JYJ Junsu’s ransomware CF stirs up controversy

JYJ Junsu’s ransomware CF stirs up controversy

JYJ’s Junsu, currently carrying out his military service duties as a social worker, was spotted in a recent advertisement CF promoting proper protection against ransomware damage. 

In the CF, Junsu starts out texting lovely messages to a ‘some’ woman, asking her, “Are you sleeping?”, “Did you eat dinner?”, “Did you eat?”, to which she responds, “No, what about you?”. The woman’s name is saved as ‘Ransom girl’. The ad then lays out the correct steps to prevent ransomware damage, comparing malicious ransomware to the woman who delivers harmful, unknown items to Junsu, asks to borrow his items forcefully, gets in the way of Junsu attempting to update his software, and more. 

While the overall message is advisable, many are furious over how the woman was portrayed. The scene in which Junsu’s mouth has been taped over gives the sense that he was kidnapped. Viewers have pointed out that the commercial is prejudiced, portraying women’s roles in relationships as negative. Netizens commented, “It’s good to prevent ransomware, but did they really have to portray it as ‘ransom girl’?” While some expressed that the public service advertisement is uncomfortable, others said that the ad was cute. 

Check out the CF yourself above.

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