JYP Creates A New Survival Program Similar to Produce IOI?

JYP Creates A New Survival Program Similar to Produce IOI?

The rumors are true! MNET recently hinted information about launching a new idol survival program with JYP Entertainment which would result in a new boy group! Now JYP has confirmed and spoken about the matter.

An official statement was released on August 3r stating. “JYP and Mnet will be joining hands to start a new survival program for a male idol group. It will have a completely different personality compared to the second season of ‘Sixteen’ that was prematurely ‘revealed’, and is designed to create a male group.

Therepresentatives also released a tentative date for the program and it is expected to air in the second half of 2017. However, JYP was strict to state that the group will not immediately make their debut after finishing the survival program.

Therepresentatives said, “The program might air within the second half of this year, and [the group will] possibly make their debut next year. In regard to this issue, nothing has been decided in detail.” Fans are highly anticipating the show but are noticing the huge uprising and trend of survival programs ever since the popularity of ‘Produce IOI’ and their respective groups, leading them to compare the two programs.

Are you excited to see this new idol program? Stay tuned for more updates!