JYJs Park Yoochun Writes First Personal Message To Fans After Controversy

JYJs Park Yoochun Writes First Personal Message To Fans After Controversy

JYJs Park Yoochun has broken his long silence after the controversies that affected him this past year, such as being accused (and subsequently acquitted) of sexual assault and the news of his upcoming marriage.

On July 17, Park Yoochun wrote a personal apology to his fans on his Instagram account. The account was reportedly revealed to the public through his fianceé Hwang Ha Nas Instagram account.

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I can say nothing else the apology read. I am very sorry to everyone. I wanted to tell everyone Im sorry but I couldnt think how I had no confidence either Really Im so sorry I could die Im very sorry Even if you hurt your body every day and cried could it hurt more than the scars Ive given you? Im sorry I hate having headlines pop up on portal sites But even so this is too late Im sorry Not long ago I was in communication with Darakbang I told him honestly that I wanted to try to get up again. But I think that its not up to me whether I get a fresh start Im just really sorry In a lot of headlines there was news  was hearing for the first time too But I couldnt stop those rumors in their tracks. I am always feeling sorry to everyone. I dearly hope for the day where I can see you all directly and show you how I feel And about my marriage Im sorry that I couldnt tell everyone beforehand. I didnt even apologize It was hard to tell everyone. I ask for your understanding. Every day Ive been enduring this as best I can Everyone else must have endured a lot too Im sorry and thank you. I really really hope I can greet you all in person some day Please support Ha Na and me Once again, Im sorry.

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On July 18, his fiancée Hwang Ha Na also posted a message on her personal Instagram. I didnt want to post something like this but this will be the first and last time, she said. I think everyone is too selfish. Does the world revolve around you? Have you ever tried to change your perspective? When you tear someone apart and curse them out, what if it was you or your family or the people you love?

She continued, How long does someone have to constantly be on their guard and live hiding away from the world? Do you believe all the rumors and headlines to be true? You dont know how people feel inside. Do we have to live while accepting that weve been misunderstood? To want to speak out but have to hold it in? I dont know.

She went on to write her own apology, stating, All the things Ive done wrong, I sincerely apologize for. I will live trying to be kind to others. However, she spoke out strongly against malicious comments targeting the people around her. If I do something wrong, I will apologize and its fine if you curse me out. But dont curse out the people around me. If you hate me, just look away [] Just focus on the person around you and live happily while looking at good things It probably causes stress to people who hate me to look at me So its just better to not look.

The post appears to have been removed since then from her account.

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