 25, K.A.R.D held a showcase event where they performed their songs Oh NaNa and Dont Recall, along with their third and latest song Rumor.

During the performance of Rumor, the audience were left in awe as Somin showed off her dance moves. Her strong performance showed that the former leader of APRIL is one of the most elegant dancers around.

Combined with her beautiful appearance and lethal charms, Somin is able to effortlessly captivate the entire audience. Her flawless dancing is just one of the groups many strengths, who have quickly gained a strong following after their first release just four months ago.

Watch the full performance of Rumor below: