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Big Bang’s Seungri becomes first foreign celebrity to host major TV program in Japan

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Big Bang’s Seungri becomes first foreign celebrity to host major TV program in Japan

Big Bangs Seungri has marked himself as the first foreign celebrity to host a TV program on Japanese major channel.

According to YG Entertainment, Seungri has been confirmed as an MC of Japans Fuji TVs main program Popular Women 100, along with Japanese comedian Yamazaki Hironari. The program is set to premiere this Saturday, on September 27 at 1:05 AM (local time).

Seungri has received much love and popularity on various Japanese variety programs for the past four years with his Japanese-speaking skills, naturalness and witty talks. This will be his first time hosting a major program in Japan.

Meanwhile, Popular Women 100 is about popular and successful 100 women who reveal their dating and lifestyle to help unpopular men to become popular.

JYJ Jaejoong is Ranked Number 2 for 'Celebrity that Looks Good in Jeans' in Japan

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JYJ Jaejoong is Ranked Number 2 for 'Celebrity that Looks Good in Jeans' in Japan

Japan Chooses JYJ Jaejoong as Number 2 for Celebrity that Looks Good in JeansJYJ Jaejoong was chosen in Japan as the number 2 celebrity who looks good in jeans.

It was announced today that Jaejoong was chosen as number 2 for the '29th Best Jeanist 2012'.

Jaejoong had been ranked number 3 at the 27th annual event and number 2 at the 28th annual event. This year at the 29th event, he ranked number 2 keeping him in the top range for the past 3 years.

Jaejoong attended the Busan International Film Festival on October 4 and received much support from fans.

Hallyu Celebrity Jang Keun-suk's Commemorative Stamps Sold in Japan

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Hallyu Celebrity Jang Keun-suk's Commemorative Stamps Sold in Japan

Hallyu celebrity Jang Keun-suk's commemorative stamps will go on sale in Japan on the the 20th anniversary of his debut. Jang, 25, started his career as a child actor. An official of TreeJ Company, Jang's agency, revealed on Aug. 10 that the Japan Post Co., Ltd. will start the reservation sale of "Official plain stamp set in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Jang Keun-suk's debut" on Aug. 20.

The official added, "It will be the first time that Japan Post has sold an official product made by a Korean artist." Jang's stamps will go on reservation sale at post offices and post websites throughout Japan starting Aug. 20.

The stamp set consists of two forms, one "1st History" that covers Jang's childhood and youth period and the other "2nd History" that depicts his life from his adolescence to the present.

The stamp set includes postcards, envelopes and stamp folder with stickers as previously undisclosed photos of Jang.

Meanwhile, Jang is now on the "2012 Jang Keun-suk Asia Tour". Tickets for his performance in four major cities in Japan, including one in Yokohama, have sold out.

Jang decided to add one more performance in Saitama.

The official of his agency said, "Due to fans' request, we decided to hold Saitama performance for three days Nov. 26-Nov. 29 at Saitama Super Arena as finale of the tour".[Yonhap]

KARA ranked as sixth most influential celebrity group in Japan

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KARA ranked as sixth most influential celebrity group in Japan

Girl group KARA recently placed sixth in a list that ranked the most influential celebrities in Japan.

The list was derived from a survey that was conducted by a popular Japanese entertainment magazine, Nikkei Entertainment. The survey asked teenage girls to choose which celebrities they considered to be the most influential in the first half of 2012. Girl group KARA managed to come out in sixth place in the survey, becoming the only Korean group to even appear in the rankings and also defeating popular Japanese girl group AKB48.

Meanwhile, the members of KARA just finished promoting their new fragrance brand "KARA 5 Jewel" in Singapore and have returned to Korea where they will focus on their individual activities for the moment.

Source: Korea Star Daily

Kara Takes High Spot on Japan's "Power Celebrity" Ranking, Beats Out AKB48

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Kara Takes High Spot on Japan's "Power Celebrity" Ranking, Beats Out AKB48

Kara recently took the highest spot on Japans Power Celebrity ranking contest, which is the highest position achieved by a Korean celebrity in Japan thus far.

This information was disclosed through the release of a popular Japanese entertainment magazine, NitKae Entertainment. The magazine released the result of a poll in which females, between the ages of ten and twenty years, were asked to pick the most talented star in Japan for the year 2012. The final result showed that Kara placed 6th in the poll.

This result garnered a lot of attention because Kara was one of the few idol groups that took one of the top spots in such a popular ranking contest. Also, it has been revealed that Kara is now more popular than one of the most loved Japanese girl groups, AKB48.

After further investigation on the poll result, the groups that took the top five spots are popular Japanese boy groups. This result should not be overlooked because Nitkae Entertainment handles most of the information regarding Japanese celebrities and their popularity.

Meanwhile, Kara is currently promoting their perfume brand in Singapore. After the promotion, they will come back to Korea to work on individual activities.

KARA becomes the only foreign celebrity to rank on Japan's popularity charts

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KARA becomes the only foreign celebrity to rank on Japan's popularity charts

Recently, Japanese research company Video Research conducted a poll on Japan's most popular stars. According to DSP Media, KARA was the only foreign artists to have been selected, ranking in 28th place, placing above famous Japanese actresses Aoi Yu and Nagasawa Masami.

KARA made their Japanese debut in 2010 with "Mister" and has risen in popularity since then, making them one of the most popular South Korean girl groups to debut in the country.

Thus far, KARA has achieved gold status on both their albums and DVD releases, marking them the 1st girl group to achieve this following Korean artists BoA and TVXQ.

Currently, KARA is on their Japan leg of their Asia tour "KARASIA."

MAMA 2015: EXO To accomplish Korean Edition Of Japan Unmarried 'Drop That'

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EXO 2015 MAMA Drop It(Photo : Mnet )SM Entertainment's popular boy workforce EXO may be revealing the Korean editionin their song "Drop That" at the approaching 2015 Mnet Asian Tune Awards.

On Nov. 30, Mnet printedthe scoopduring therespectable Facebook page for M!Countdown, their weekly music show. "2015 MAMA|Special stage! EXO is appearing the Korean ver. of 'Drop that' for the first actual time at 2015 MAMA! We cannot wait!!" Mnet's announcement read.

"Drop That" used to be released along "Love Me Appropriate ~Romantic Universe~" the japanese version of EXO's summer spoil hit "Love Me Right." EXO made their Japanese debut with either songs on Nov. 4. The two-track unmarriedcrowned the Oricon's Weekly Chart, Japan's leading music chart system. It also broke records promoting around 147,000 copies in the showtime week of release.

Japanese lovers of EXO have already experienced the song now notsimplestthru the recording yet as a section of EXO's set all through their Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Osaka Dome tours in step with My Daily. As the upcoming 2015 MAMA functionality marks the arena premiere of "Drop That" in Korean, anticipation for the level runs reasonably high.

The award display will be held at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong on Dec. 2. Fans not ableto waittoo can watch the proveresidevia online streaming.

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Soccer Celebrity Park Ji Sung in Talks to seem on “Running Man”

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Soccer Celebrity Park Ji Sung in Talks to seem on “Running Man”

Soccer Famous person Park Ji Sung in Talks to seem on “Running Man”leejojoba November 30, 2015 0 On December 1, the “Running Man” team printed that they’re recently in talks with the soccer star Park Ji Sung to appear at the show.

According to the representative of the show, “There are not any gear upconcepts or anything else laid in agenda yet. Since he’s such excellentbuddies alongside “Running Man” forged members, we just beganspeaking about the prospect of his reappearance on the show. We’re optimistic.”

A media outlet had up to now reported that Park Ji Sung is already set to appear on “Running Man” and that they plan to do a soccer themed show.

Park Ji Sung had seemed on “Running Man” back in Might of 2012 appearing off his charm as an entertainer rather than just a soccer player.

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Lovelyz Are living Up To Their Call In The Celebrity

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lovelyz the superstar periodical december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)lovelyz the celebrity magazine december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)lovelyz the celebrity magazine december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)lovelyz the celebrity magazine december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)lovelyz the celebrity magazine december 2015 photos(Photo : The Celebrity)The Lovelyz participants starred in "Be My Love" for the December factor of The Celebrity.

The idols had an early morning pictorial where they posed in a brightly lit set, enjoyed a hearty breakfast in bed and checked our their reflections in front of an armoire. In line with the magazine, "An 'Uncle Fan' teamthis is emerging is Lovelyz. After safely finishing up their 'Ah-Choo' promotions, the 8stunningwomen too a wreck like authentic characters."

Their dresserintegrated fur capes, wide pants, cheese-print sweatshirts, long skirts and floral pumps by capacity of brands like Jill Stuart, Agatha Paris and PLAYNOMORE. A collection of the standout accessories there used to be Furla's "Baby Candy" satchel modeled by Soo Jung. The purse's peachy colour is described as "winter rose" and its petite lengthsupplies it a fantastic twist. The thingwill also be yours HERE and will almost certainly benoticed below.

Another tremendoushandbag from the photoshoot turned into the MCM "The Robot Perspex" shoulder bag modeled by Mi Joo. The bag is formed like a crimson robot with crystal eyes and was these days spotted in Hyosung's September pictorial for Sure. The purse can also be yours HERE and will existliked below.

In other model news, Lovelyz attemptedinformal combinations in the November difficulty of KWave. The group's maknae (youngest member), Jeong Ye In, also starred in a fairytale photoshoot for Fashion Girl.

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AOA’s Chanmi finds why she sought after to turn out to be a celebrity

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AOA’s Chanmi finds why she sought after to turn out to be a celebrity

Share on FacebookShare on Twitterand#43; Even if there is the preferredtrustthat folkswould like toturn out to be celebrities only forthe joys and fame, AOAand#8216;s Chanmi printed that she had a otherreason why for her profession path.

On a up to date broadcast, the FNC Entertainment singer had a head to headcommunication alongside her mother, where she revealed her cause ofturning into a celebrity. The AOA maknae revealed that she determined on her career trailso as to lend a handsupply for her family, explaining that she felt she had toassistance her circle of relatives out with their monetary situation. The singer has wonnumerouscompliment from netizens after revealing her secret to her mom and audience of the broadcast. A translation of the singerand#8217;s explanation to her mother can also bediscovered below:

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

and#8220;The reason I sought afterto begin making cash early onwas once because you maypaintings from early morning to past due at evening without a spaceto name your own. After you paid the hire and our college fees, weand#8217;d haven't any coin left and I hated that. The explanation 1made a decisionto take a glance at out and become a famous personturned into because I assumedit can existreadyto assist provide an atmosphere for me to make money faster. Individuals think that itand#8217;s simple to be a celebrity and wear lovely clothes, and I idea that it may be easy make money once you did smartly subsequently debuting. I never realize till now that this isnand#8217;t anythingyou'll be able to do forever.and#8221;

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

245, and#8211; 15 Chanmi at all times looked so bright so I didnand#8217;t know she had such pain inside. She is so sort and mature that sheand#8217;s a maknae yetevery so oftenlooks as if the leader.

222, and#8211; 9 Her early life made her grow up too fastand#8230;I wagerhere's why she is so mature..

216, and#8211; 9 I heard in spite of having to carry 3 daughters through herself Chanmiand#8217;s mother even looks after run away children. I am hoping Chanmi becomes a actuallygiant star.

181 , and#8211; 7 She has such deep mind and a mature mindand#8230;made me tear up

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