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A Pink’s Eunji sings “It’s You” for “Three Days” OST

A Pink‘s Eunji has showed off her emotional voice in the new song “It’s You” for the OST of the SBS highly anticipated drama ”Three Days“.

The sweet song with piano and string sounds is used as the theme song of the drama starring JYJ‘s Yoochun and Park Ha Sun.

Take a listen to the song here and stay tuned for the premiere of “Three Days” later today!

’3 Days’ Executive Producer Kim Young Sup Praises JYJ Singer Yoochun’s Dedication To The Role

(Photo : Yoochun in promotional still for the SBS drama "3 Days")(Photo : promotional poster for "3 Days")

Someone may need to tell 27-year-old JYJ singer Park Yoochun that he isn"t actually protecting the president.

Despite a shoulder injury that threatened to derail production of the upcoming Korean television drama "3 Days," in which Yoohun plays the president"s personal bodyguard, the actor has fought through the pain and continued filming.

His tenacity has not gone unnoticed.

At a press conference on Tuesday for "3 Days," which premieres on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) on Wednesday, the show"s executive producer Kim Young Sup expressed his deep appreciation for Yoochun"s efforts.

"Actually, Park Yoochun is still struggling to film now," Kim said, according to the publication eNEWS

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Talks About Playing a Bodyguard on “Three Days”

On March 3, actor/singer Park Yoo Chun revealed his thoughts on the upcoming premiere of his drama “Three Days,” which will air soon on the fifth. He said, “‘Three Days’ is a lot of fun. I’ve done various roles in previous dramas, but there’s something more special about a bodyguard. A bodyguard doesn’t think twice at putting his life on the line in order to save someone.”

Park Yoo Chun plays the perfectionist bodyguard Han Tae Kyung, who goes far and wide to protect the president, who disappears with a suspicious message and three gunshots. In the mystery suspense drama, Park Yoo Chun will be tackling high intensity action, uncovering the mystery of the disappearance of the president.

Park Yoo Chun’s character, different from previous bodyguard roles in dramas, is a smart and mysterious man, and anticipation is high as to how the actor will portray the character

Why Are Music Entertainment Companies Embracing Actors?

(Photo : Ilgan)(Photo : Ilgan)

Giant music entertainment companies are expanding by signing actors and actresses. Not only are the "Big 3" of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment loading up with actors, but the small up-and-comers such as C-JeS Entertainment and FNC Entertainment are also aggressively expanding by signing actors to their company. These companies are expanding their profitability by reaching into the closest market to theirs. While K-Pop remains a hot export item, dramas such as "The Heirs" also are becoming widely popularized and profitable. These major entertainment companies now have the ability to produce their own variety shows or drama series as well. It is widely believed by industry professionals that the more actors and actresses they can recruit, these companies will be able to independently produce their own content without being slowed down or barred by TV executives

JYJ Donates $50,000 to Charity

(Photo : OSEN)

Group JYJ donated $50,000 earned through charity auctions to those in need.

C-JeS Entertainment stated that JYJ held an auction of 13 art pieces that were displayed in last year"s "JYJ Membership Week" gallery and have received $50,000 to donate to various welfare organizations. According to JYJ"s wishes, the money was spent to buy basic commodities and equipment for various children"s, handicapped, and convalescent facilities.

JYJ chose to deliver their donation in the form of necessities and goods instead of delivering it as a monetary fund. Thanks to JYJ, children"s organizations received wooden cabinets, convalescent hospitals received patient beds, and the handicapped treatment facilities received electronics and furniture. The additional $5,000 was given to pediatric patients requiring support to receive surgery at the Seoul National University Hospital

‘Three Days’ Praises JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun for His Passion and Dedication

The producer for Three Days praised JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun for his passion in acting.

SBS’s upcoming drama Three Days held a press conference on March 4 at SBS hall in Yangchun-gu. The conference was attended by EP (executive producer) Kim Young Sup.

In Three Days, Park Yoo Chun will be acting as the president’s bodyguard, pulling off both action scenes as well as the emotional scenes. He is currently filming the drama despite a shoulder injury.

About this, Kim Young Sup EP said, “Actually, Park Yoo Chun is struggling to film now. He tore his ligament while he was filming an action scene, but has been continuing to film. He received acupuncture treatment and even has a physical therapist at the filming site. He also caught a cold as he filmed the movie Sea Fog several days ago

JYJ Park Yoo Chun Says Life as a BodyGuard is Special

With the first day of airing his drama coming close, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun shared his thoughts on his drama role.

Park Yoo Chun will be transforming into an elite bodyguard and a perfectionist Han Tae Kyung on SBS’s new drama Three Days.

As he filmed the drama on March 3, Park Yoo Chun said, “I’m happy that I met Three Days. I got to live different lives through dramas, but life as a bodyguard is special. A guard does not hesitate to sacrifice his own life to protect someone else. Please stay tuned to see how perfectionist Han Tae Kyung will protect the president.”

C-JeS Entertainment also claimed, “Park Yoo Chun has been praised for his flexibility in pulling off various characters, from a prince to a hotel owner, across different genres

JYJ Donates 50 Million Won Earned from Auction

Taking everything they earned from an auction, the JYJ members donated 50 million won to various facilities.

On March 3, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “In June, JYJ held the 2013 JYJ Membership Week, were 13 art pieces from the JYJ gallery were auctioned off. A total of 50 million won were earned during the auction and were donated to different welfare facilities as necessary goods.”

The facilities included institutions for children, the disabled, and the elderly.

“The JYJ Gallery was something that was created so we can have special memories with the fans. We’re glad that the artwork that we created went to the fans and the proceeds to those who need them most,” said JYJ. “With the auction proceeds and additional funds gathered up by the company staff, were able to donate needed goods and begin the year with a happy start

OST Roundup: ‘You Who Came From The Stars’ Soundtrack Concludes;Lim Chang Jung Sings For ‘Three Days’

The "You Who Came From The Stars" soundtrack reaches a conclusion.

The sweet romance between Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) and Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) will reach a dramatic conclusion on You Who Came From The Stars. Audiences are spectualting as to whether the popular SBS drama will conclude on a happy note or with an open ending. Last week, Kim Soo Hyun provided his voice for part eight of the soundtrack. The final thirty-track compilation of the You Who Came From The Stars soundtrack was also released.SBS has released an official video for Sung Si Kyung"s Every Moment Of You from part seven of the original soundtrack.

Sung Si Kyung lends his voice in the official video for "Every Moment Of You".

You Who Came From The Stars will be followed by the dramatic action thriller Three Days, starring JYJ"s Park Yoochun

Park Yoo Chun’s Mother is a Fan of ‘You Who Came From the Stars’

Ready to take the baton, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun talked a little about SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars.

On February 26, Park Yoo Chun attended the press conference for Three Days at the Imperial Palace Seoul hotel in Gangnam with the other members of the cast and staff.

As Three Days will be following up You Who Came From the Stars, which received much popularity and love, Park Yoo Chun was asked about his thoughts on the drama.

“My mother is a fan of You Who Came From the Stars, so I watched it too. I thought it was a very fun drama, and Three Days is ready to have that drama’s strength transferred over.”

Son Hyeon Ju also stated that while he wasn’t able to watch the complete series due to filming, he enjoyed what he saw, especially since Kim Soo Hyun, whom he worked with in Secretly Greatly was in the drama