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Is EXO The Next Big Acting Idol Group?

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EXO as acting idols. (Photo : SM Entertainment ) EXO has made great strides since their debut in 2011, becoming one of the leading male groups in K-pop. The now-nine-member group continues to blaze a path through music, but establishing serious acting careers appears to be the next goal on their horizon.

It may have taken four years, but EXO is poised to become the next big acting idol group.

While Kai, Sehun, and Chen have yet to fully explore dramatic roles beyond their appearances on the popular Naver TV cast web drama, "EXO Next Door," the majority of the group appears to be smitten with the acting bug.

Baekhyun is rumored to join the adaptation of a hit Chinese series that will be titled, "Moon Lovers. If he confirms his participation, he will join the talented and handsome stars who are also considering the project including Lee Joon Gi (Scholar Who Walks the Night), Kang Ha Neul (Twenty, The Heirs), and Hong Jong Hyun (Dating Agency: Cyrano).

In addition to "Moon Lovers," he will make his film debut opposite acclaimed teen star, Yeo Jin Goo, in "Dokgo."

Xiumin received accolades for his role in the mini web series, "Falling for Challenge," where he appeared with Kim So Eun (Boys Over Flowers).

Chanyeol debuted as a film star in the 2015 romantic comedy, "Salut D"Amour." In the upcoming Korean-Chinese film, "So I Married My Anti-fan," Chanyeol appears opposite Seohyun of Girls" Generation, who makes her cinematic debut as a K-pop trainee signed to the same agency as the EXO star.

Suho will star in the highly-anticipated flick, "Glory Day," with fellow teen heartthrob, Ji Soo, and Kim Dong Wan of the legendary group, Shinhwa.

Lay continues to work within the Chinese market, with two films, "Oh My God" and "To Be a Better Man." He also reached Chinese-speaking audiences through his appearance on the mainland variety program, "Go Fighting!" which features celebrities from the region and Taiwan, including Show Luo.

D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) is one of the most recognizable members of EXO for Korean drama and film buffs. He continues to receive accolades for his notable roles including his cinematic debut in "Cart," followed by his phenomenal portrayal of a schizophrenic delusion in "It"s Okay, That"s Love."

D.O. is the star of two highly anticipated films, "Pure Love" and "Hyung." In "Pure Love," he appears opposite teen starlet, Kim So Hyun (Who Are You: School 2015) and he joins Hallyu star Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio) and Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghost), in "Hyung."

Regardless of the lineup changes they may have faced, in the past year, EXO appears to be unstoppable, as top K-pop stars and emerging actors.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTVIggyand other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

Billboard’s “21 Beneath 21″ List comprises One K-Pop Idol Group

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Billboard’s “21 Under 21″ List Entails One K-Pop Idol Group Billboard has released its annual list “21 Under 21: Music’s most up to date Young Stars,” and it includes one Korean act: rookie idol group SEVENTEEN.

The “21 Under 21” lists popular, up-and-coming artists under the age of 21 across various music genres, adding country, rap, and all genres of pop, now including K-pop. The list includes shown chart-toppers like Lorde and YouTube-grown artists like Troye Sivan, taking into consideration their popularity, creativity, and have an effect on on social media.

SEVENTEEN would possibly come as a marvel as they've debuted handiest final May. yet the rookie group has already won a wide following of world fans, who followed their debut in the process the truth display “Seventeen Project.” Composed of thirteen members, who come from China, Korea, and the United States, SEVENTEEN posts steadily on their Instagram and Twitter.

All the contributors are more youthful than 21 (the moderate age is 17), and the Pledis Entertainment-produced group is made up of 3 sub-units: vocals, hip-hop, and performance. Their debut album “17 CARAT” reached No.9 on Billboard’s World Albums chart in a while after its liberate and spent 11 weeks at the chart, outlasting some more well-established groups. Their 2nd mini-album “Boys Be” charted at No.1 on Billboard in September.

Members Woozi, S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon participated in the writing and production of the album’s name track “Mansae,” a high-energy mix of funk, hip-hop, and pop. All artists on Billboard’s “21 Under 21” join in in the composition in their music.

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN for making the cut! You'll watch the music video for “Mansae” here.

Meet The Members Of Snuper, WIDMAY Entertainment's 1st Ever K-Pop Idol Group

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Meet The Members Of Snuper, WIDMAY Entertainment's 1st Ever K-Pop Idol Group

WIDMAY Entertainment is gearing up to debut their first ever idol group Snuper this upcoming November.

This past week WIDMAY Entertainment revealed the six members in pairs. The two oldest are Sangil, born in 1991, and Suhyun, born in 1993. The two male up Snuper"s main vocal line.

(Photo : WIDMAY Entertainment) Members Woosung and Sangho, born in 1994 and 1995 respectively, also contribute to Snuper"s anticipated vocal abilities.

(Photo : WIDMAY Entertainment) Finally, rappers Taewoong and Sebin, the first two members to be revealed by WIDMAY, round out the group. Taewoong joins Woosung as another member born in 1994 while Sebin is the youngest in the group, born in 1996. The two rappers have also earned a fan following through appearances in various dramas and movies.

(Photo : WIDMAY Entertainment) WIDMAY Entertainment is home to the popular actors Lee Ki Woo and Hong Jong Hyun. With Snuper as their first idol group, many are wondering how the company came up with such a unique new name.According to a report by Allkpop, WIDMAY revealed, "The group name Snuper means "even more than the English term "super." The team name was chosen with the promise that one by one the "supermen" have joined together to become the powerful Snuper."

Snuper is scheduled to debut around the middle of November. Check out their group concept photos below:

(Photo : WIDMAY Entertainment)

The Staggering Fee of Debuting a K-Pop Idol Group

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The Staggering charge of Debuting a K-Pop Idol Group If you’re hoping to be a member of an idol group one day, you’re most likely dreaming of the day you get noticed, because your song may be the one who everybody loves. yet at the moment in Korea, things are a load more complex than that. the contest is so fierce that without cast investors, you're going to probably now not even get a possibility to make an appearance on TV. Here are some findings from fresh reports that tells you simply how much it prices to debut an idol group.

education to Debut According to Hana Financial, once you turn into a trainee, you're taking classes in singing, acting, and in personality building, and you'll potentially go through some plastic surgery, let alone that maximum corporations pays for your rental and food. Here is an investment spanning any place from a couple of months to ten years. JYP Entertainment spends around 700-900 million Korean won (approximately $598,700-769,700) once a year on its trainees. Most firms have 20-30 trainees, so every corporate spends 25-30 million Korean won (approximately $21,400-25,700) per trainee. On average, idol teams take 3 years to debut, and every one group has about five members, so every group costs 500-600 million Korean won (approximately $427,600-513,100) just to get a set to be in a position debut.

generating the Track To in reality debut a group, according to a record by potential of Heungkuk Securities, getting three songs from a composer costs around 15 million Korean won (approximately $12,800), and any other 12 million Korean won (approximately $10,300) to list it. the prices for a music video are steep as well. Adding up the filming, touch-ups, pictorials, costumes, and hair and makeup costs, idol groups wish to spend about 150 million Korean won ($128,300), and an extra 20 million Korean won (approximately $17,100) for other thought pictures for the album.

selling the Album To stand at the stage, you want to pay about five million Korean won (approximately $4,300) for choreography, 10 million Korean won (approximately $8,600) for dancers, 170 million Korean won (approximately $145,400) for costumes (for a six-week promotion length for a overall of 24 presentations and five members), and 10 million Korean won (approximately $8,600) for hair and makeup. On most sensible of that, marketing costs about 105 million Korean won (approximately $89,800), adding up to around 500 million Korean won ($427,600) to permit an idol group to advertise their album for approximately six weeks.

And there are any such great amount of idol groups debuting nowadays (about 50 groups a year) that there isn't any ensure that you're going to live to inform the tale simply because you debuted.

Masked Singer is Unveiled to Be an overly Not going Idol Group’s Major Vocalist

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Masked Singer is Unveiled to Be an overly Not going Idol Group’s Major Vocalist

An idol member, more known for her lovable looks than her making a song skills, proved that she was once indeed the lead singer of her group.

On the episode of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer” aired on September 27, the struggle for the slot opposed to the 12th King of Masked Singer “Write Love With a Pencil” changed into held.

“Omae, wear Fall Foliage” sang Kim Jong Seo’s “Beautiful Restriction.” However, she lost against “The Bright complete Moon” in the 2nd one circular and published her identity to be AOA’s leading vocalist Choa.

Kim Seong Joo discussed that many of us would possibly no longer bring to mind Choa as the maximum important vocalist on account of widespread appearances on sort shows.

“A lot of other folks are blind to that I’m the main vocalist,” Choa agreed.

Yet, the song’s usual singer Kim Jong SEO praised her stage, complimenting, “She utterly beaten me.”

Check out her singing talents below!

Poll iKON Beats BTS for maximum expected Idol Group

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Poll iKON Beats BTS for maximum expected Idol Group

--> From debuts to comebacks, we asked you which much-talked-about idol staff you can′t wait to peer on stage, and the consequences are in.

iKON is just a week old, yet the rookie group landed the pinnacle spot in our poll, amassing 48.9 % of the votes and beating out BTS, who ranked 2nd with 37 percent of votes.

Meanwhile, JYP′s rookie band DAY6 trailed at the back of in a far away 3rd position with 7 percent of votes, and f(x) and Red Velvet rounded out the ground two with 5.2 percent and 2 percent of votes.

This week, we wish to know which idol actor will thieve the scene, so solid your vote now!

Poll Which Idol Group’s Promotions Are You maximum Excited For?

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Poll Which Idol Group’s Promotions Are You maximum Excited For?

--> Continuing on from closing week, a new set of idol teams are set to thieve the K-Pop scene with highly-anticipated debuts and comebacks in the arrival months, and we would like to know who you’re maximum excited to see?

Read on and don′t disregard to vote!

JYP unleashed its secret weapon this week: it’s first-ever male band.

Going opposed to the craze of overhyped teasers, JYP let DAY6’s skills talk for itself via The Day, the band’s debut album.

For so long as the contributors had been making ready for this moment, DAY6’s colour and abilities don’t cross disregarded in lead unmarried Congratulations, a sturdy debut song for a collection this is most effective going up from here.

Following the luck of Ice Cream Cake, Red Velvet is returning complete force with a full-length album and an undeniably infectious lead single.

Get in a position to act Dumb Dumb with Red Velvet when the single and full-length album The Red drops on September 9.

We’re literally just days clear of iKON’s debut now, and YG has became up anticipation degrees with more information about the group’s approaching debut.

The group could be liberating a warm-up single and an album in two parts, starting on September 15.

We’re lovely much all warmed up to the boys, yet we’ll take what we will get YG.

BTS enthusiasts went wild with the unlock of a prologue video today, pronouncing the release of The Most lovely Moment in lifestyles Pt. 2 in October followed by a concert in November.

2015 has been a large year for BTS, and it only makes sense that the gang would finish the year on a prime note.

Finally, SM has yet to ascertain a date, but the firm has mentioned that f(x)’s comeback is for sure in the works.

The group these days celebrated six years together, and with Sulli’s withdrawal, we’re certain the comeback will be bittersweet. But it’s welcome news for most, and we can’t wait to peer what f(x) will have to turn this time.

Now it’s time to vote! Which idol group are you most excited to see on stage?

DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Release Unique Virtual Reality Profile For Member SoMin

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DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Release Unique Virtual Reality Profile For Member SoMin

DSP Media"s new girl group April released a virtual reality profile for member SoMin on April 10.

Profiles for members JinSol, NaEun, ChaeWon, YeNa, and HyunJoo will be released at noon of each day following April 10.

SoMin"s profile contains a short description of her, photos that rotate 360, a teaser video, and an interview video. Its cute and unique design make people feel as if they"re reading a fairy tale book.

"April members had so much fun making this virtual profile book because it"s different from regular photoshoots," a source from DSP Media commented.

"We want many people to come and experience April"s profiles and have fun," the source added.

April will officially debut on August 24.

[poll] Which Idol group Do you want to go on Summer holiday With?

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[poll] Which Idol group Do you want to go on Summer holiday With?

--> August has crept up on us al in a position, because of this it’s time to benefit from the remainder of summer!

So, we would like to grasp - if it is advisable to have one ultimate hurrah this summer with one of the crucial following idol teams, who would you select?

BTS just wrapped up an excellent U.S. excursion, and they’re about to hit up Thailand and Hong Kong this month.

Sounds like a perfect time to tag along on BTS’ excursion prior to the summer ends because who wouldn’t would like to enroll in those globetrotters? We’re just unhappy we neglected their stops in Brazil and Chile.

but once you would like to kick it with those boys, take into account to pack a variety of ramen.

we will be able to’t consider a more down-to-earth, sit back group to roll with than GOT7.

With the lads pronouncing the entirety is ‘Just correct,’ you know you’re guaranteed a enjoyable shuttle.

If girls’ Generation (SNSD) at all times vacations like they did in the birthday party song video, then, um, count us in.

Pop quiz: Lemon soju, tequila or mojito?

If you responded ‘ all the above, then SNSD is the crowd for you.

SNSD isn’t the single real group that knows how to party.

giant Bang likes 2 party too, and in response to what we’ve observed on < robust>Infinity issue in recent years, the lads take the party anyplace they go – from the karaoke room to the water.

giant Bang makes the entirety glance cool, so you won’t ever get it wrong with those boys.

Super Junior is all about go big or go house. Have you observed their newest song video?

If you’re in a position to roll with the massive boys and feature some grand-scale amusing, take off with those devils since you’ll not less than have a loopy tale to inform your pals.

Now it′s time to vote! Who do you would like to spend the remainder of summer with?